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Friday, July 30, 2010


My beautiful sister Brigitte will turn ten years old on Sunday August 1st. We will be celebrating on the Cape.  There will be documentation of these events, but I didn't want to leave without telling Brigitte how much we all love her.
Sure, I gave her a daily beat down for the first year or two she came to live with us, but I was only testing her.
So Britte, Brigitte, B, Breedletons McGee, Brigillent B, Brigitte P, Mrs Bambridge, B Complex ,
Whatever we call you, you are the best sister any diva pug could ask for. Thanks for always letting me shine in the spotlight, for always taking on each day with a smile, for remaining true to yourself, for always being our sweet Brigitte.

Long may you run.

For those of you who think I've gone soft, posting two cloyingly sweet posts in one week ,fear not. I fully intend to refresh my superior royal self this week on vacation. Remember, I am about to wow Privincetown.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sluggo Got a Surprise ~ His Feelings are Mixed

Really Mom, a package for me?

Hmmm, smells like my brudder Murphy.

Um, what is it?

There is a note

I don't know about this. How come I have to wear this?
What? Cape Cod? Where is that?
Why do you think I would pee on things in any ones house but mine?

Wait, there is something else in the envelope...

Wilma! It's for you...

For me? I don't pee where I shouldn't...oh, look! It's a love note from my boyfriend Murphy!!!

Could you bring it a little closer Mom, my eyes....

Ohhh, Murphy is so sweet. He said he is going to miss me when we are on vacation. I will miss him too.

Look Brigitte, I got a note from Murphy

Hey, what do you mean he wrote to you too?!

Aww, I guess that's OK. He is worried about you. Don't worry Murph, I won't let her get all gaga and have one of those Summer romances.


That's a big fat kiss for you Murphy.
Let's hope that buddy band works so we get the pet deposit back!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ My 100 th Post!!!

" Expect the Unexpected"

So yeah, 100 posts. Can you believe it? I was really struggling with how to celebrate my 100th post . I thought of eating 100 liver treats, but I have worked very hard on my figure and didn't want to blow it. I thought of pooping in the shape of 100. I really liked that idea, but Mom said it would be too offensive. I thought of making a list of 100 somethings, but I couldn't figure out what somethings they would be.
It was getting late, I was stressing out and I didn't want to deprive my peeps of my wisdom on this fine Wednesday.

Then I started to reflect back on what my expectations were when I asked Mom if we could start blogging. I wasn't really sure what would happen.

I mean, I knew I was smart.
I knew I was beautiful.
I knew I was funny.
I knew I had a lot to say.
I figured, I should share those qualities with the world.
I wasn't sure if the world would listen, but quite frankly, I didn't care. Their loss.

Here's what I didn't expect.
I didn't expect to meet so many truly special pugs,dogs and their people.
I didn't realize there were so many, like myself, smart and attractive and witty pugs out there.
I didn't expect to feel like I was part of a community of supportive, compassionate caring and really funny people and their pugs.
I didn't expect that I would come to care so much for them all.

So, this wisdom is new to me. I have learned to expect the unexpected.
You never know what you are going to get  from me, and that has always been the case, by design.
But, sometimes it's very nice to be surprised.
It's nice to open yourself up to possibilities, take a chance, share a part of yourself.
The rewards come back to you tenfold.

So, I, along with Brigitte and Sluggo would like to dedicate this 100th post, this Wednesdays words of wisdom to all of you.
My bloggy friends and family.
You guys rock!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Good Morning everybody..huh, what's that Brigitte? It's afternoon already?!!
Well good afternoon everybody!
Pardon my appearance, I am exhausted after this weekend.

I would like to thank all my "girls" for making the first annual Camp Sunflower such a huge success.

*note to Izzy ,Josie, Pearl, Spongy and Licky*
(I was able to convince my Mom that you all showing up at home like a bunch of hot messes was all just a bunch of girl pug drama.
As punishment for all my "fibs" I had to break down camp and clean up after our mess. A small price to pay for all the good times)

Hey girls, those dumb boys over at The Fire Hydrant Club don't think we know they were spyin' on us this weekend.

Duh, didn't they think we had security?

That was one of the main purposes of the club,
so WE could spy on THEM.

Plus, Kitty and Coco have proof!

I just had to get up and tell you all about those silly boys and say thanks again for such a great time.

It's back to bed for me, Clearly,I still have some beauty rest to catch up on,

Lap please! Sluggo, I feel a chill from the AC

Brigitte! You  sleeping again?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Camp Sunflower 2010 ~ New Pics!!~ Guess Who's Home

Welcome to Camp Sunflower ladies!!!

We are so glad you are here!!

We have a loosely planned schedule, but feel free to make yourself at home and get settled in.

The weather is a little drizzly right now, so we will be showing a movie in our cabin.
Poppycorn will be served.

