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Friday, October 8, 2010

To Winston, From Sluggo

This is a special shout out to my man Winston, from your boy Sluggo.

First of all,Wilma says thanks for the word up on the Halloween party. We are all gettin' real excited about it.
Secondly, dude, this business about lookin' like a pig.
As far as I see, the answer is no. No, you do not look like a pig. But that is just my opinion. Apparently. these humans have some kind of association between pigs and pugs.
Check this...

Halloween '08
3 little pigs

Does this look like an excited pug?
I finally got on board, but I was not pumped

So, this is for all you delusional humans out there who think pugs are like pigs...

True pigs

That was from Mom and Dad's trip The Big E ( Eastern States Exposition) last week.

You think they were trying to gain intel to perfect the pig suit? 

I'm doomed. 

Send help, Winston




Get it straight!


  1. Heehee! We like Winston too!


  2. heeee!
    wilma, that was an excellent pig/pug demonstration.
    have a super duper weekend!
    m & e

  3. You are the cutest piggys ever
    Benny & Lily

  4. Wait...lemme get this straight...Pigs like to eat a lot, snort, have cute faces and curly tails. Pugs like to eat a lot, snort, have cute faces and curly tails.

    Aw hell...I'm even more confused now!

    I need bacon!


  5. Oh thanks Sluggo for letting Winston know just how bee-ti-full he is!!!!

  6. Sluggo, I totally agrees!!!!!! Ok Mum went to the national exhibition in the summer and both her and dad ohhed and ahhhed over the baby piglets. All I kept hearing when they picked me up from my pal Dickens's house was how cute the pigs were and how I looked like them!!!! I am going to get off this puter and show mum your post and tells her we do not looks like that!

    Okay Salinger is kinda right, we do have similarities but hey a monkey has legs and arms and resembles a hooman but that doesn't make hoomans monkeys (although mum seems to thinks there are some peoples out there that have the brains of a monkey). Anyway I totally luvs this post, and for the records, I totally feel for you man! A pig for halloween!!!!!!!! You do not looks impressed at alls, heck neither would I.

    You know whats?...... Dickens' mum told my mum that she always wanted a pet pig. Realistically living in the cities that isn't possible. So..... she told mum that if you google PIG long enough you eventually gets PUG and that is how she ldiscovered pugs and then gots Dickens. Shesh what are our peoples coming toos getting a Pug cuz we are likes pigs!!!! OMD!

    Your bud

    PS My heart melted when I reads Tuni's comment.

  7. Hmm, we read the posts above and Salinger's was very interesting....snorts, curly tails, like to eat... I see a similarity coming. BUT NO! Pugs/puggles are not like PIGS!

    but we do love BACON or anything BACON flavored.

    You made my hu-mom laugh at the 3 littel pugs in pigs costumes!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. HI Wilma!! Thanks so much for voting in my costume contest and for your generous offer of a pirate costume. The tribe has spoken and the official winner is Lion Pip (good thing because Mama already bought the costume).


    Your pal, Pip



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