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Sunday, March 28, 2010

He's Got the Look ~ inspired by Puglet, the Jimmy and Bellatrix

Hi there,Sluggo here...
So, I guess you could say it all started with that totally cool video Puglet posted of  him modeling. He's got this move called " The Jimmy" where he bows down and looks up at the camera looking all  kinds of cute. Turns out this move is named for this guy Jimmy in a book called " Nose Down, Eyes Up". This is one of those looks humans can't resist. It pretty much gets them to do whatever you want them to.
Cut to Wilma chatting it up on Bellatrixs' blog. Wilma references "The Jimmy" and Bellatrix asks me if I have any of these so called looks that make the humans like to give us cookies. I thinks to myself..self, have you any signature looks? Self says, not really, but you've definately got game.
So, I asked Wilma if she thought it would be stuck up of me to share some of these looks with our bloggy friends. She's like "No way man, shameless self promotion is what being a pug is all about. And she even offered me my very own post. She is the best!
Without further adieu... could you resist this mug?

my who me?

my aw shucks

my Hi there

my feed me

my wistful gaze

my I'm the man
Those are just a few, but I guess it's high time I commited to one that I could call my own. Do any of the above work for you guys? Let me know.
Later, Sluggo


  1. Hi Wilma!!!!

    We found you!!! Mommy and I didn't know you had a bloggy. These pictues are sooooo cute! Even Sluggo (hee hee). This is so much fun!

    Bark at you soon!

    Your new friend,

  2. Hi Elgin Pugs,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Though am very cute, I can't take credit for any of the pics in this post. They are all of my handsome man Sluggo.

  3. Sluggo, you definitely gots game! Those pictures are the best.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. Sluggo, I am gonna have to say the HI there........ is it! You look fab in all your photo shoots though. The feed me, that one is also pretty goods.


  5. Woo hoo I got your blog backs baby! OK so those pictures are super high on the pug-cute-ometer. I would rate them a 14 pug paws! I am also sending you a virtual cookie, because you deserve it all for that hard work.

  6. Yeah the feed me look is a total winner! Two paws up!

  7. Those photo shot snap shots do the trick for me!
    What adorables!
    We love every one of them, and we know everyone in the universe will agree with me.
    You got that posing down baby!

  8. Sluggo, buddy, nice tuh meet ya!

    Now this is gonna sound weird with me bein' a guy an' all, but you are ONE good-lookin' fella I tell ya what!

    Kinda reminds me o' ME when I wuz younger. Yep.

  9. Stella, Gunther & Betty,

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the compliment.


    Thanks man, they both work pretty good. Especially on the ladies!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you,

    tasty treats!

    Sequoia, & Petunia,

    Thanks for the vote.


    Aw shucks, your too kind. I think I'm blushing. Can pugs blush?

    Hey there Hank,

    No problem man, I'm secure in my manhood. I'll take the compliment and run with it! Thanks for coming by!

    From Sluggo

  10. Hiya Sluggo ~

    I think it's so cool you're working on your own signature Jimmy! Having a secret weapon like The Jimmy comes in handy sometimes. Like when you want someone to feed you six cookies instead of just one.

    I vote for your "Hi there" look because it made my human go AWwWw!!!!

  11. Nice work Sluggo - looks like you've got em wrapped arounf your paw!

  12. "feed me" and "wistful gaze" are winners for sure! Who could resist those pug mugs?!

  13. Can't pick one. They're all so cute! Who knew Sluggo Puggo had so many friends! You go guy.

  14. These pugs are SO sad. I just want to know why don;t you try to make 'em happy? they need love. care,affection. please give them that.please.
    P.S.: No offence.



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