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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Enough Already With the Rain

What's that Mom?

You want me to go out there?
In the rain.
                                                                    To do my business?
                                                                            I guess.
                                                                    What's in it for me?

                                                        Now I would like a towel off .

                                                  Then I'll play tug-o-towel with Brigitte

                                                           Now that I'm dried off

                                              How about you open this door for me

                                                          So that I can get my lambie...

                                                                and we can play...


                                                       Faster than the speed of Britte

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake....or not

 As promised, there was cake. Lovely, isn't it?  Does anyone notice a problem?  Anything unusual?   Something wrong? It's chocolate!!!  Dogs can't eat chocolate. This was it, nothing else. No special doggie cake from the doggie bakery. No little gift bags with fancy cookies inside. Not even a liitle ham or turkey on the DL  from Uncle Jimmy. Noooooo....   

They say it has something to do with this.
Note my party dress. Yeah, that's right, I'm only half dressed. It didn't fit. Apparently, I've put on a couple pounds over the winter. I'm not proud of it, but it happens. That means no cake for my own Birthday?  My people are no light weights, they could stand to shave off more than a couple of pounds. Nobody deprived them of cake. Nobody stopped them from eating little chocolate eggs.
I thought this was MY birthday.
I'm not really sure what to do about it, but I'll figure it out.
Besides that, I had a wonderful time visiting with the rest of the family.

Can you believe that? Ninety years between us and we're totally in sync We love Gramma Mary.She totally gets us.

Sluggo jumped right up to visit. He's all about the people. He doesn't even care about the cake issue. Whatever, he's one of those skinny pugs, that can eat anything and not gain weight.

  I say, let out the dress, and let me enjoy some cake. Take me for an extra walk, you could use it Mom and Dad!

This is what we saw on the way home.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

He's Got the Look ~ inspired by Puglet, the Jimmy and Bellatrix

Hi there,Sluggo here...
So, I guess you could say it all started with that totally cool video Puglet posted of  him modeling. He's got this move called " The Jimmy" where he bows down and looks up at the camera looking all  kinds of cute. Turns out this move is named for this guy Jimmy in a book called " Nose Down, Eyes Up". This is one of those looks humans can't resist. It pretty much gets them to do whatever you want them to.
Cut to Wilma chatting it up on Bellatrixs' blog. Wilma references "The Jimmy" and Bellatrix asks me if I have any of these so called looks that make the humans like to give us cookies. I thinks to myself..self, have you any signature looks? Self says, not really, but you've definately got game.
So, I asked Wilma if she thought it would be stuck up of me to share some of these looks with our bloggy friends. She's like "No way man, shameless self promotion is what being a pug is all about. And she even offered me my very own post. She is the best!
Without further adieu... could you resist this mug?

my who me?

my aw shucks

my Hi there

my feed me

my wistful gaze

my I'm the man
Those are just a few, but I guess it's high time I commited to one that I could call my own. Do any of the above work for you guys? Let me know.
Later, Sluggo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrate Me

Hi everyone,
It's my birthday. I turn 9 years old today. I thought I wanted to come on and talk about how great it is to be me (cuz it is). But I'm feeling a little sentimental.

 You won't get this often folks,so enjoy. I would like to take a minute to reflect on some of the things and people that make my life so wonderful. Mostly I'll look back upon this  past year. A lot has happened in my 8th year and for the most part, it's all been good. Mom wishes she had some older pictures of me on this computer to share with you, but she promised to work on that. In the mean time I will share some of my finer work from this year.
I got a new house this year, which was a pretty big deal, cuz  I only ever lived in my last house. It's a little smaller than my old house, but I really like it alot. It's much more peaceful here and Mom and Dad love it, so that makes everyone happy.

I went to alot of meetups where I hung out with other likeminded pugs and their people.Those are always a blast. I've been going for years.

Unfortunately, there was no park road parade to march in this year. Weather prohibited it. It's in  October, right after Halloween so we pugs all dress up. Here's a shot from 2008 .We were the 3 little pigs.

Hopefully we can do it again this year. As long as Mom doesn't dress us in pink. Sluggo was not down with that. You may be able to tell by the picture.

I survived a tornado that came tearing through my back yard.That was pretty scary. Oddly enough, I was the only one that was doing what your supposed to do during a tornado. I hid under a chair. Everyone else was all confused and panicky.

                                                     ( used to be a fence there)
I got to start this blog this year, and I must say, it's really been a highlight. I've already met a whole bunch of really cool pugs and people. I've come to care quite a bit for all of them and it's been a lot of fun!

Most importantly though, I really do have the best family. I don't tell them often, but Brigitte and Sluggo are the best brother and sister anyone could hope for. They are so special and unique. I think we compliment one another quite well.

