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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp Sunflower 2011 ~ Thanks for another wonderful weekend! *added picture of Croakeo*

Hello, hello, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!
Camp Sunflower is officially accepting campers! I am shuttling you all to our super secret location in my new Sunflower mobile. So meet at the club and we will get this party started!

A few campers arrived last night. They spent the night in the Moroccan themed tee pee we have here at camp...
But from what I am told, Suki is on her way in her giant RV, so there will be a variety of accommodations offered!

Sequoia and Emma are already getting busy with some white water rafting!

while some of us are taking a dip in the swimming hole...

There is also an early game of Pin the stinky Tail on the Fire Hydrant Fellow up at the lodge.

Spongy and Licky are providing some entertainment...

It is almost lunchtime, Payton is grilling up some nice burgers for us.
"what's that Payton? You calling me?"

and the fun is just beginning!!!

The afternoon, and a special announcement!!!

 Things are still rockin' down at the river, so grab your life vests and have a run at it!

And guess what! Suki's here!!!!
We are going to be stylin' and profilin'!

It's got AC, a satellite, fully stocked kitchen. Saweeeeet!

The camper will serve as the new home base, for chillin' out between activities.

Now, for our announcement...

Us girls were taking about it, and it is a well known fact that Sunflower Sisters know how to party. But that is not all we are about. We are about sticking together, and being there when somebody needs us.

So here's the deal...
For every comment left on this weekends post. We will donate 1 dollar to SEPRA for Vito's buddy and foster brother Vinny.

Isn't he cute?!

He has to have an expensive surgery this week and they need all the help they can get. So let's get chattin' girls!

I am sending Mom out for firewood, so she won't be able to help me comment, but we'
ll be back on line before long to get ready for an awesome evening!

Security Alert

 ::::::::::::::::::Spy Filters Activate:::::::::::::


OK girls, no need to stop enjoying camp. I have raised the Sunflower security barrier. I just have a message to get around to all the campers.
It seems that our girl Kizzy has been a victim of some sort of set up.
Something to do with chicken bones and carpet stains
 All you guys have to do, is if any authorities come around asking any questions, tell 'em you haven't seen Kizzy.

What's that Tiffy? Well yes this is Kizzy right next to me, but I found this old sunflower costume for her to wear as a disguise.

Any questions girls? Go right ahead and return to the fun, we will be enjoying a nice bonfire with roasted wienies and carob s'mores later on tonight!
and Britte keeps talking about a snipe hunt!

Gracie the agility pug brought us Ugly Pug beer! We are at the bon fire enjoying it now.

The night is young, and we are all having a blast. That's all the pictures for tonight, but tomorrow will be another day of fun filled antics!

Woot woot!!!! 

Ding, ding, ding, time for breakfast!!!!!!

Good morning everybody. Wow! Last night was a blast! Thanks Pearl for those ghost stories. And Payton, that whole flashlight thing nearly scared the curl out of my tail!

We had arrivals all through the night. Welcome Izzy, Trixie, Noodles and Bellatrix! Glad you made it!

Now, I could sure go for a nice big breakfast! Those Ugly Pug beers really did a number on me.

 Hope you are all ready to have some more fun! 

Now, I am not even going to turn on the spy filters because Camp Sunflower is totally secure. But, rumor has it, and in fact there is evidence of some of those sneaky Fire Hydrant Freaks lurking around camp last night.

They were captured by our night vision security cameras.

Their leader, looking rather suspicious if I do say so myself!

 "Mini Mastiff" aka Anikan

 "The Informant" aka Shiloh

Don't worry girls, I have hired the same top notch security team we used for Salinger's Bachelorette , those boys don't stand a chance!

Weekend Wrap up

 Wow! It is hard to believe another Camp Sunflower is winding to a close.
Thanks to everyone for coming and making it another fun filled adventure.

Suki, for the record, that was not a shark at the swimming hole. I had Mom investigate when I heard you scream. It seems Sluggy Bee and the rest of the Fire Hydrant Boys have employed the assistance of Mom's frog friend Croakeo from the pool next door to do some recognizance work on behalf of the members.  Looking back at the shots from the weekend, you actually can see him lurking around.
(you did have my Mom cracking up when she heard you yelling though. He he) 

Don't worry, I will take care of that pest Sluggo when we get home! 

