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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thanks

Hello people's, Sluggo here. I'm coming in just under the wire to thank all the brave men and women who have served our country. We here in Wilma's world truly appreciate all the sacrifices they and their families make to keep us free and safe.

We woke up to rain this morning, and thought the day was a wash. Most of the parades were cancelled. We did our BBQ ing yesterday at Grammy and Grampy's, and Dad wasn't feeling so good. So I did what I do and stayed right by Dad's side to help him feel better.

Then the rain stopped and sun started peeking through the clouds. Mom went out for a while, and came home with a surprise.

A puppy pool. The girls took a dip in their bathing suits. I was a little apprehensive, so I just Checked it out from the sidelines.

By the time I got in, Wilma was done. In fact, Mom thought she might have been a little aggravated by the suit, but she said fashion never bothers her.

It was more the ghetto style pool itself. She said she will accept nothing less than an in ground pool with a cabana and a pool boy.

Maybe next summer.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fair Weather Fun

We had a break in the rain this past week. Saw a little sun and now we are having a humid spell. In the early mornings, and late in the days, we managed to squeeze in a bunch of fun.

Wednesday evening we went for a stroll on one of our favorite trails.

The vegetation is lush, after all the rain.

Thursday, it was off to Hop Brook Lake.

Getting ready for bikini season on the beach

I was feeling a little royal, and decided to push Brigitte over to make room for myself in her carriage.

It's quite cushy, and we get a ton of attention as we stroll along. Not bad.

The view's a lot better from up there as well.

The following night we had planned to go to another local park, but opted instead for dinner al fresco, along the Housatonic river.

There's this great place called River View BBQ

They have a fabulous patio right next to the water.

Mom and Dad had BBQ chicken with home made sides...

While we pugs
enjoyed a nice burger.

We like it there because they let us sit right up at the table, and don't give us any grief. Of course, our server was enamored with the lover boy Sluggo.

Today it was an early morning jaunt out to Southington for a visit with my beau Murphy, and Britte's man Duke.

Duke and Sluggo

Brigitte was all up in Duke's business as soon as they arrived.

Of course she did her usual human schmoozing as well.

Sluggy the kiss up was in full effect also.

As you can see, Wilma don't kiss butt. I am the leader of the pack.

That guy behind me is Buddha. He left before Murphy got there, which is a good thing. Because, I didn't have to explain this...

Sluggo came tearing across the park when he looked up to find that we had all traveled to the other side of the park.

Pug table.

Doesn't Sluggo look so much like Murphy? That is Murphy on the left.
Mom kept confusing them out of the corner of her eye.

Duke gets some love from his Momma.

I can't wait to see those boys again!

Stay tuned for more weekend fun, cuz it ain't over yet!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Very Worthy Cause

I found out from Oscar and Pam over at Pet Blogs United about a guy named Tank. He writes a blog called Tank's Two Cents. Great blog name, dontcha think? Anyway, here is a copy of his post about his project. It's called Project Toto.

A soft blankie makes everything better:)

Thank You!!!
My asst. will be gathering fleece blankets to

send to the Joplin shelter animals... from what we've

read they have enough food for now, but have

requested blankets. She wants me to invite all

of you to join in and send a blanket to the

Joplin Humane Society

Animal Adoption and Resource Center

140 E Emperor Lane

Joplin, MO 64801

Everyone who participates will receive a special


badge to proudly display on your blog!

Isn't that a great thing Tank is doing?

Also, Oskar and Pam included a link to an Amazon wish list from the Joplin Humane Society. They have a list of all the things they could use to help all the displaced and lost pets in the area devastated by the tornados this past week.

Thanks Oskar and Pam for the great information on how to help! We are going to do some shopping at Amazon!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Being got, is great!

Ten years ago today, was my Gotcha Day. We had a big old celebration a couple of months ago when I turned ten. I am sure you remember all the hullaballoo. But, it wasn't until my Mom and Dad came to get me that I actually became part of a family. I have had a grand old time over the years, teaching them how to cater to me, and giving them a real run for their money. I rule this house and all who live in it. But, that doesn't diminish the fact that I appreciate how lucky I am to have this kingdom to rule. I understand that not every dog is so lucky as me. I figured today would be a good day to admit it. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a Gotcha Day.

I also want to say, sorry I haven't been making a lot of comments on the blog scene. I am keeping up, but Mom cries about not having a lot of time right now. Still loving you all!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What the Heck is Going on?

See this fence behind me?

It wasn't there yesterday, and I did not authorize it!

That patch of green stuff over my left shoulder, is my pooping fields. What now?

Apparently, the parents planted grass where the failed attempt at a garden was last year. Thanks to Uncle Chucklef***. There is an over abundance of woodchucks in our neighborhood, and planting a vegetable garden gave way to this monstrosity behind me.

Mom claims there will be lots of lush, green grass for me to receive my belly rubs on. I'll believe it when I see it.

So, in protest of us being locked out of our own yard. We pooped and peed right on the path to the garden shed. That'll teach 'em.

