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Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You Won't Do It for Me Mom, Let Pedigree Do It For the Shelter Dogs

So, we all know what a lame-o Mom has been when it comes to helping me update my blog, but I had to put the screws to her when I found out it was time again for Pedigrees Write a Post, Help a Dog Challenge. This is the third annual blog hop where Blog Paws has teamed up with Pedigree Dog Food to run this blog hop. You see, for every blogger who posts about the challenge, Pedigree donates a bag of food to a shelter rescue.

Pedigree has shown a real commitment to helping shelter dogs get adopted, and Mom can't argue with that. So even though she seems to want to spend time with jackasses like this...

instead of writing for me; I told her if she didn't post for this challenge, I would poop in her bed. And she knows I am not just making idle threats here.

I'll tell you more about the ass, and mine and Brigitte's weekend at Grammy and Grampy's another time. In the mean time, check out some of the other posts in the hop. Heck, perhaps you too could threaten to poop in the bed, and put up a quick post to help the shelter dogs. Why not?! It's a great cause! They will donate for up to 450 posts, and there are less than 100 as of this writing. You only have until midnight tonight, but c'mon, you cant let free kibble go uneaten! Especially if it is for a hungry shelter dog. Thanks Pedigree.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sunflower Club, Fire Hydrant Club Mixer ~ quick Saturday morning check in

This party is dedicated to Hanklin Strain. A wise, funny, unique, loyal good old boy, who we will forever miss, but never forget. So, let's raise one up for one of the good guys! Rest in peace buddy!
Please, feel free to share a favorite memory of Hank in the comment section. Remember, this is a celebration of his life!

Things are ramping up around here for our mixer. I woke up this morning with a fabulous idea!

So I grabbed Brigitte, and Sluggo and headed off to a sleazy
part of town where I heard the bus was parked.

Brigitte was the look out, I hot wired the thing, and Sluggo drove getaway! The perfect caper!
Now, we are on the road heading out to pick up all the party goers. We left the sluts behind!

Check back later, I have mom in the dark room developing photos as of this posting!
Well, it wasn't easy, but we managed not to get caught speeding while making our rounds picking up guests. Who knew Sluggo had such skills behind the wheel?! Then there was the radar detector!
Feel free to grab a brew and mingle with the crew. I really like having boys AND girls at our party. Everyone is getting along great!

Check out Pearl in her Daisy dukes up on the John Deer. She says she's going to be in a tractor pull later on!
Punchy's gang are all getting into the spirit!

Ok, well back to my hosting duties, check back soon!
Hi everybody! We are all having such a wonderful time reminiscing and drinking PBR's we are going to extend this party into the weekend!
Look what Winston sent!

He is going to a pug fest this weekend, but he sent us a whole truckload of sunflowers! Wasn't that just the sweetest. I have a feeling we will see him before the weekend ends.
Noodles is here, she brought an ice cream machine, so everybody eat up!

Sabrina is down from Canada, and she has some of that fancy imported beer. Welcome Sabrina!

Mia brought some fireworks for later on! Way to go girlfriend!

Mom has to go and pay respects to one of her humans, so she said she will help me catch up with some pictures later in the weekend. She'll be checking in on us. So please, everyone relax, make yourself at home and enjoy!

Good morning everybody! I'm just checking in quickly this morning to share a photo of our fireworks display, courtesy of Mia. She really outdid herself with these pyrotechnics, let me tell you. Well, how 'bout I just show you?

Everyone was in awe, as we watched the most magical show. It was so bright, I'm sure they could see it from the Rainbow Bridge.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am a Work of Art, plus a Sunflower Club & Fire Hydrant Boys Mixer Update

So yes, I am indeed a work of art however, judging from the way I acted the other night, some might just call me a piece of work! Allow me to explain. You see, my most favorite Auntie Diva was in town visiting this past weekend, and we all had a cookout at Grammy and Grampy's.

It had been a while since we had seen her and Uncle Diva, and she had a special surprise to commemorate my 10th anniversary of marrying Mom and Dad.. Auntie has painted a most stunning portrait of me!

Isn't it amazing?! Mom and Dad are just so touched. They love the picture so much, and say that it is the best gift ever!

Here I am relaxing in front of the fireplace with my likeness. Not only was the picture a big hit at Grammy and Grampy's, but I also got to hear about what a celebrity I am in the big city! All of the artists in Aunties painting class were growing so fond of me as I developed onto the canvas, that in fact, they were sad to see me go. Everyone said goodbye as I was placed into Aunties bag.

So with all this love and admiration going around, one is left to wonder why I acted as I did. As we were leaving, Mom picked me up to give kisses goodbye, and I totally dissed my Auntie! I held her at bay with my paw, and turned my cheek. Even after several attempts, they didn't get the message, so I had to use both paws!

