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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The New Guy Ships in 3 Weeks

Sorry for showing this kinda sad picture, but, I am just so happy for my friend TJ, and how far he has come, that I want you all to see his progress too!
So, the new guy had a nice lady come and meet him last week.She even brought her dog Kee. Not a pug, but she was pretty cool considering we all were right up in her snout!

Here she is when she and TJ had a moment. Up until then, TJ was following her around, checking her out, but she hadn't been captivated by his charm yet. One look in those eyes, and it was over!  After this, they were totally bonding. Check it out...

I heard Mom and Dad talking about how TJ will be going to live with that nice lady and her dog. I won't lie, I am really going to miss having him around.

He has really added some sunshine to our home this winter Even though Sluggo gave him some shit about sharing Mom's lap!. He taught me a little too. (but don't tell anyone!)

You see, prior to coming to stay with us, TJ had fallen on some hard times. He was pretty scared, and kinda sad too.  Once he got into our pug rehab program, and started feeling better, he never looked back!

His tail hasn't stopped wagging since!

He helped me see, through another pugs eyes, just how lucky we are. Sometimes I forget that not all pugs live the glamorous life like I do. He has shown appreciation for everything he has received here.

So, that is why I know it is time for him to move on. If he stays on much longer, he will be totally corrupted by us spoiled pugs.

A little may have rubbed off all ready.
Any way,  I will update you about his transition, and we will have a big send off for him before he leaves.

I have to tell you all about the awesome treats that The Honest Kitchen sent us, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, one more shot of TJ and Kee!

She is getting a little buddy, to go around with her!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Greetings From Blizzard Central

Hi everyone!!! Now that I have had my humans held captive for nearly five days straight, I have been able to get Mom to finally post something for my eagerly awaiting friends.
As anyone who hasn't been stuck in a kennel without access to TV knows, there was a huge blizzard up in my neck of the woods. We are all fine. We were very lucky not to have lost any power, and to have been stocked up on treats before the storm hit. In fact, The Honest Kitchen hooked us up with some awesome treats, and we will be reviewing the tasty morsels before long!
No, that is not me frolicking in the snow up top. That is our pal TJ. He has really turned out to be quite an wonderful house guest.  I will be sorry to see him go., but I heard talk of a meet and greet with an awesome pug loving lady that is supposed to take place later this week. She has a girl dog and she works from home. TJ will really love that, because let me tell you, he does not like it when Mom leaves the room, let alone the house.
Here he is following her right out into the blizzard!!!

Here he is helping her post.

The thing is though, that TJ will soon be moving on. We have done our best to fix him up, and get him ready to set sail to his forever home. He went to see my Vet this past week, and they did some stuff to his boy parts. they took out a bunch of his teeth, and he only has 3 left!! He still manages to get the job done come mealtime!

It won"t be the same around here without him, even Sluggo has grown to really like him.

TJ, Sluggo, Brigitte and me

We will keep you posted on his potential new Mom, and stay tuned to hear about these scrumptious treats we got from The Honest Kitchen. Of course, how can they go wrong? We already know what an amazing job their food does to keep us happy and healthy. TJ was like a new pug within 2 short weeks of eating it!!

One more thing...
There is a certain favorite parent celebrating a birthday tomorrow. He and Mom were hurting for some sweets during the blizzard, so she baked his cake early.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!


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