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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ The Art of Mind Control

"Minimum effort for maximum returns"

Call it Wilmonomics if you will. As you may well know, our ancient Chinese pug ancestors were beloved companions to royalty, and in fact were considered royalty themselves. I once heard that pugs were pulled in carts by other dogs to conserve their energy. So, it's no stretch that we would excel in mind control. I mean,  I conserve massive amounts of energy by simply listening for context clues, with my supersonic hearing, to hear exactly what is going on in the next room. That allows me to determine if I need to expend any energy to enter the next room for treats.
I have also trained my minions Sluggo and Brigitte to investigate noises, smells, and such by a simple grunt on my part.
I know upon rising in the morning whether or not I will go out to do business by listening to the sound the tires are making as the cars drive by. If they are making wet tire noises, I don't budge.
One of the ways I use my mind control skills for profit, is by telepathically sending Brigitte to investigate what the humans are eating. She will keep watch, notify me of when they are finishing up, and because I have been so "good" by not begging, I am often rewarded with a small morsel. Hey, every little bit helps.
While,by nature of my breed, I am prone to such skills. I have honed my skills over the years to become a master at what it is I do.
Now, I share what I have learned with others.

Among my subjects, I must say I am most impressed by how Sluggo has studied and perfected many of my skills.
He had managed to somehow communicate to Mom, exactly what lambie he needs at any given time.(he is very lamb specific, just any of his numerous lambies will not do) He will have one in mind, and without fail, he can shoot Mom a look, and she will retrieve the one he is looking for.
Dad gets real freaked out by it. Me, I fill up with pride.


  1. I always knew you took after me in the brains department, but intuition too? What more could a person want in a granddog? I'm so proud!


  2. You look like you are in a papoose. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. "I once heard that pugs were pulled in carts by other dogs to conserve their energy."

    LOL! I believe it!



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