Now, a few more matters before we go.

We simply could not let this weekend pass without acknowledging the deep void left in the wake of some of our dearest and best Sunflower Sisters .
It is still so hard to believe they have gone to the bridge, but I know they are here in spirit, and we will never, ever, forget them! 

Let's all gather under these four huge sunflowers for a moment of silence in their honor. 
It is just like Josie imagined, we can spy on the boys and talk girl talk before everyone has to go.

One more order of business. Mom and I will tally up the number of comments left this weekend and prepare a donation. Now, from what I hear, the goal for Vinny's surgery has been met. We can still donate in his name for aftercare, or whatever other needs the rescue may have. Or, if anyone knows of another immediate need in the community let us know and we can send the monies there.
Either way, it is with thanks to all of you for contributing to the festivities that enables us to do it!

Now, don't forget your doggie bags and macrame bracelets on the way out!

Lots of love and sunflower kisses,
Brigitte and Wilma


  1. Can't wait to arrive! Let the fun begin....

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Not Mack

  2. WILMA!! What a cool surprise! That Sunflower-mobile is the greatest thing E-V-E-R! We will be riding around in style from now on! I tell you, that dip in the water sure felt good after the night in that Tee Pee. I can't wait until Suki shows up with the air conditioned RV! Hurry up and get all the campers here cause these burgers are smellin' good!
    PS. Hope everyone remembered to bring the bug repellent cause I keep hearing a buzz sound!

  3. I'm finally on my way after a the RV had a flat tire... will be there in a jiffy. Save a burger for me and a spot at the swimming hole.

    See you all soon.


  4. What a great morning, girls! Mom told me I had to bring a one-piece swimsuit, but I'm so glad I snuck out with my yellow bikini!! Party time!!!!!

  5. This is gonna be a blast!!!


  6. Shasta here - Oh Wilma - thank u soooooooooo furry much fer findin'such a super nice swimmin'hoe. That iz just what I needed with such hot tempz at home. Thiz is such a furry much super camp - u iz so nice fer havin'us here. Can't wait tu c what'z next.

  7. Drive safe Suki, there are plenty of burgers and treats for everyone!

    Pearl, I just love your yellow polkadot bikini! Where did you get it? Would you care for a beverage?

    Welcome Ruthie and Shasta! I'm glad you are having fun! Did you get something to eat?

  8. Shasta here - Wilma, Ima Beagle - food wuz the FURST thing I did when I got here - u did sooo yummy good tu. Tu bad snoopy Shiloh had tu stay b-hind - NOT! I love him dearly BUTT sumtimez a gurl haz gotta haf her own time.

  9. The Sunflower Mobile is super cool and wow, the teepee is really awesome!! This is the best pawty ever!!

    Pugs & Kisses,


  10. I've got the beer.

  11. You guys are having the best fun ever! BBQ's rafting, what next!! BOL, love it
    Benny & Lily

  12. YEAH!! Suki, I'm so glad you made it safe and sound (especially after the flat), and the RV is awesome! How nice of the camper next door to take a group picture of us in front of our new home base. We all look so good! It's going to be a great afternoon. Wilma, you are so generous to help out Vinny and we all get to have fun with it! Can't wait to see the camp fire later.

  13. PS. Pearl, if we were going to have a swim suit contest, you would win for sure!! My mom made me bring my life jacket since I'm inexperienced around the water. I should have sneaked out of the house with something better like you did.

  14. Payton, don't sweat the life vest. You look totally cute! Those burgers you whipped up were so good!

    Wil, Brig, do you girls have a fly swatter? There's a bee buzzing around!!

    I think I'll go cool off in Suki's RV and have a pina colada!!

  15. Hi Payton! Great to see you again. Thank goodness for the road side service to help with the tire. Everyone is welcome to make themselves at home in the RV. Wilma is right, frig is stocked, all sorts of goodies, charcuteries, cheese, fruit, water, wine & margaritas and Bacon! No Spam here. There are plenty of towels in the closet for those who go rafting & swimming.

    Wilma's awesome, looking out for Vinny.

  16. You girls be careful without the men aound!

  17. Whoo-hoo! Camp! The RV is awesome! This is what we need for our Christmas trip!

  18. I am on my way, I was trying to get the marshmellows out of my secret hiding place.

  19. This is such a great bonfire! Anybody up for a ghost story??

    *spy filter* Kizzy, the disguise is working great!!

