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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wilma's Words of Wisdom: Your seat is only my seat waiting to happen

I love seat stealing. It really isn't stealing though, because everything around here is mine and I  choose to let you borrow it. There is nothing I love more than to immediately take up residence in nice warm roosts as soon as they are vacated. The best is at night, when we are hanging out watching the talking box and Mom or Dad gets up for a refreshment or bathroom break.

These are the opportunities I live for. I swiftly get up and relocate to where their rumps were. Walk around in circles and plunk right down.

When they get back, are they ever irritated. I love it. I do it every time. It's mine and they know it.

There is a new seat in the house . It's located right under the new desk Grampy made for Mommy. Mom put a nice pillow under there, soft, cozy, perfect. One problem...they call it Brigittes' seat. Something about how she is always at Moms feet and this makes the perfect little place for her. It's true, that little kiss up is always right beside the Mom. Before she had the desk, Brigitte would sit right under the table whenever Mom was working. But I mean, Brittes' seat? C'mon, they really should know better by now. If I'm going to steal their big old seats, there is no way I'm not stealing hers.

So just be warned. If  you come to my house, sit, relax, enjoy. But as soon as you make a move, I will be there, waiting for the perfect opportunity to get comfy. It's what I do.


  1. Seat stealing is a great idea..unless it's mine you're stealing. Remember, the coal has been awarded to 4-leggers as well as two!

  2. I only want to steal a seat if it has been heated.
    Do you feel that way too?

  3. Aw Grammy,I would never steal your seat,just as I know you could never issue the coal to this four legger.

    Tweedles, yes, I love a nice pre-warmed seat. However, I have been known to steal a cool seat in the summer. I can also be very demanding when it comes to laps. If the human doesn't position themselves just so, I will stare at lap until they have adjusted to meet my demands. We must always maintain high standards. Never settle.



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