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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Year of Fostering ~ What I Have Learned

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year since Mom and Dad started bringing these strange pugs into the house for random amounts of time. A whole year of fostering through Pug Rescue of New England.  At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole idea. I mean, you guys know me. I am very fond of myself, and my life. I enjoy being the center of attention, and I merely tolerate Brigitte and Sluggo for what they can do for me. So, the idea of additional pugs, eating my food, sleeping in my bed, stealing the spotlight from time to time, wasn't all that appealing.

Reflecting back over the past year though, has made me realize that helping these pugs on one leg of their journey to be the star of their own lives isn't all that bad. In fact, it has been kind of enriching, and I may have even learned a thing or two along the way. 

I thought it would be nice to share some of the things that each of the 7 pugs that have stayed here at The Pug Rest Inn have taught me.

Let's start at the beginning with Frankie.

Frankie wasn't here long, but he was the first. Frankie taught me about hope. He taught me that even when you have been rejected by people, that you should never give up hope. Because it only means that there is another opportunity for happiness waiting right around the corner. Him coming into our home after being returned to PRoNE also taught me that Pug Rescue of New England will never give up hope either. They will keep on trying, no matter what it takes to make sure that every pug ends up exactly where they need to be.

That's where Frankie is now, exactly where he needed to be.

Next came TJ.

Oh boy, TJ. He had many lessons for us. The first thing I learned when TJ came to stay with us was that my Dad is very brave. Even though TJ had a very sad story, and Dad knew it would hurt him to know what kind of a life TJ had before coming here, he still made a commitment to help TJ without hesitation. I was very proud of Dad that day, and TJ was such a special guy, there was no way even I was  going to give him a hard time.

TJ taught me about resilience. He taught me that when you love someone, you stick by them all the way 'til the end. Even if sometimes that means you might not be number one. He taught me that sometimes people really need us, and that if we tough it out, our rewards will be great.

TJ also taught me something I have been learning for a while now. That even when our eyes can't see so good, we can use our other senses to help us along. If we follow our hearts, they will lead us home.

That is where TJ is. Home.

Next came Emma.

Emma taught me that sometimes change is good.
She was in a place where there were little kids. Little kids with maybe not the best manners around pugs. Little kids who were very busy. So one day, after one of these kids fell on her, she gave him a little chomp. She didn't really hurt him, but it was enough to let her grown up humans feel that maybe their house wasn't the best place for her.

Now when Emma came here, she was very well behaved, In fact, she was here for out East Coast Spring Fling, and she was like our own private security. Whenever anypug got too rowdy, there was Emma making sure everyone piped down. 

Emma got herself the perfect gig up in New Hampshire. Fresh clean air, lots of room to run around, great parents, and no kids. Good for you girlfriend!

Then there was Millie.

Millie taught me about trust.

We don't know a lot about Millee's life before she came to stay with us, besides the fact that a super nice lady took in her and her sister Ginny from a family that was moving. The nice lady held onto Ginny because  being an older gal, Ginny did not take too well to moving on from her former family. She didn't want her to have to go through that again.
When Millee first got here, she did not like men, at all. Even Dad. She barked and barked at him every time he came into the room. Other men too. Hated them. Best as we could tell, she must have know a man in her past who wasn't very nice.

It didn't take long for Millee to figure out that Dad was a pretty nice guy. After that, she met more and more men who treated her kindly, and before long, she was able to trust again. Now she has her very own Dad, who she loves very much. Millee has a great new family, and I could not be happier for her!

Now we come to Penny. Oh Penny P, the things you have taught me.

You all know Penny's story since I just shared it last week. You know she is a very complicated girl, but you know what? Penny lives life on her own terms. No apologies! She let me know that it is OK to be bad to the bone, but also share a very tender side with everyone you meet. She taught me that no matter what, you have to maintain your sense of humor, and to always keep 'em guessing. Penny has had to overcome a lot. In doing so, she has become a survivor. Nothing keeps her down.
Penny's philosophy...what's mine is mine, and what's yours in mine too! Don't step to me!
Somehow, she gets away with it. As a true diva myself, I have to respect that.
Penny taught me that even though I thought that I only needed me, I really do need Brigitte and Sluggo to make our pug family complete.

Now our current fosters (that's foster with an s), Maggie and Zoro. Their lesson plan is not quite complete. 

I can tell you one thing that I have already learned about from their first parents.
Maggie and Zoro are a pair of pugs who have always known love, kind of like me. They are very lucky in that respect. Their parents love them so much in fact, that they have made the ultimate sacrifice of letting them go. They have entrusted them to Pug Rescue of New England, and us, to ensure that their lives get back to how they used to be before stuff got so hectic. Magie and Zoro need to do all the fun things pugs love to do. Go out and meet other pugs. Travel to different places, meet new people. Go on long walks with all kinds of interesting smells and sights, and most importantly have their people around as much as possible. Maggie and Zoro love people, and they love life.

This is a responsibility that I take very seriously. So I am making sure that Mom goes over their applications with me too. After all, who else knows how to ensure that somepuggy lives the glamorous life than me? 
I can identify a proper pug person from a mile away. Just don't let me get any closer or I might pee on their shoe. Right Dad?

 So, it seems I have learned quite a bit in the past year, and here I thought I knew everything. I guess I will continue to sanction this fostering business. Who knows what new wisdom lies ahead for me.
Maybe I should implement a new Wednesday Words of Wisdom. Wilma's fosters words of wisdom. Hmmmmm.....Mom!!!!!!


  1. Wilma you made us a little leaky reading this. What a wonderful thing you and your peeps are doing.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Congrats on the one year! Those are some valuable lessons that you can keep with you furever. Great post Wilma.

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  3. We all absolutely loved this post here in iowa. WE think lessons are always all around us, but sometimes we choose not to learn them...because sometimes they hurt our hearts, but you know what Wilma, they just keep on comin back into our faces until we finally do just take a deep breath and say OKAY WHAT IS THE LESSON FOR THE DAY! Thank you so much for this.
    Stella Rose, Maggie and Baby Gussie

  4. So touching. Thanks for all you've done in the last year.

  5. We stand up and applaud mom for bringing all those kids into your home
    Benny & Lily

  6. this is such a good post. i was crying by the end. i love that you open up your home for these pugs that need a little love and care on their way to their forever homes. i'm so happy those babies have a safe place to stay!

  7. Thank you for sharing with us all the wonderful things all the puggies have taught you.
    Everyone has a story.

  8. Bravo and well done you all for sharing your home with pugs in need and helping them start the journey to a new forever home. One year on is a great milestone and we hope you have many more. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Wilma's Fosters words of wisdom, thats just great, it was so nice to reflect on all those puggys you have helped out, I really do think you have learned so much about yourself and others, each story is very meaningful and all have such happy endings, its nice that you appreciate your family and your extended foster family too! I'm very poud of you, this post was great, love the photos and think it was so inspiring and indeed very touching! Seeing the world through your eyes is beautiful and I cant wait to hear more about others who share your home!
    Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

  10. And all of your Fosters have learned from you. Things like compassion, selflessness, and acceptance; because learning only occurs when both parties are engaged! Bless you Wilma and family for taking care of pugs in such great need!


  11. you are such a wonderful person to be a foster

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. Wilmie, you are so awesome to open your home to these new friends. We just love you!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. We loved this post!
    We are so glad you opened your home to these sexy pugs! We loved reading their stories, and reading about what they have taught you.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  14. This was just such a wonderful post to read. We are very happy your mom and dad do so much for other pugs in need. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals



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