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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Aftermath

Calling all Sunflower Sisters.....send help.

We seem to have gotten ourselves into a little pickle. 
We are plastered all over the national news channels and we have taken cover. We will be off the grid, but need your help to stay underground until the heat is off.

This just in. An overnight fire destroyed the vacant clubhouse of the renowned Fire Hydrant Club....It seems their rival gang, led by the notorious P.U.G. Wilma and her gang of furry fiends were caught on security cams last night at the site. they appear to have been deploying a flaming doot bag.
We now join our reporter in the field, Hairy Scoop, for a reaction from the founder of the Fire Hydrant boys Winston Wilbur.

" I knew those Sunflower Sisters were up to something. I have sources with in the club who gave me a heads up. It is a good thing we moved our headquarters, those girls are not to be trusted"


  1. Naaaahhh....don't worry about it. Everyone KNOWS that those were IMPOSTERS that planted those firey doots....what Pug would willingly go anywhere with a COSTUME on for crap's sake???

    It's all a set up!


  2. I don't recognize anyone in that new photo. I agree with Sal and Lola... Now to find these "sources" that may be rats in the club!!

  3. Well, I absolutely cannot believe we are being framed in this way! Everyone knows we love those fire hydrant boys!!!

    ~~spy filers activate~~
    Girls, that was awesome.

  4. Uh oh, is all I can say!

    Minnie and not Mack

  5. Well, all I can say is that ain't nothin' compared tuh prancin' around yer yard in a DRESS!

    Yep, I'm still pissed.

    PEE S: You gals keep careful!

  6. OMP OMP OMP OMP, Sluggo! Winston heres. OMP I knew something was ups when my feline sisfurs were acting all weirds and secretive. Well I did say we moved the clubhouse on the news, this was to fool the sunflower hags in to believing thats they didn't actually succeed, truth is that the clubhouse never gots moved.

    Thanks to mum and her stupid web development course I haven't had the chance to relocates the clubhouse. I am heading out theres now to survey the damage. The insurance company is not gonna be happys!

    Now I must says that I gots super excited on Friday when a box arrived for moi with notice on the envelope inside "no sunflower sisters" Mum helped me opens this box and boy oh boy was I a happy boy. Thank yous. I will be posting about it very soon (as soon as mum finishes up this next home work project she has due for this Saturday). Looks like I will have to post abouts the fire damage first though. The boys are gonna needs to know what is going ons.

    Rear leg lift high five......

    Winston Wilbur

  7. Oh Wilma! I just knew I'd miss all the fun!

    I think we should send the reporters to Indy because the story of Hank wearing a dress is much more news worthy!


  8. Hola Chicas!!!
    Those are imposters!!! How dare use our name in that Horrific fire!!!
    We love our Fire Hydrant Brothers!!!
    Spongy & Licky!!!
    Patrick say Rear leg lift high five......Hahahha Love it Winston!!!

    ~~spy filers activate~~
    Sunflowers Sister ROCK!!!
    Wilma Bad Girl!!! You are the Best!!!

  9. Ah crap. We had hopes of political office one day!

  10. Us girls are being "set up" and there is no way we are going to take this from anyone!
    Payton is right, I do not recognize not one pug in those photos.
    Its time to rebel!

  11. The Sunflower Girls are an upstanding organization dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place to live!!! How dare anyone smear the name of such of a wonderful group of girls!!!

    We'll fight this slander to the very end!!!!



  12. those pics are hilarious! so well done!

  13. o.k. which one of you did it? you see thats the nana in me wondering always who did it.

  14. no worries sunflower girls!

    this is actually very cool!

    we will rebuild! :)

    now we can have the clubhouse we always wanted!
    an architect, builder and interior decorator have all been hired.

    they are expert pugs in their field and will work for mini meatloaves.

    i am baking them as we speak. :)

    i have ingerited a very special recipe so you can only imagine the mansion we are building.

    archie barchie

  15. Owww I think you girls were framed! It's like a Puggy soap opera, I'm gripped! What's going to happen next? Dun, dun, dun... love and Phugs Frank x x x x x



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