Of course there's Mom and Dad, Grammy and Grampy, Auntie and Uncle, Nana plus way more than I could mention. This blog entry is becoming longer than an Oscar acceptance speech. I love them all and hope to share huge amounts of fun times in my next fabulous year. I heard there might be cake this weekend. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Word Verification Message

So, I'm checkin' in on my peeps, and decided to bark back to one of them, and what do I see before I can send my thoughts? This message. Up licking. That's so me. I love likin, up down or otherwise. Any of you ever get any of these strange messages?

Monday, March 22, 2010

How much is one pug supposed to take?

It all started on Friday, Brigitte and the Mom left together, alone, without me or Sluggo. When they got home, they smelled like my beloved Dr. EricsonWhite Memorial Conservation Center and my favorite pet store Litchfield Pet Supply. Did they think I wouldn't know? Did they care? I'm not so sure. Mom even took pictures, so clearly she wasn't trying to hide anything.

Mom tried to explain that Brigitte only recently started accupuncture so she needs to get treated more frequently than I do. 
She also said she was picking up our Omega 3 Plus oil that makes our coats so  soft and helps us stay healthy.
Then she said she needed to let Brigitte do her business so they stopped at the park.
I ask you my friends, what part of these lame excuses justifies not taking ME with her?
None of them!
To make matters worse, when she came in from the mailbox she was all excited about this...

 Another pug!!
And she plans on taking him around to visit special places!!
Is this woman mad?!!
I almost had a full on melt down, then she explained that this was Flat Puglet. He's is a guest on a mission to spread the word about recycled dogs. Now, I'm no recycled dog, I'm all pedigreed with champion lines. But I fully support animal rescue. Brigitte is recycled, and Sluggo's mom was recycled when he was in her belly. So I'm cool with this new guy hanging around for a few days. ( You will learn about his adventures soon at Flat Puglets website)
Don't think that this gets the Mom off the hook. Oh no, I will exact my revenge. In fact, I started this weekend. She was trying to build a rock wall for some new garden and I pliunked right down where she was trying to work. Halted production, and I wouldn't budge.
It's not over though. Sometime soon, when the time is right, and she least expects it...
Vengeance will be mine!
Until then friends, I hope she's sleeping with one eye open.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mornin' After

From the looks of it, some of you out there may have enjoyed a little too much o' the Irish last night. I want you to know you're not the only ones feelin' a little green in the gils this morning. Father and son, the party boys, did a little bonding themselves last night.Out to the pub for some drinks with the boys.This is what we woke up to today.

Between the corned beef and cabbage and green beer Mom and us girls had to clear out of the fog early this morning. Looks like it's tea and toast today. The only hair of the dog anyone will be enjoying will be pug hair stuck to their trousers. I guess every young man must endure the rights of passage. Me and Britte, we're a couple of teetotalers. We did all of our carousing back in the wild days of our youth. *  Posted by Picasa

*Names and faces may have been changed to protect the innocent. The part about the fog, that's no blarney ;-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brigitte is a Rocker

She always has been. Whenever Dad has band practice, she's always right there, chillin', just like a groupie. Me, I prefer the softer stylings of say, coffee house tunes sung by singer songwriters or, even Biggie Smalls, when I'm in the mood.In fact, I run a Jazz Club down in the basement. A little underground place for the true beatnick. But when Dad's friends come over and start hauling in those loud boxes and round things they like to bang on, I get right outta  the way. As far out as I can get. Even though I don't recall booking them, I let them stay for the sake of the music.

Sluggo will hang for a while, like in this shot from our old house-

 But eventually his true square tendencies come out and he joins me in a nice warm quiet out of the way berth.

Brigitte has a softer side too. Recently, Dad has taken to coming home from work and strumming a few tunes on his acoustic. Brigitte loves to get right up next to him and enjoy the dulcet melodies. Now, if he dooesn't get right down to business when he gets home, Brigitte will hop onto the couch and nervously fidget until he sits down and strums her a tune. It would all be quite endearing if it weren't for the fact that this whole charade holds up my dinna.

                                                                 Rock on!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend

It all started Saturday morning at our meetup. It was at an outdoor venue, which was cool. Number one because it was so beautiful out,  and number two, because Sluggo could run around without freaking out about the slippery surface of the floor indoors.

Murphy and Sluggo were checking out a new small human.
Brigitte was lovin' life!

While Murphy guarded the donation jug. Our meetup saved a puggle from the shelter and got them taken care of at the vet. Now they have a new life at their forever home. We are very happy about that! There's Dad in the background.

Today we went to Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury. It's in the same town that chick in the stupid Idol show Mom and Dad are still watching, even though it totally jumped the shark, lives.

Nevertheless we had a really great time.

That handsome Sluggo enjoyed the scenery.

I even managed to steal Brigittes' seat for a short ride.

Here's Sluggo enjoying some time in the pavillion. None of us understood why Mom and Dad didn't bring any meat for the grill.Hope you all had a great weekend too!!
'Till next time, Wilma


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