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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

The following post contains subject matter that may be offensive to some readers.
Reader discretion is advised.

Last chance...

" Love them little mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet"
~B. Kliban

Mom didn't want me to tell you about this. She said it was gross and disgusting. I reminded her that this is my blog, and I will write whatever I want!.

Not too much she could say to that, so here we go.

You see my people, I have discovered a new past time that has got me all in a tizzy.
A couple of weeks ago, I went down to the basement with Mom to assist with laundry as I normally do. But, this time there was something different. A smell, a scent that I do not remember smelling in the past. So I followed my nose. It led me to the most delightful little play  thing. A tiny stinky furry little dead mouse!
Just as I was getting ready to toss it around a little, Mom came around the corner and started leaping about, shrieking and squealing like she was dancing on a bed of hot coals.
Before I knew it, she scooped me up, ran up the stairs with me, and slammed the basement door closed behind us..
The door was not opened again until Dad got home.When he did, he went down there and stole my little discovery!
Needless to say, I was livid.
But, I am nothing if not patient. I knew I would get another chance, my keen sniffer could sense the now familiar aroma tickling my nostrils.
So, I waited.
Sure enough, a few days later, I got my chance.
I slipped downstairs after Dad absentmindedly left the door ajar.
This time I followed my nose straight into the laundry room.
It was there that I found it, hiding beneath a  pile of dirty towels, my second delightful little rodent.
I ran straight for the stairs with it, to take it back to my den bed. It was then that I garnered Dad's attention. You see, these humans think they are so smart. They claim that there is a certain cadence to my gait when I am sneaking off with a prized possession. Whatever.
Either way, I was busted. He swiped my latest acquisition right out of my chops.

I haven't found any more. But I have not given up hope. It is fun and exciting and I have suffered no ill effects from my new hobby.
Mom always said I was more like a cat than a dog. With my love of a sunny spot and my aloof nature. Who knows?!

                                                   What's it like to poop in a box Tika and Kizzy?


  1. oh Wilma, that rodent looks a bit familiar, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wilma my Mom says this is her worst nightmare but it sounds pretty cool to me! Good work, friend!


  3. BWAHAAHAA!! Thats so funny, Wilma!


  4. Hee hee! You are a true hunter Wilma! We love it.

  5. You were curious and that's all. We found a dead kitten but didn't have enough pugginess to pick it up ourselves so we went to fetch our human who got sad and had to sent it to the kitty commentary. *sighs*

    Baby and Lucy

  6. Hi Wilma,

    Oh this is wonderful this post. We have never caught a mouse dead or alive. Kizzy caught a squirrel by cornering it in our yard one day. Mum was horrified and stunned. Kizzy also nabbed another one when she scaled a tree that the squirrel was running up. The squirrels weren't harmed and Mum made her let them go. Now a mouse..... that sounds most delightful. Tonight we are going to creep around our basement to see if we can locate one.

    Yup you sound likes a cat to us. The litter box thingy is way cool. It is so convenient to just saunter down to the basement and pick one of 3 boxes to perform our business in. No going out on a cold wet windy day to locate a patch of grass. You should really try it. Oh and the hooman's clean it daily too, what more could you want.

    Psst a little secret here, it the Mum doesn't clean it every morning, Tika will promptly march upstairs and poop in the bathtub!

    The girls

  7. That sounds like a wonderful toy. I love bugs, so I can only imagine how awesome a furry dead little mouse would be! I wish your humans had thought to take pictures of you with it.
    I also don't understand how our humans always know when we have something they don't want us to have...We should hold a summit over this problem.


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  8. Wilma, you are mom's hero! Wow. Fine job.


  9. Nooooooo! Absolutely no rodents. Ever! Please give your mom a big hug for me, Wil, I know she needs it right about now. Blech!!!


  10. You go girl! How did it taste? Did you get to roll in it, too? I can't believe it was taken away from you. Since you are patient, another little mousey will show up as it gets cold! Keep us posted.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  11. woohoo!! let the fun begin! a few years ago, we had more kitties than doggies. one morning i was feeding the kitties and a mousie fell out of the bag with the kibbles!! i was shocked and horrified, i probably sounded just like your mom. however, the kitty that was waiting for his breakfast was thrilled! he thought i had given him the toy from the cereal box! i found the mousie, with the kitty, and slammed an empty coffee can over it and made my hubby come home from work to remove it. i did get the stink eye from that kitty for the rest of the day.

  12. Oh Wilma, I am most impressed by your catness! As you may know, I share my home with three feline siblings. I was practically raised by cats and am a cat-loving doggie. All this said, I have NEVER caught a mouse! You must share your secrets with me as I think this would delight (or annoy) my feline siblings.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: Thanks for your well wishes, my tummy feels much better.

  13. OH Wilma
    Blogger ate my comment!!!!! BOOO !!!!!!!
    Did your mama wash you lips with soap before she kissed you good nite?

  14. Man, you get all the fun. We have four kitty siblings who would get to any mousies before we would. We try really hard to catch the squirrels that invade the yard, but never even come close. We do chase the palmetto bugs though. They're almost as big as mice. They do have a satisfying crunch, too.

  15. oh wilma, you sure do have some mysterious ways about you, but i do think you have a little cat in like your mom says but it gives you something to do. I just wonder what you would have done with this little toy or better yet would you have brought it upstairs to have fun and scare you r mom. thats what you do on halloween. well whatever, maybe you should ask your sunflower freinds.



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