  20. Woo hoo! Us'uns Slimmer Girls are having so much fun!! Wesa so glad Mimi got her splint off in time so that she could go enjoy the Lake and Rapids. I hope it is okay that we brought some KC Strips with us from Kansas!!
    Much luvums Sunflower Sisters,
    The Slimmer Girls
    Gracie, Lily, and Mimi
    Pee-s: Super awesome that Camp Sunflower is raising money for Vinny!!

  21. OMC this is such a blast. Oh and Wilma I just don't know what I would do without you! Thanks for the costume and sending that Mountie Packing right back to Canada!

    Now let us sit around the fire and discuss some serious boys club spyings!


  22. OH psst in case your wondering. I am signed in under my Daddy's profile so no one can find me! hee hee


  23. Wilma and Brig, this is the best party! You two are awesome hostesses!

    Tweedles, you must teach me how to swing on the rope over the water...looks like so much fun!

    Tiffy, I think that s'more you are eating is as big as you are!

    Salinger, when are you going to crank up the tunes? And dude, can I have one of those roasted wieners? You weren't going to eat both, right? I'll let you have a taste of my toasted marshmallow...

    Gracie, thanks for bringing the Ugly Pug...washes down the treats perfectly!

    Kizzy, don't worry, my mouth is too full of food to say anything to get you in trouble!

    Suki, come sit next to me by the fire. We need to catch up since we saw each other last...

    Pearl, please tell us one! I have a feeling you'll be a great story teller. I've got one prepared too, so maybe if we stay through till tomorrow night, I'll tell it around the campfire then.

    I wanna party (and eat) all night, girls! Woot Woot!


  24. PS. I keep hearing this loud buzzing sound! I think it's time to break out the bug spray ladies!

  25. Hiya Pearl, yes please, do tell a ghost story. Maybe you will scare away a certain Bee that keeps buzzing around!

    Slimmer girls! Good to see you! Glad you could make it Mimi, looking' good!

    Kizzy, no prob on the cover. Us Sunflower Sisters gotta stick together you know.

  26. Pssst - Hey Wilma, Shasta here. I haf bin hearin'sum rumorz 'bout sum of the boy doggiez of Blogville - includin'MY bruther Shiloh - may-b tryin'tu crash our pawty - herd it by way of our telepathic wavestream. If u want tu, u can uze a pikchur of him frum our blog tu pass around the camp an'let the other gurlz no who tu b on the lookout fer just in case. BUTT I hope the rumor ain't true cuz this camp iz just way so furry much fun.

  27. Gee,, swinging from that rope was awsome. It was like bungy jumping. I am sooooo daring.
    Who is next? What about you Brig?
    Gosh Pearl, that was some ghosty story you just told! I don't think I can sleep now!!
    I am all spooked out.
    I think saw Payton and Tiffy down at the campfire making smore. Hummm, I am feeling a little hungry.

  28. The smores and hot dogs were so yummy. Did anyone hear that scary noise that was coming from under the RV last night? I think it was the snipes!

    Everyone....Breakfast is ready! Come and get it.... Eggs Benedict, pancakes, fruit, lox, french toast with banana foster...Bloody Mary's, Mimosas...

    Can't wait to see what Wilma has planned for today.

  29. Good Morning, Suki! I think you've outdone yourself with this fabulous looking breakfast spread! I think I'll try one of everything...after all, we better fuel up for a fun-filled day of camp!
    PS. I did hear that noise, but I thought it was just my imagination after being scared by Pearl's spooky story!

  30. Good morning girls. Well I did not get much sleep on account I got freaked by the ghost stories!!!!! Kizzy wants another round of pin the tail on the pug but...... breakfast first! Weeeeee we are having so much fun.

    I knew it just knew that Winston and them boys were lurking around. I thought I heard them outside my tent last night.


  31. Breakfast was the bomb!
    I saw Emma helping to flip those pancakes!
    Someone really knows how to cook!

  32. We 3 are having a blast at camp thanks girls!!! Emma is heading over to try the rope swing and Tuni is hoping for more toasted marshmallows!!!

    The Girls

  33. SHARK!!! I think I spotted a shark in the swimming hole!

  34. Hello, Grilma!

    First off, this is Sarah - not Hank! (He's too busy snoozing to spy.)

