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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spooky Sunflower Party 2010 ~ Group Photo

Hello friends!
Thanks to everyone for helping to make The Sunflower Spooktacular so much fun. Here we have a group shot containing as many party goers as we could get together at one time. I think some of you may have been lost in the corn maze.
I know I wanted to have a costume contest, but quite honestly, everybody looked so great it would be hard to choose a winner. Plus attendance was so great that my party committee got things a little confused.
I will doing a special giveaway soon to make up for it.

I hope you are all having a scary (in a good way) weekend.
Have a Happy Halloween.and no candy. I don't want to read any posts about some friend making their human go to the emergency vet with a belly full of chocolate. Got that?!

Anyone doing anything tonight for mischief night?
And speaking of that, what do you all call the night before Halloween in your parts,if anything?
For Mom it was Mischief  night. Dad says Doorbell night.We have also heard it called Hell night.
Me, I will just be being my usual devilish self.
Feel free to leave a number though, The parents say they won't bail me out if I get busted.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Sunflower Halloween Party

Welcome, come on in and have some punch

I have run out for some last minute supplies, but make your self at home.
There is plenty going on.
I'll be back later and there will be more fun to be had. So check back early and often.
I have confirmed that the party will last until at least tomorrow night!

The big day has arrived. We have guests from all over the blogosphere

                        Tweedles is here.Is she not the sweetest little pumpkin you've ever seen?

Klaus and Natty came too!

ET Natty

                                                                King Tuttenklaus

Salinger the Poop Factory
(he will be changing out of his costume later to do his fabulous DJing for us woot woot!)

Our girl Punkin Pearl is here

It's Kitty the Shark and Coco the Inmate

Spongy and Licky the Butterfly and Unicorn

Here are the Slimmer clowns in their Clown car!

Sluggo got lucky bobbing for bones, hmmm....
Seems like Tuni the camel should have no trouble grabbing one for herself!

Haunted hayrides for everyone

With King Tutenklaus at the wheel, you can see Tuni the camel, her sister Sequoia the meatball chef ,Toby the clown, Winston the bulldozer, Kitty the shark, Tweedles in a pumpkin, Minnie the flower, Natty ET, Lincoln the bee, On top, Salinger the poop factory.

Some of us have done some trick or treating.
From the left
Spongy the unicorn, Winston, Ruthie, Lulu the ghost,Salinger, Duke as Brutus, Murphy as Caesar, Moi, Haily, Sluggo and Kitty.

Don't forget,we will be having spooky story time later, and DJ Salinger Salisbury Steakbutts will be in the house. Get ready to shake your bones!

I am back from the store, and it looks like the music and dancing has begun

There's DJ Salisbury Steakbutt at the turn tables
Let's boogie!!!

Scary Story Circle

One upon a time, there was a family of pugs. They were a very happy family.There was plenty of treats to go around. Soft fluffy beds abound,  a full kibble bowl at the ready. Life was good.
Then one dark and gloomy night, the eldest sister got up for a midnight snack. She crept down the stairs to the kitchen, it was rainy and there was crashes of thunder and lightening right outside the window.

 She would never admit it, but she did feel a little creeped out. She would not let some stormy weather and creaking stairs keep her from filling her belly. So she tiptoed over to the treat bowl, got up on her hind legs (Mom did not realize she had grown so tall that she could reach the counter) She went to reach into the treat bowl when suddenly....CRASH!!!!! There was a  loud noise coming from the living room. She ran in to investigate, to find that the picture of her Great Great Great Grandfather had fallen off the wall.

That frightened the big sister pug. Then as she was running up the stairs, she encountered this...

Well, that little pug ran as fast as she could, stopped and grabbed the treat jar, and never stopped running all night long!!

Oh yeah, that's right, Sunflower Sisters in the hizouse!! Put your hands in the air like you just don't care.

Looks like those Elgin girls, Pearl and Brigitte have got their eyes on Yoda and Brutus, er, I mean that vampire and werewolf!

Last Call for Halloween Costume Pictures

Hello, hello people. I can't believe the Halloween Party is tomorrow already. I have been working feverishly to get ready for the festivities and I figured I'd give a shout out for anyone who still has a picture of themselves to submit. No biggie if not. Really, you are all still welcome to join the fun with or without a costume.

The party should commence late Wednesday,so check in when you can. I have a feeling things are gonna get wild, so this thing could last a while. Bring jammies.

Some of the activities I have planned.

  • Haunted hayrides
  • Spooky ghost stories (bring 'em if you got 'em)
  • Bobbing for chew bones
  • Costume contest
  • Trick or Treating
There may also be a few surprises in store!

See you tonight!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebrating a Sunflower Sister Birthday!

Our girl Minnie Moo celebrated a huge Birthday yesterday.
Her first!
I am sure you will want to run over and wish Minnie a Happy Birthday.

Minnie Moo, this one' s for you.

Minnie Moo celebrates number one,
With cake and friends, and a whole lot of fun.

Minnie Moo is one cool chick,
She took care of Lincoln, when he was sick.

Minnie Moo she chases cars,
Minnie Moo she's too young for bars.

Minnie Moo so pretty and petite,
Minnie Moo from me she won treats.

Minnie Moo she walks for the cure,
When Lincoln came round, she said really?One more?

Minnie Moo she's not a morning pug,
If she was here with me now, I give her a hug.

Happy Birthday Sista,
I hope you have a great year!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Halloween Meetup

Be it known, this post is heavy on the pictures. Let's face it people, you pugophiles love it!

What a great party we had today at our meetup. It was covered in awesome sauce!

Even though Brigitte was a Princess (in training) and I was a queen. Not Mom's greatest work, but she did add some special touches that probably contributed to us winning best group.