Here's the deal, even I don't know why I acted in such a manner. All I can say, is that I am me. I just do what I do. I did not want to leave ( I never want to leave Grammy and Grampy's), and they were making me. So I got pissed. No kisses for anyone. Period!

But allow me to be perfectly clear, I love my Auntie, and I love the painting. I cannot wait until Grampy frames it so that I can have it hanging right here in my house. Thank you Auntie!

Ok, so I have some additional information about our Sunflower, Fire Hydrant Mixer. As many of you know, we have lost a very special friend to the Rainbow Bridge. That good ole boy Hanklin Strain from I'll Tell Ya What moved on to the big ole barstool on the sky last week.

We have all been so sad to hear of this news, and I've been trying to think of the best way to pay tribute to our pal. As I sat with Mom, and we shed some tears for Hank, all of a sudden, as clear as a bell, I heard his voice. He was saying " aw hail, quit bein' such a bunch a sissies! Now stop yer cryin' and think about how I would like to be remembered." Then it came to me, as clear as day. Our Sunflower Club, Fire Hydrant Club mixer needs to be a celebration of our friend Hank!

So let's get together this Friday, and float a keg of PBR. We can dance, and sing and tell stories of our favorite things about Hank! Dress will be nuthin' fancy, just the way he would like it. Hell, maybe us Sunflower Sisters could sport a pair or two of daisy dukes! We'll have cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and a whole lot of fun! I can't think of a better way to honor a fella who was a friend to all of us, girls, and boys.

Wilma, Family, friends, Sunflower Club, Fire Hydrant Club

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Plan is Working

Well, it seems worrying about unknown logs, and withholding of pug snuggles has put the fear into Mom. Fear and a little guilt, I suppose. Hey, whatever it takes to get more than 2 posts a month outta this chick.

Thanks everyone for the support of my cause. I really do have nothing but love for those pug sluts, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, to get what she wants! The sluts should understand that! *wink* *wink*.

Mostly this is just a quick update from the iPad. Next step, getting Mom into the basement on the PC to create a nice badge for our Sunflower Fire Hydrant Mixer. She promises as soon as she gets some groceries and laundry taken care of. Then, she says, she'll be all mine.

We are looking towards the end of next week for the mixer, so be sure and send along any ideas for activities. You can also send pictures to be included in the festivities! This will be a lot of fun girls! I promised Winston no funny business, so we'll have to be good! I still feel kinda bad after what happened to the Fire Hydrant Fortress after last years Halloween Party

So start shopping for your party dresses girls, and let the party planning begin!

We got to go on a short trip to Toby's Pond here in town over the weekend. Here are some pictures Mom took before it got too hot and we had to go home.

Me, enjoying the view.

Brigitte, enjoying the ride.

Sluggo, trying to pee on everything.

Mom's view.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I'll be back soon, as long as Mom knows what's good for her!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How the Pug Sluts Are Ruining My Blog

Hi everybody! I am writing today to out my Mom! She is a slut! A Pug Slut that is. You see, there is a group on Facebook she belongs to, and they call themselves Pug Sluts. Many of your Mom's and Dad's might be members too. This group was created, so they say, as a means for all the blogging buddies to keep in touch, and keep it real!
Well, I don't know about you guys, but my Mom has been keeping it a little too real. She's always chatting it up with all those other sluts. You know who you are sluts!  She's always sharing laughs, talking about us, offering support.

uh, hellooooo, remember me?!!!

Everyone talks about this pug blogging community, and how great they are. Which is true. They talk about how they have all become such good friends through the blogs, and how it is all thanks to their deep commitment and profound love of pugs.

Well, these sluts seem to have forgotten about something that is most important.

Thanks for the pathetic look Sluggo, it will most assuredly come in handy

US PUGS!!!!!!

Sure, they talk all about us, and post silly pictures. Sure, Mom keeps me up to date on the comings and goings of many of my friends. But what about me?!!!! What about my voice?!
Mom claims it takes more time to help me with my blog. She drones on about work, and chores and blah, blah, blah....

I'm here to tell you something. If it weren't for us pugs, there could be no pug sluts. The time has come to put down my paw! I am not going to sit for this anymore! (that is of course unless there are treats involved. I'll do just about anything for treats. In fact if they aren't dispensed promptly enough, I have been known to go from sit to down without even being told.)But I digress. I encourage those of you who have suffered the same injustice that I have, and I know you are out there, to join me in protest against our humans. I call for a no holds barred all out revolt. I mean, I've got parties to plan, I have my ecollege award to post, among countless other things to share.

These sluts have got to be put in their places!!! Behind the keyboards blogging for US!!!!

I will be exacting my plan, but I hope to gain some support in my quest to take back the computer!
Don't make me name names all you pug sluts out there. Do the right thing!


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