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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best and Worst of 2010

Hi Everyone! It's Kathy and Todd, the human servants who live with The Royal One and her siblings. Wilma has beneficently allowed us to guest on her blog today. Fear not, she will be here to put in her 2 cents before we sign off.
We have a few awards to bestow upon the little beasts, but before we do, we want to say a word or two.

Now, mostly, this blog has been a way to give Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo a voice. They are such enigmatic little creatures and they bring us so much joy every single day, we figured why not share them with blog land.

It has been such a great pleasure in the process to befriend some of the kindest, most creative, caring, fun people.
It helps to know we are not alone in our fanatical obsession with these little flat faced balls of personality.
We look forward to spending the next year enjoying you all even more.
We hope you all celebrate the New Year surrounded by the ones you love, and find health, happiness, good fortune and as few indoor poops as possible.

Let the awards show begin!

We would be in deep doo doo if we didn't acknowledge Wilma for her greatness straight out of the gate, you understand.
So our first award goes to her...

As amazingly attractive as all three of the pugs are, we feel that the camera especially loves Brigitte.

Sluggo has always been a good boy in the car. Maybe it's because he rode with his foster Mom Samantha every morning to her Dad's.
All we know, is that with Brigitte's shrieking bark and incessant cry, she would place last in this category.
And you may remember a certain trip in the car, from hell with Wilma.

Wilma will always rule at replacing you with herself  anytime you get up from a seat.

Need we say more?


Wilma wanted to share this award with her friend Salinger. She loves to dress up, but she says for anyone to endure what he did this past Halloween, they deserve an award too

Sluggo runs a close second to Brigitte for this next award. No one can be outside on the other side of the fence when he is out, but...
Britte is the vigilant one who will point out the slightest noise, and Sluggo doesn't eat poop.
The reason for this last aw.....
Alright, that's enough!
I am back friends. When I agreed to allow the parents to present a few awards, I was not expecting to get worst anything! I mean, really! What's the matter with them?
Anyway, I have a few awards to present too.
They go like this...

This is also known as the kiss up award!

When Brigitte won Bellatrix's Birthday Booty, it was the best we ever saw! We also think that her butt is kinda cute too!

Sorry buddy, but when I saw this award, I knew you just had to have it. Is it too soon to laugh?
I am so glad you are OK after that nightmare.

For ALWAYS thinking of their friends in need, and being so generous with contributing to the auctions to help our friends in need, the next award goes to The Slimmer Pugs

There is no contest when it comes to sweetness

And I mean this in a good way Minnie
Now, I could just go on all night handing out awards, but then I would miss the ball drop and my special New Years Eve dinner.
So this next award is for all of you!
I love you all!

I am taking nominations. If you would like me to make up any special awards just let me know.
And also, feel free to take your awards back to your blogs to enjoy!

Wait, one more...

one last thing, all kidding aside.
I would like to take a moment to remember some old friends we lost this year.
We will see you at the bridge dear friends...




Sad news about Frodo

We are so saddened to share that Frodo was found in a neighbors pool early yesterday. Please go and offer some of that huge blogger love and compassion to her heartbroken Mom at her 365 Project page.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Calling All Pugs~ Please help bring Frodo home for the New Year

Frodo went missing from Emerald Isle, NC, Saturday December 18th. I am beyond distraught, and have done everything I can think of to recover my missing pup. Flyers are everywhere, I've spent countless hours looking, I've posted all over the internet, issued a pet "amber alert", contacted/visited all the vets/shelters, etc in a 30 mile radius, placed ads in the paper, and still nothing.

Apparently the theft of cute, purebred, small dogs, especially around Christmas is quite common, so we (and the police, and most vets) think at this point that's what happened. He is microchiped, so if he gets recovered or taken into a vet, he'll be flagged as missing and belonging to me.

Meanwhile, I feel like a part of me is missing. Frodo was given to me as a Christmas gift from my husband 8 years ago. He's been a part of most of my adult life, and my constant companion in the many separations my husband and I have had to endure due to the nature of our jobs in the military.

I feel like a family member has died - no, actually this is worse, because I don't know his fate. I don't know if he's being taken care of, fed, warm, loved. And it's killing me.

We learned about
Frodo last week from Winston and Clementine over at Ladypug Mugs. We got so caught up in Holiday goings on that we neglected to repost this urgent matter. Please be aware that poor Frodo is away from his beloved family at this time and keep a lookout. I know we are far from North Carolina, but you never know where Frodo may turn up. Our hearts break for Frodo and his family and we are wishing really hard that he makes his way home very soon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

                                                          " It's good to be queen"

Hello people. I am going to use this weeks wisdom as kind of a Christmas wrap up/you won't believe what I got kind of thing.

First, I really enjoyed seeing many of your holiday decorations. I haven't really shared because Mom was lame, and took forever to figure out what she was going to do about a tree. Longish boring story, but suffice it to say, when she finally relented, and got a fake tree for 70% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics, it was two days before Christmas. A little late to start posting pictures, when she hadn't even finished shopping, cooking etc.
So, here is my contribution to the decking of the pug halls 2010~

Our mantel. Safety boy, er, Dad, doesn't allow stockings over the fireplace. Have any of you ever heard of a fire started by innocent stockings waiting to be filled? Me either.
Ultimately the only stockings that Santa fills are the ones we have at Grammy and Grampy's, so no biggie.