Like remember this lame crown that wouldn't stand up straight? Look who got their hair did!


Hi! Wil's Mom here. Is anyone having as much trouble as I am posting pictures since blogger did their upgrade? I'm really not feelin' it!!!

*We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post*

Here you have Britte and her special crown and matching feather boa.

But, poor Sluggo,

"Wah, I don't even  like wearing a sweater.Wah, can we go home now Mommy?"

He did come a round later though, you'll see.

My man Murphy was there...

                                                                     as Julius Ceasar.

of course, Brutus er...Duke.

Lotta treats going around. Check out the little dominatrix Lily. She's a little pip.

Here I am collecting a treat from a little girl choosing pugs over drugs.
(doesn't she know pugs are a drug?)

There's our dominatrix Lily with her biker b*tch friend Sophie.

Sluggo did alot of  his usual...

loving up on the ladies.
Plus, once all the costume shenanigans were over and we went outside to hang out, he really started to party.

It's possible a little romance was stricken up between him and Kimi.
He's so confused.

 This couple came to the meetup because they are thinking about adopting a pug and they wanted to learn more about us.
Brigitte was pug ambassador, doing what she does best and totally sucking up.
I allowed it because it was for a good cause. They seemed like they would make some pug a very happy home.

I just continued doing what I do best...
looking beautiful.

Poor Sophie had to go to jail. Charges...

Harassment. She was giving KeKe and Kimi the business.

They mocked her from afar

 I slipped around back to bust her out, those charges were totally trumped up

 Overall, I would say it was a successful party.

But, nothing like the Sunflower Spooky spectacular will be!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Storytime

Brigitte did something really funny today. After we all had some supervised time with our bully sticks from Bellatrix, Mom put them up on a tv tray in the back room. Fast forward to early evening. Mom is in the dining room. Dad is stoking the fire. Sluggo is with Dad and I am in the back room. Well, in walks Brigitte, she hops up on the ottoman, leans over and grabs herself a bully stick. She jumps down and calmly saunters into the kitchen, past Mom and lays in her bed to enjoy it. Ordinarily, the fact that she had a tasty treat and I did not, would result in nothing but trouble.Violent trouble. But instead I really was mesmerized. Her tenacity was truly inspiring. I couldn't take that moment away from her. I just stood awe...watching.

 This whole scene got me to thinking about what a funny chick Brigitte is. She always has been.

Wait for it...
Here it comes...
the flashback part.

One of the funniest things Brigitte ever did took place in our old house. It was when we were two. As in two pugs.  Me and her.
When Brigitte is very happy she will jump around, ground pound and start what we refer to as the woo woo woo's
Brigitte has always been very excitable. She loves people, and she claims certain individuals as her very favorites

Pete is one of those favorites. We love him like crazy.
It was his sister Lori who was visiting on this night.
Brigitte took to her immediately. She did her little dance, spun around and then fled from the room, running upstairs.
This was rather peculiar behavior.
What was more peculiar, was what she returned with and presented to Lori at her feet...
Fresh from the hamper...
A pair of Mom's panties.
That's it.
There really is nothing more for me to say.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This post is dedicated to my pal Salinger. If you don't know already, Salinger's Mom has constructed the the most humiliating Halloween costume for him to wear.
Poor Sal. Talk about jackassery.

So Mom comes home with this get up yesterday.

Now  granted,  I am not dressed as a poop factory, but rest assured this princess costume is humiliating. Not for the reasons you may think. I like dressing up. It's fun. But this costume came from a discount store *gasp*.

I wear only the finest couture or hand made costumes.Ones that require thought, talent and creativity.
This rag was only six dollars, and it was 50% off!
Three bucks!
Mom is the bargain hunter, not me.
Let her dress up in some off the rack cast off if she wants, but I will not be wearing this thing after this fitting.

The only reason I have agreed to allow her to post this atrocity is to support my poor friend Salinger.

No offense intended towards those of you who dress up in store bought costumes.
It's just me.

After this rant, Mom better get started on my costume for the Spooky Sunflower Party.
I am not dressing as a sunflower again. It's been done.
Besides, a couple of petals were sticking out of a bag on our ride home from the pug social, so I chewed them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ The Art of Mind Control

"Minimum effort for maximum returns"

Call it Wilmonomics if you will. As you may well know, our ancient Chinese pug ancestors were beloved companions to royalty, and in fact were considered royalty themselves. I once heard that pugs were pulled in carts by other dogs to conserve their energy. So, it's no stretch that we would excel in mind control. I mean,  I conserve massive amounts of energy by simply listening for context clues, with my supersonic hearing, to hear exactly what is going on in the next room. That allows me to determine if I need to expend any energy to enter the next room for treats.
I have also trained my minions Sluggo and Brigitte to investigate noises, smells, and such by a simple grunt on my part.
I know upon rising in the morning whether or not I will go out to do business by listening to the sound the tires are making as the cars drive by. If they are making wet tire noises, I don't budge.
One of the ways I use my mind control skills for profit, is by telepathically sending Brigitte to investigate what the humans are eating. She will keep watch, notify me of when they are finishing up, and because I have been so "good" by not begging, I am often rewarded with a small morsel. Hey, every little bit helps.
While,by nature of my breed, I am prone to such skills. I have honed my skills over the years to become a master at what it is I do.
Now, I share what I have learned with others.

Among my subjects, I must say I am most impressed by how Sluggo has studied and perfected many of my skills.
He had managed to somehow communicate to Mom, exactly what lambie he needs at any given time.(he is very lamb specific, just any of his numerous lambies will not do) He will have one in mind, and without fail, he can shoot Mom a look, and she will retrieve the one he is looking for.
Dad gets real freaked out by it. Me, I fill up with pride.


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