After the movie, you can go back to your tents to get ready for

Disco Night with DJ Salisbury Steak Butt!

Please get comfy and prepare for the weekend of your life!
Check back often, we will be updating the schedule live.

Saturday Afternoon- Spa Makeovers- with Izzy and Josie with their Famous Mint Juleps

Saturday Evening 6:00 PM
First Annual Sunflower Club Talent Show
Show us what you've got girls, this will be free style

Saturday Night 8:00 PM-Weiner Roast and Sing Along

The following tunes are on the song list. Feel free to add some of your own!

On Top of my Kibble
On top of my kibble, all covered in cheese,
I lost my poor meatball when some puggy sneezed.
It rolled out of my food dish, and rolled toward my toys
And then it was scarfed up,
By some stinky boys.

There Aint Boy Pugs Near Me
There aint boy pugs near me no,
there aint boy pugs near me.
Might be boy pugs near you slugs but,
there aint boy pugs near me!

Niney nine Bully Sticks on the Wall
Ninety nine bully sticks on the wall,
ninety nine bully sticks.
Take one down, pass it around
Ninety eight bully sticks on the wall.
(you know the rest, count backwards to 0, or until somebody pukes bully sticks or a fight over them breaks out)

Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
Her name is my name too,
Whenever we go out, I can hear the puggys shout,
There goes Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmina
la la la la la la la

Saturday 10:00 PM- Carob S'mores with Tweedles, Gen & Lefty

Saturday Night-Midnight- Ghost Stories around the Bonfire at the Lake
By Special Request~ The Fabulous tunes continue with DJ Salisbury Steak Butts

Sunday Afternoon- 2:00PM
Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
Potato Sack Races
Arts and Crafts

Here's a little tidbit for you...

Pearl and Brigitte getting down at the disco.

Saturday night by the lake...

The party is still rockin' it's not to 'hic, late to head on *burp* down!


It was a late night last night. We all had so much fun.We sisters all slept in this morning, and guess who was home when we woke up...

I guess after the initial excitement of seeing Grammy, Grampy, Auntie and Uncle he started moping around

Plus he forgot to pack his lambie.Mom had to go pick him up in the middle of  the night last night (she said it was because he was whining and waking everybody up, I say she couldn't sleep with out her Sluggy Bee).

Then Brigitee asked for my help...

She said she remembers something about sneaking in, having a glass of wine and sending an email to her former family telling them how much better we are than them.
Does anyone know how to unsend e-mail?

Oy Vay, take your eyes off these kids for one minute and all heck breaks loose.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing But the Best

Oh hi, you've caught me preparing for the big Sunflower Club camp out this weekend.
While you're here, allow me to show you around.

Here at Camp Sunflower

We have outdoor showers for your bathing needs.

Your safety  is of utmost importance to us. All crosswalks are clearly marked.

In the event of foul weather, we have our cabin, with wood burning stove. (doubtful we'll need it this weekend)

Of course Nurse Brigitte will be on duty for any of your medical needs.

We have lots of activities to keep you busy, such as our game room.

Nature talks.

Our tranquility garden for quiet reflection.

and nearby swimming.

For those of you concerned about your figure (and who among us loaves of bread isn't)  nutritious meals will be provided from our organic container garden,

tended to by Farmer Dad seen here with his ginormous garlic harvest.

Camp Sunflower had a lovely vegetable garden, before this guy came to town

But, fear not, ole Pitchfork Paul up the street took care of him. (I don't ask questions, just happy to be rid of him)

These amenities, along with all the awesome things You all are bringing will make this
one rockin' Sunflower Club Campout!!!

Check in officially begins at 3:00 PM EST tomorrow July23rd.
Open all weekend.

Can't wait to get the party started!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom~ On a Serious Note

"Be Aware, Be Informed"
I don't know if any of you have ever been over to A Pug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,
but Amaroo posted today that last week she lost her beloved pug Bibi-Briget Von Baskervill.
Bibi was only three years old and she was in good health.
She died after a severe allergic reaction to annual vaccines.

I am dedicating this weeks words of wisdom to Bibi.

I hope that if any of you were not aware of the potential dangers of vaccines, you will ask your Veterinarians for all the information they can provide. With that, you can make informed decisions and possibly prepare for any complications.
Now, I'm not going to get on a soap box about vaccinations. I have had them, and luckily, have suffered no ill effects from them. I now have titers drawn to see if I have antibodies to diseases
 I have recieved vaccines for in the past. I have tested positive for antibodies and have not recieved unnecessary shots.

I hope that none of my friends ever has to suffer such a tragic and senseless loss.

Here are a few links to help you research information on vaccines. Nothing replaces the professional advise of a trusted Vet.
Healthy Pet

Organic Pet Digest

American Veterinary Association

Please stop by Amaroo's blog to offer her support during this sad time.


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