A closer look at the reindeer over the fireplace. There is no way we are mounting stuffed dead things on the wall. I don't think Santa would approve, plus it's gross and mean. No offence Sara, or wait, I don't care if I offend her. So this is our environmentally friendly, no deers were harmed in the making of this item, green reindeer, made from recycled cardboard with a red nose added for the holiday.

Artsy fartsy view of mantel.

Me, doing my flying reindeer impression.
I was thinking of asking Noodles if she could hook me up with a job next year.

View from the kitchen window.

Some of my favorite ornaments.

And, here it is... all four feet of the fake pre- lit tree from JoAnn Fabrics, on clearance, on a table, thanks to having Sluggo, a BOY dog, in the house, destroying my dream, of a fun trip to the tree farm to choose my very own tree, and fill the house with the smells of the season. Thanks, jerk.

Here he is looking for Santa


OK, no more mind numbing decorations. Let's get down to it. My wisdom. It's more like just sharing the best gift ever, than real wisdom. But it does stem from being the queen.
As far as gifts go, we made out.

There were toys, and treats, bones and trinkets. Here I am with a big Christmas moose at Grammy's.
 But nothing compares to this...

are you ready?

hold on to your sock monkey beds people...

I have my very own domain!!!

I know, I know
wah, wah...
What the heck is a domain?
That's what I said when I first found out.
So I looked on line and found this on the

1. A territory over which rule or control is exercised.

Ha! There you have it, in black and white...
I am master of my domain!!!
(That's a Seinfeld reference for those of you old enough to appreciate the greatness of that show)

Anyway, the deal is, that Dad went to and purchased for me.
I am not really sure exactly what happens other than you being directed to this blog from there, but, I still think it's pretty freakin' cool!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Checking in from Blizzard Central

Oh hi, I'm Wilma, and you've caught me taking a pee.
Rather, Mom caught me and posted the picture against my will. She will pay dearly for that later.

Just wanted to check in real quick to say hi, and let you know we are doing just great up here in all this snow.

                             But, it is strictly business, then right back to luxurious comfort for us

So here's where we'll be while Mom and Dad dig us out of this mess.

We've got lot's going on, so as soon as Mom finishes this last shift and has a couple of days, we will catch up with you all.
Keep warm!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We had a great day at our Grammy and Grampy's. We hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Poem

'Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,
little puggies were snoring,
even pug Mamma's spouse
The stockings were hung
 by the chimney with care,
We were sniffing for liver treats,
soon to be there.

The pugs we were nestled,
all snug in our (the parents) bed,
while visions of pizza crusts
danced in our heads.

And I in my memory foam, fleece blanket having, hypoallergenic comforter topped bed,
and the rest on the edge,
had just settled in,
hope they don't fall of the bed.

When down on the floor
there arose such a clatter,
Sluggy B had to poop,
right now? What's the matter?

Away to the back door
they flew like a flash,
the last thing they wanted,
poo between their toes mashed.

The moon on the breast
 of the new fallen snow,
Carry me Dad
so my feet won't get cold.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear,
but a long and tall poop stick,
Sluggy B left it there.

With a little red cap
this poop long and lanky,
we knew in a moment,
must be Mr Hanky.

Surrounded by poop smears
that boy sure could go,
then all of a sudden,
it said Howdy Ho!

As safety cones* under the bed we do find
when met with the Dyson, they are gone with the wind.

As you read through this poem,
with reference to poo,
my Grammy won't like it
what's a Wilma to do?

So then after tinkling,
kicked the leaves and they flew.
Back up to my warm bed,
before Mommy hits snooze.

As I mashed down the covers,
and was turning around,
on the bed with his Mommy
little Sluggo was found.

He was dressed all in fur
from his head to his tail,
he's a pug for dog's sake,
he will shed without fail.

A bundle of lambies
 he had flung on the bed,
he looked like a CEO
about to chop heads.

His eyes they were crooked,
his tail oh so curly,
his ears felt like velvet,
he does act quite girly.

His furrowed brow,
so deep are his wrinkles,
to look you might think,
that his nose is all crinkled.

The stump of a lamb
he held tight in his jaw,
his mouth all around it,
just a head's all I saw.

He had long legs
 a neck like a giraffe,
loves his people, not food
he's no pug I would laugh.

Not chubby, not plump,
a skittish young elf
I love him though, a lot,
in spite of myself.

with a wink of his eye,
he lay down his head,
right next to his Mommy,
she had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word,
and he went straight to sleep,
every move that Mom made,
yet closer he'd creep.

And then lying beside her,
earlier at her feet,
was little Miss Brigitte,
some call her Britte.

But I heard Britte exclaim
as she rode to her feet,
one thing about me,
I like to eat shitte!

Merry Christmas all you little beasts!
We hope you and your families spend a joyous day together with the one's you love!
I know we will.

* note from Mom. Safety cones refer to little petrified poop nuggets that Wilma used to like to hide under the bed for us to find.


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