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Monday, March 22, 2010

How much is one pug supposed to take?

It all started on Friday, Brigitte and the Mom left together, alone, without me or Sluggo. When they got home, they smelled like my beloved Dr. EricsonWhite Memorial Conservation Center and my favorite pet store Litchfield Pet Supply. Did they think I wouldn't know? Did they care? I'm not so sure. Mom even took pictures, so clearly she wasn't trying to hide anything.

Mom tried to explain that Brigitte only recently started accupuncture so she needs to get treated more frequently than I do. 
She also said she was picking up our Omega 3 Plus oil that makes our coats so  soft and helps us stay healthy.
Then she said she needed to let Brigitte do her business so they stopped at the park.
I ask you my friends, what part of these lame excuses justifies not taking ME with her?
None of them!
To make matters worse, when she came in from the mailbox she was all excited about this...

 Another pug!!
And she plans on taking him around to visit special places!!
Is this woman mad?!!
I almost had a full on melt down, then she explained that this was Flat Puglet. He's is a guest on a mission to spread the word about recycled dogs. Now, I'm no recycled dog, I'm all pedigreed with champion lines. But I fully support animal rescue. Brigitte is recycled, and Sluggo's mom was recycled when he was in her belly. So I'm cool with this new guy hanging around for a few days. ( You will learn about his adventures soon at Flat Puglets website)
Don't think that this gets the Mom off the hook. Oh no, I will exact my revenge. In fact, I started this weekend. She was trying to build a rock wall for some new garden and I pliunked right down where she was trying to work. Halted production, and I wouldn't budge.
It's not over though. Sometime soon, when the time is right, and she least expects it...
Vengeance will be mine!
Until then friends, I hope she's sleeping with one eye open.


  1. Its really too much for one pug to take. I like your "halting production" photo in the sun, Wil. If I were your mom, I'd be afraid. Very afraid.


    p.s. - Love Flat Puglet!! What an awesome project. :)

  2. OMD the nerve of your mum!!!!! what the heck, you bet she better sleep with one eye open. Shesh what was she thinkings doesn't she know that us pugs are entitled to all attention, all road trips, all pet store visits. There is no leaving a pug behind. I am totally on your side about this one!

    Winston, your pug partner in vegeance

  3. Hence your name---Willful Wilma!

  4. Wilma this here is Tuni and Sequoia! We just found your pawsome blog. Love it! So yeah about that Flat pug you better keep your eyes on him...he is pretty slick!

  5. Hi Wilma
    I cannot believe that your mom thought you would not notice! How in the dark is that?
    Maybe Flat Puglet can bark some sense into her.

  6. Thanks Auntie, I knew you'd understand.

    Winston, That's the thing. She knows the rules. It's like she just laughed in the face of pug law.Thanks for joining the cause!

    Grammy,that's right,I am my fathers daughter!

    Sequoia & Petunia, thanks for coming by. What do you know about this flat puglet?

    Hi Tweedles, I'm looking into getting flat puglet into my camp.I don't know though, he might be one of those do gooders

  7. Hi Wilma,

    It's nice to meet ya. We don't know who Fred is, but we gots Betty!

    Stella and Gunther



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