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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrate Me

Hi everyone,
It's my birthday. I turn 9 years old today. I thought I wanted to come on and talk about how great it is to be me (cuz it is). But I'm feeling a little sentimental.

 You won't get this often folks,so enjoy. I would like to take a minute to reflect on some of the things and people that make my life so wonderful. Mostly I'll look back upon this  past year. A lot has happened in my 8th year and for the most part, it's all been good. Mom wishes she had some older pictures of me on this computer to share with you, but she promised to work on that. In the mean time I will share some of my finer work from this year.
I got a new house this year, which was a pretty big deal, cuz  I only ever lived in my last house. It's a little smaller than my old house, but I really like it alot. It's much more peaceful here and Mom and Dad love it, so that makes everyone happy.

I went to alot of meetups where I hung out with other likeminded pugs and their people.Those are always a blast. I've been going for years.

Unfortunately, there was no park road parade to march in this year. Weather prohibited it. It's in  October, right after Halloween so we pugs all dress up. Here's a shot from 2008 .We were the 3 little pigs.

Hopefully we can do it again this year. As long as Mom doesn't dress us in pink. Sluggo was not down with that. You may be able to tell by the picture.

I survived a tornado that came tearing through my back yard.That was pretty scary. Oddly enough, I was the only one that was doing what your supposed to do during a tornado. I hid under a chair. Everyone else was all confused and panicky.

                                                     ( used to be a fence there)
I got to start this blog this year, and I must say, it's really been a highlight. I've already met a whole bunch of really cool pugs and people. I've come to care quite a bit for all of them and it's been a lot of fun!

Most importantly though, I really do have the best family. I don't tell them often, but Brigitte and Sluggo are the best brother and sister anyone could hope for. They are so special and unique. I think we compliment one another quite well.

Of course there's Mom and Dad, Grammy and Grampy, Auntie and Uncle, Nana plus way more than I could mention. This blog entry is becoming longer than an Oscar acceptance speech. I love them all and hope to share huge amounts of fun times in my next fabulous year. I heard there might be cake this weekend. I'll keep you posted!


  1. happy yappy birthday! What a year you had, especially the tornado, what is it with humans, running around all panicky. You are super smart. I likes your house too. Have a piece of cake for me this weekend. If I could I would be there in a flash.


  2. Wilma, Happy Birfday girlfriend! You don't looks a day over 3. We hopes your family spoils you rotten with treats and cuddles today.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Happy Birthday Wilma! You sure have had an interesting life so far and it's worth celebrating. Grammy and Grampy love you back and hope there will be cake!


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Beautiful Wilma!!! I hope you're enjoying your special day and that you'll be lavished with lots of treats ... such as you deserve. :)

    Really enjoyed your look back at this eventful year and wishing you a happy and healthy 9th year!!!


  5. Winston,
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes.I would love it if you could be here too. You've got me thinkin' maybe I could ask my mom to plan a virtual party hmmmm....

    Stella Gunther and Betty,
    Thank you for the compliment. I do try and take care of myself. But we women of a certain age do get a little sensitive about our age as the years pass.

    I will have my Mom and Dad call you to arrange for my party:-) yay!!!! cake!
    XXXXOOOO lick, lick, lick.

    Beautiful Auntie,
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I hope I get to see you real soon!

  6. Hi Wilma
    I am so sorry I missed your birthday.
    But here I am to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    I love all your sentimental feelings.
    You have such a deep heart.
    I am so happy that I got to know you and your family in bloggie land,
    And one more thing,,,,
    i think you are adorables

  7. Happy Birfday, Wilma! I sure hope there was cake involved!! :)

  8. Thanks so much Tweedles.You are very sweet to say those things. I too am very glad to know you.

    dw, thanks for stopping by to wish me a happy birthday.The cake will be tomorrow.I am asking my Mom to post a picture, then everyone can have a virtual slice!

  9. Hi Wilma! Thank you very much for the nice comments you left on my blog. Happy Birthday to you too! You're just 2 days older than me. BOL! I'm glad to get to meet you - welcome to the blogging world!


  10. Happy late b-day i am late as usuall.
    but like i say bettwer late than never.its now 11-27-11 oh well i finally got on the internet cause i finall invested anothe dollar to find out how
    my granddogs imean grandpugs are doiong and all their freinds.but i am sure you had a hapy day. wow time flies



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