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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best and Worst of 2010

Hi Everyone! It's Kathy and Todd, the human servants who live with The Royal One and her siblings. Wilma has beneficently allowed us to guest on her blog today. Fear not, she will be here to put in her 2 cents before we sign off.
We have a few awards to bestow upon the little beasts, but before we do, we want to say a word or two.

Now, mostly, this blog has been a way to give Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo a voice. They are such enigmatic little creatures and they bring us so much joy every single day, we figured why not share them with blog land.

It has been such a great pleasure in the process to befriend some of the kindest, most creative, caring, fun people.
It helps to know we are not alone in our fanatical obsession with these little flat faced balls of personality.
We look forward to spending the next year enjoying you all even more.
We hope you all celebrate the New Year surrounded by the ones you love, and find health, happiness, good fortune and as few indoor poops as possible.

Let the awards show begin!

We would be in deep doo doo if we didn't acknowledge Wilma for her greatness straight out of the gate, you understand.
So our first award goes to her...

As amazingly attractive as all three of the pugs are, we feel that the camera especially loves Brigitte.

Sluggo has always been a good boy in the car. Maybe it's because he rode with his foster Mom Samantha every morning to her Dad's.
All we know, is that with Brigitte's shrieking bark and incessant cry, she would place last in this category.
And you may remember a certain trip in the car, from hell with Wilma.

Wilma will always rule at replacing you with herself  anytime you get up from a seat.

Need we say more?


Wilma wanted to share this award with her friend Salinger. She loves to dress up, but she says for anyone to endure what he did this past Halloween, they deserve an award too

Sluggo runs a close second to Brigitte for this next award. No one can be outside on the other side of the fence when he is out, but...
Britte is the vigilant one who will point out the slightest noise, and Sluggo doesn't eat poop.
The reason for this last aw.....
Alright, that's enough!
I am back friends. When I agreed to allow the parents to present a few awards, I was not expecting to get worst anything! I mean, really! What's the matter with them?
Anyway, I have a few awards to present too.
They go like this...

This is also known as the kiss up award!

When Brigitte won Bellatrix's Birthday Booty, it was the best we ever saw! We also think that her butt is kinda cute too!

Sorry buddy, but when I saw this award, I knew you just had to have it. Is it too soon to laugh?
I am so glad you are OK after that nightmare.

For ALWAYS thinking of their friends in need, and being so generous with contributing to the auctions to help our friends in need, the next award goes to The Slimmer Pugs

There is no contest when it comes to sweetness

And I mean this in a good way Minnie
Now, I could just go on all night handing out awards, but then I would miss the ball drop and my special New Years Eve dinner.
So this next award is for all of you!
I love you all!

I am taking nominations. If you would like me to make up any special awards just let me know.
And also, feel free to take your awards back to your blogs to enjoy!

Wait, one more...

one last thing, all kidding aside.
I would like to take a moment to remember some old friends we lost this year.
We will see you at the bridge dear friends...





  1. What a beautiful tribute to the year!

  2. This would have to be one of the BESTEST, Posts EVER!!! Totally Awesome!
    Happy New Year.
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

  3. Wilma, I LOVED this post! I have loved being your friend in 2010. Here's to another great year!


  4. Aw shucks! I am doing my booty dance for y'all! What a fun blog today, it had mom laughing and me looking at her like she had lost her head! Happy New Year gang! I look forward to another year of blog enjoyment

  5. I was reading this beautiful tribute, and was taken into deep thought, by all the words giving tribute to my fellow furries friends.
    My heart was feeling deep appreciation for all of you.
    As I read each word, my mind zoomed backwards to the memories, remembering each and every caring post that you do.
    Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo's voice have filled our hearts with smiles and memories.
    Thank you for walking with me on my jouney, and for this awsome Award. My heart is touched.
    But the real thank you goes to you, for creating and giving Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo thier voices.
    Tonight, I along with you, think of Betty, Penny and Frudo all being held by the Angels.

  6. Oh Wilma~ Tanks so much for me cluck cluck award!! Me likes it and no it's not too soon too laughy laugh.. Josie dressed up in her Chicken costume already running around screaming for me not to eat her 'den laughing all "hee hees" Me's healthy now... Knock on wood.. and doing good!! Me likes me awards and already put it ups on me bloggys..
    Congrats too all 'da other winners too!!
    Me remembers getting lots of great pressies from Belly too!

    What a nice tribute for Betty and Penny and Frudo (which we are learning about and are very sorry)~

    We really loves yous guys and enjoy much the fun we's had over the past year~

    Yous been great furiends~

    So heres to another year!!
    with love from all 'da Elgins (butt me's Anakin typed.. hu hu's)...
    Anakin Man, IzZY (hello) Josie, and TriXie (howdy)

  7. What a great post! The awards sure seem to be fitting!

    Our thoughts and prayers go the families of the puggies who went over the bridge this past year.

    Have a happy and healthy 2011!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. OMG, my mom won't stop laughing at the awards :) Yes, I'm a bit of a prima donna but I think I own it pretty well :) haha

    Our thoughts are defo with those that have lost loved little puggies this year.

    Have a wonderful New Years!


    Minnie Moo

  9. Those are great awards (most of them, anyway). Love the last one. How funny, you are, Wilma. You don't need my help getting revenge on your mom, you do awesome all by yourself.

    Happy New Year

    Roxy & Lucky

  10. Wonderful post!

    We hope this coming year is full of happiness, surprises (good ones!) and everything you love.

    Happy New Year!
    Pearl & Daisy

  11. such a generous pug, to allow her humans to speak :) Happy New Year!

  12. oh what a wonderful post w,s & b!
    Happy Happy New Year!
    2011 is going to be so much fun!
    We are so lucky to have you all as friends!
    Melissa & Emmitt

  13. HOW did we miss this post??? OMG!

    Wilma Girrrrl...I am honored to share the best costume award with you!!! You are DEFINITELY one of the most fabulous puggies out there and it's a damn shame we live so far apart because we'd be able to have DOUBLE the minions/waitstaff!!!

    Happy 2011 to you too, sweetie! Good wishes to your peeps and to Brigitte and SluggyBee too!




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