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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ugh, Technology, You Can't Live Without It, You Can't Kill It

Hi friends! First of all, I must thank you all for your kind words yesterday regarding my "Best of the Web" post. You made me feel like a queen. Of course, I always feel like a queen, but still, it felt very nice;)

Now, on to the business at hand. I am having serious technical difficulties, and it's driving me nuts! I think I mentioned that after Dad upgraded the iPad to OS 5.0, Blogpress keeps crashing. This is merely an inconvenience, because it doesn't allow Mom to help me post from the couch, with me on her lap. Nevertheless, a pain.
Now there is a problem with the PC. It isn't recognizing the camera or iPhone when we try and upload pictures and such. This, is a major problem! I mean, how the heck am I supposed to share current media with you? Grrrrr.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon. It won't stop me from posting, but it just sucks emailing pictures from the phone to the PC to post. Although, we are having some fun with our Instagram app!

Here's one of me and Britte...

Oh, OK Sluggo, I know, we haven't posted about you in a while. I'll find a picture of you too.


  1. Hi Wilma! I'm glad that we all made you feel like a queen, you look super cute in your crown in the photo very royal and I should know I come from the U.K (Wales) we have our own Royal Family who used to own Pugs before those Corgis took over! I'm sure you may be a decendent from royalty because you wear your crown with such grace and look soooo good!!
    I hate technology you are right, you can live with it and cant live without it! Its good when its going and when it goes bad urggggg! Love anf Phugs Frank xxxxxx

  2. so sorry i cannot heip you pugs cause nana knows less about this technoligy. But i must say i do enjoy your pictures. And yes wilma you are the queen. But i must say sluggo is looking so great. I have to say i met someone the other day and she said her husbands name is sluggo. Now thst is something

  3. It's hard enough to get our "thumbs" to do their job and help out with regular posts, but add computer issues on top of that and sheesh! You might as well give up! Hope it all works out soon, Queen Wilma.

  4. Wilma, we agree 100%. We hear hu-mom say those HBO words directed at her computer sometimes...
    Now Nikon is not working properly and she has to use her Droid for pictures. It's always something.
    BTW, you look fabulous in your crown, dawllling.
    We love Britte's ears in her photo and Sluggo looks manly in his hounds tooth harness!

    We hope technology gets well at your house!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Oh my, you better post a Help Wanted sign for a new assistant
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh no we sympathize, our camera is broken and its driving us nuts

  7. Hi Wilma,
    Your crown picture is adorable! Mom has ipad,iphone issues too, we can't watch the pug videos my friends post on blogger. Grrr is right.


  8. Blogger and I were never good friends :(

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Gosh
    We know how frustrations can make us feel like screaming,,, RIGHT?
    We are glad to hear from you- so no worries

  10. Wilma you are a Queen and much prettier than Queen Elizabeth! We are so lucky here. My Boy is a computer geek and he can fix anything that goes wrong with ours. Blogger has never been one of Mom's best friends either, they clash.



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