In news that didn't suck, we went to a party at Grammy and Grampy's this weekend. That means we wore our party dresses.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sunflower Goodbye

It is a very sad day, as we have learned of our dear Sunflower sister Josie crossing over the rainbow bridge last night. Josie was the inspiration for the club. It was her spunky spirit and sense of fun that was the impetus behind starting an all girls club. A place for fun and friends. A place to spy on boys, share secrets, and drink mint juleps. In fact it is was this time last year we were getting things started. We sure have had a lot of fun over the year, and things definitely won't be the same without her.

This was Josie's comment when she read the first Sunflower post...

OH BOYS WILMA!! 'Dis is exciting!! Mommy and Daddy are on 'da couch sleeping with Anakin and Izzy and I have been left to fend for ourself's these past days!! Mommy has not been ables to sleep 'cuz she's worried 'bout my bro, but I think her eye balls are shuts and I have been playing with bloggy scrap book pages. Anakin uploaded a moon yesterdays and I wanted something. I wanted a girly thing for Izzy and I. 'Den when I picked something I wents to the bloggy to look and I saw your POST!! oOH's aAH's! I knews Immediately's 'dats my sunflowers pages I's been eye balling must be loaded ups!! WILMA, I'S SOOOOO EXCITED!! I can't wait until Izzy sees too! She'll likes 'dis! She has been sad 'cuz she hasn't been able to plays wits our Bro's. She's gonna be's happy 'bout da clubs!!
Oh's we gots to get planning...
We need a secret pass words or something to gets in... treats for meetings...dues for field trips...outfits...This is greats!!
Maybe a song...
We needs a gavel too!!
Oh's I check backs laters!!!
Sunflower Sista Josie (SSJ)

Josie celebrated a Birthday not too long ago. I would like to share a part of her Sunflower Birthday post

J ~ she is Joyful

O ~ her sense of humor is Over the top

S ~ stands for Sunflower, whacha tinks

I ~ can't forget her sister Izzy

E ~ Everybody loves her

Me and Mom worked on this slide show to honor da Josie. I think she would like it. We love you Sunflower Sista Josie!
Well there was music in the video we made on a new app we found. You can't hear it when you watch this video on you tube. We will keep working on it.

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Check Up Time

Hi Peeps, Me and Britte had out check-up visit last night. Before I share, let me tell you, it's a jungle out there! Not in the way our humans refer to the world when they here about some particularly heinous event. I'm talking tropical jungle. It has been raining here for a solid week. And aside from putting a real cramp in my "business" routine, all kinds of things are sprouting up everywhere. We went from the lovely scent of lilacs drifting into the window and delicate little leaf buds popping off their branches, to foot tall grass, and weeds everywhere.

I'll tell you, it does nothing for my complexion. Mom's been running after us with those damn cotton squares soaked in some godawful substance jamming it into our "stinky" mugs. Personally, I don't mind the stank of my mug. As soon as Mom cleans it I just search around for some dirty clothes or stinky grass to return me to my natural state.

Anyway, back to the vet. First of all, Dad had to come home early to "babysit" Sluggo. We didn't want him coming along and steal all of our attention and he has never been alone for a single moment of his life.

and Mom was afraid if she left him home alone, Mr Sadsack my escalate into a full blown nervous breakdown.

So anyways, we hop in the car and start off towards the vet. I don't mind going there cuz I get lots of treats and everyone dotes over how adorable I am. Brigitte likes the idea of meeting more people, and potentially seeing some hunky big dog.

Mom should have known better than to think we would be behaving though.
Straight outta the gate I started acting up in the car.

See me here, I flung myself down off the doggy seat in between the front and back seats. I thought it would be cool because Mom forgot her camera and she would have no proof of my antics.

I was wrong.

We arrive at the office and wait our turn.

I started to get real excited because I knew I would be costing Mom and Dad lots of green papers.

Check out my nappy deer haunches. We have been shedding like a mother lately.

I went first of course. I kinda got pissed when the scale said I had gained like a pound and a half. It was then that I decided to be totally uncooperative.
I mean, I coulda been worse, and have been in fact. But there were a few things I was not gonna let happen without a struggle. Such as looking at my bottom front teeth. Nope, didn't happen. Try again next time.
Over all though, my Dr Matz said that I was in great shape. Duh?
She said I was very spry and spunky for my age. And that my heart sounded great. They stole some blood , so we'll know how thing look inside my organs and stuff. But from the outside, I checked out fine.

Next, it was Brigitte's turn.

She said, in a show of solidarity she would not make it easy on them either. This is her hiding under the chair.

Then she defaulted to her little miss goody two paws setting after she found out she was down a pound. Brigitte checked out good as well. We have to deliver poop and pee (my pleasure) to be checked, then we should be good for a while.

On the way out, a really sweet greyhound came in. Brigitte was all over him like bacon on a cheeseburger.

One more thing from Mom...

***Hi guys, Kathy here. As usual. O got all freaky about vaccinations. They drew titers for the antibodies that they could, but Lyme and lepto are annual. Since we do live in the state where Lyme disease started, and the girls do spend time in the parks and trails, I will probably bring them back for the shots. I figure, I will see how their routine blood work comes back and then take them in. I just get so nervous, especially as they get older. What do you all do about vaccinations? Especially those of you with older pugs.


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