    I'm jealous of all the fun you're having! Good times! Although that flashlight pug is awful scary!

  35. Oh girls, what a delightful weekend we've had! I ate way too many omelets this morning. My bikini is a little snug!

  36. Looks like a good time was had by all. What a pleasure it is for you to share with all of us in Blogville.

    Chloe & sissies

  37. This was one of the best weekends! And it's all because of hosts Wilma and Brigitte! I should hire you gals out for my next birthday party.

    Suki, I'm so glad you are ok and it wasn't really a shark. Those boys are gonna pay!

    Sorry if I scared the curl out of anyone's tail when I shined the flashlight in my face. Guess after Pearl's story everyone was on edge.

    Anyway, I so much enjoyed spending time with good friends...we sure do know how to party, huh? Everyone travel home safe. I'm so tired I'll probably sleep until Tuesday...but I'll wake for feeding times, don't worry.


  38. It was a great camping weekend with good friends. Where will be the next camping adventure... ? Bora Bora, Figi or some where with snow, Whistler?


  39. I had a GREAT time at camp! Who knew camp could be so much fun? This was a weekend I will never forget and will treasure forever. I hope it's just the first of many camps I will attend.

    Thanks again Wilma and Brigitte, for throwing the best camp ever!


  40. Oh Wilma - This iz Shasta an'T just wanted tu tell u that I had such a furry much most wunderful time. Thank u so much fer allowin'me tu b a part of such a great weekend camp - u r definitely a hostess with the mostest. So much tu du an'so much great food tu. I shooda known the minute u picked me up in that Sunflower mobile that this wuz gonna b great fun an'I wuz not wrong at all. I shur du hope that if u haf c camp next year, I will b a part of it. An'I wuz so happy that u were able tu keep the boyz away, Shiloh tu. Agin, thank u.

  41. This weekend was a blast. I think I may need to sleep a whole lot to get over it. Now if I can just sober Lucky up! I forgot to tell you she's a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. She's giggling at every little thing. I don't know what I am going to do with her.


  42. Shhhhh Tika quiet!

    Okay you can talk now.

    Hey Wilma, sorry we were just having a moment of silence to remember our sunflower sisters.
    Thanks again for the great weekend. For the record I overheard Winston talking last week. He and the boys are having a meeting early this week. I say we SPY on them find out what is going down.

    Now Tika and I aren't heading back across the border just yet. I am gonna wait until the sunsets and it is dark.... if you know what I mean, oh and do you mind if I borrow that sunflower costume I will return it once I get home. So if any of the girls wanna hang out with us at Denny's for some pancakes, come along... we will be there until dusk.

    Cheek Kisses
    Kizzy and Tika

  43. Oh my, what a fun time! We'll have to look at this more closely on the computer! Are we too late to make Vinny's donation?

  44. Wilma and Brig..
    Thank you so much.
    I had the time of my life! I can't wait until the next one.
    We made so many memories,, and all because of you

  45. Wilma and Brig, You ladies throw the BEST shin-dings. Thank you for sharing.


  46. Wesa Slimmer girls have an idea about what to do with the funds. Our furiends, the White Dog Army @ is raising money for the 2 million dog PuppyUp New Mexico Cancer walk...they are the co-hosts of this walk and it is through these funds that dogtors and doctors are trying to get rid of the evil "c" so that we have our furiends and human companions longer. It's just an idea...and the family is composed of 4 girls (we should ask them to become members) and 1 they are a very good lot.
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Sisters
    Gracie, Lily, and Mimi

  47. hi wilma and brigitte!
    oh what a wonderful camp, party and donation station you set up!
    i sure wish i could be a sunflower but alas... i am a boy. :0
    i am sending all of you and my friends' families all of my love for the rainbow sunflower girls.
    i love you all with all my heart!
    archie barchie ~ your official fan club president

  48. The pawty was fabulous as always! We are not "outdoorsy" pups, but when the RV rolled up I knew we would have a good time. Coco didn't even embarrass me by eating a poop patty. So sorry we missed the comment deadline. Mom is busy putting our house on the market. She is skating on thin ice with us right now! Anyway, we will try to get in a post with our re-cap later on this week as well. Later Will D!

    Kitty and Coco



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