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Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ A Retrospective

Hi everybody, we just remembered that we do have some older photos stored at Snapfish. So here are a few shots of us pre Sluggo, and when he first arrived on the scene. Enjoy!

Brigitte and I getting ready to go out. We like to call her Mrs Bambridge when she wears this coat. She reminds Mom of a nosy old neighbor from her childhood.

Here I am perched on the antique fainting couch. I am about 2 years old here. I know it is a pre Sluggo picture because when he came along, he chewed a giant hole in it. Nana was none too happy about that, it was a gift to Mom and Dad when they bought their first house. Don't I look good? I have been a regal pug from the start.

Here's Brigitte, laying in Mom's arms. She's has always been such a suck up.

Me again, with my fancy scarf. This was when we first started going to meet ups. Mom put scarfs on us so she could quickly pick us out in the crowd.

Brigitte and I with Mom in Central Park. We walked for miles that day. All the way up to a dog friendly restaurant only to be turned away, they were prepping for the dinner crowd. Hmf...upper east side. Meh.

Oh crap, we can't get this picture any bigger. (still blogging on the iPad)
We are keeping it on so hopefully you can bigify. This was the first night Sluggo came to live with us. Brigitte was not sure what to think. That's his first Piggo. He dragged that thing everywhere. Chewed the guts outta him and sucked on him til he was like a wet dishrag. Poor Piggo.

He started working his charms pretty quick, Brigitte liked him best when he was sleeping.

Here he is with the first in a series of loofah dogs. They never seem to last long.

Sluggo steals our bed....

I steal his.

One big happy family. and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Little Sluggo, how cute (and destructive). I'm betting that hole-in-the-couch incident got him some major time in the slammer. Yikes!
    And the pic of Brigi showing her pearly whites is very flattering.
    Wilma, I have to say I am shocked you would allow the newbie to take your bed, but I guess you were trying to help the guy out and give him a puppy pardon.

    Kitty and Coco



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