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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Friends and Family

So, Mom was telling me that things on the blog have been heavily slanted towards me lately, and she thought it might be nice to share some photos of some of the other important auxiliary cast members in the movie that is my life. I replied, " Mom, the blog is called Wilma the Pug after all, of course it should be all about me."  Then she reminded me how important sharing is, and that without these folks, Wilmas' world would be quite lonely. So, I consented. Without further adieu, some of the members of my crew, that make me so awesome.
                                          This is Dylan and I. Dylan is a Brug (part Brussels Griffon and part Pug). I am      quite fond of him, and I like to flirt with him when he visits.

That's Sluggo's friend Oscar, he's a Silky Terrier. Him and Sluggo like to hang out. Brigitte's not a huge fan. She get's nervous when they start running around crazy. Here you can see she's shooting Oscar a glance letting him know that she's had enough.

Here we have our old neighbors Olivia and Marc. They have a younger brother Xavier too. He was just a baby when these pictures were taken so he wasn't playing. We miss these guys alot. We used to watch them out the window , and when we went out back, alot of the time they were playing, and we would get to visit.

The top picture is Murphy the Pug(of blogging fame) He and I go way back. We marched together in the Park Rd parade back when we were both "only pugs". Now he's got Duke (The Duke of Whirl) as a bro, and you know who I've got. Murphy's Mom Samantha was Sluggo's foster mom before he came to live with us. Mom and Dad have been known to say that Sluggo graduated from the Murphy the Pug school of being a dick. He may have picked up a few unsavory traits, like lifting his leg to pee. But they don't understand how difficult it is to give up the undivided attention of your parents.

Here we have Jayde. Her Dad Ed is the one who came up with Sluggos name. Him and Dad have been friends since the were little and Sluggo was one of Dad's nick names.

This is Cristina, another old friend. She used to run our pug meet up before Samantha took over. Brigitte had a special fondness for her as you can see.SluggoMe and SluggoBrigitte
These last few shots are of my immediate pug family.  I guess I really can't imagine my life without them, they are pretty awesome after all.

I hope you've enjoyed this gallery of friends, there will be more to follow in  future posts, as my circle is very large.

Bon jour, Wilma

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wils Eyes

In addition to inviting you for a peek inside my world, I also want to this blog to provide the reader some enlightenment involving some of the traits of the magnificent breed known as the pug. So now and again I will share with you my personal experiences with such quirks. Today we'll talk about eyes.
You see the pug loves pigment. We like to deposit little bits of it in random places on our bodies. I have a virtual constellation of little brown " beauty marks" all over my belly. Another place I have a collection is over my corneas. Not a place I would have chosen, but I had to learn a while back that, believe it or not, there are some things that are out of my control. My Mom and Dad do all they can to take care of  this issue, because this pigment can cause big problems with my vision.  I see a veterinary opthamologist who has Mom apply a couple of different drops in my eyes every day to help slow down this process. I don't mind the drops cuz after she's done I get treats. I also had an eye lift a few years back. A diva's gotta do what a diva's gotta do for the sake of vanity. ( At least thats how Mom described it to get me to go along. The doctor was describing some kind of inverted eyelid causing irritation that in turn causes the pigment to deposit ) All I know is that  it got the parents to spend more money on me, and thats what I'm all about. We'll save those details of that axiom for another post though.
So yesterday was my 6 month check up. Mom and I went down to Norwalk for the appointment. We went shopping, got coffee, and met lots of  fans. (I prefer to sniff around Fairfield County than the Valley, but if we lived there, Mom and Dad wouldn't have as much dough to spend on me. So I compromise) It was good news in that my eyes haven't gotten any worse. The doctor began talking about injections into my eye that may or may not help. We beat feet it outta there when she started on that tip. Mom called Dad when we were done and she told him my behavior was the worst it's ever been. I'm proud to say, mission accomplished! I don't like it when they start poking around and shining lights in my eyes, and I made sure to let them know. Don't get me wrong, my eye doctor is the best in the state, but I much prefer my beloved veterinary accupuncturist to her. I'll be visiting her next month, when I'll tell you all about her.
For those of you who would like more information on my condition I am providing a link for you to look into all the details.Pug Dog Club of America Personally it bores me and it's time to harass Mom for a walk.
Toodles for now,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wilma Don't Fetch

This will come as no surprise to most of you. Why would I, such a magnifcent beast, participate in such degrading canine pursuits? Clearly I would not, I have staff for that.
Now readers, although I don't fetch, desperate times call for desperate measures. Last night was one of those times. You see Mom and Dad were watching that hideous talent show American Idol. The only part of that rubbish I have any respect for is Simon ( We have a lot in common after all). Now that he's announced his departure, I had to pull those two away, before they were sucked into the vortex. How did I do it you ask. I had to dig deep into my reserve of artifice. Feeling rather fiesty, I decided it was time for a game of fetch. Fear not my friends. This is how I do it. I choose a lambie (that's what we call toys around here), and proceed to drop it off the edge of the couch. I then proceed to bark at it until one of THEM fetches it FOR ME. So much more fun and amusing to me, it's incredible how long they are occupied by this folly. I like to mix it up by throwing in a few other moves as well. Another thing I like to do is to sit at the end of the couch, bed, where ever and just start staring. I stare and stare making crazier and more posessed faces,

and then when they least expect it...I run at them. Straight up their bodies into their faces. I had not engaged in these pursuits for quite some time, so it was a perfect distraction from that drivel on TV. I also forgot how enjoyable it can be. I went on for a good hour, after which time, I was exhausted, it was time for a drink and a nap. Good times my friends, good times.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Afternoon at Grandma Marys

As promised Mom and Dad took us to visit Grandma Mary on Sunday. It was a great visit. We usually do a whole run aroiund like crazy pugs number for at least the first five minutes. On Sunday, we settled right in and got to work.You see I had devised a plan with Brigitte and Sluggo ahead of time that we be especially good this day. It worked like a charm. I had Sluggo and Brigitte visit with Grandma first. I made sure to let them know to be really cute and affectionate. They're very good at that. My focus was to skulk around stalking Uncle Jimmy for treats. I went by to see Grandma, but had I gotten too cozy, they would've been on to us. That's simply too out of character for me. Grandma Mary looked great! It's hard to believe she's almost 15 in dog years. My Grammy and Grampy were there too, as well as Auntie Lynn, Uncle George and my mark, Uncle Jimmy. Sluggo started out on Grammas lap, he gave her lots of kisses. She really liked that.
While Sluggo was pouring on the charm, Brigitte was making her rounds, visiting with everyone. She even sidled up to Uncle George on the couch. Then she got really gentle and went over to settle in with Gramma for the rest of the visit. I gotta hand it to her,she was really sweet.
In the mean time, I was still working Uncle Jimmy. I got nervous for a minute that my plan may fail. He went into the room where they hide the cat food when we come over. ( They don't think I know where it goes, but my sense of smell is paramount) The door was closed and he wasn't coming back. So I waited...and waited...then finally the rewardSo overall, my plan went off without a hitch, and the people seemed to really have a nice day too. Bonus.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Saturday of Socializing

Good Day Everyone,
It sure is cold out here in the valley. That's why Mom put our winter jackets on us yesterday before we went out galavanting. My social calander was pretty full, that's what happens when you have such a loyal following. We started out going to this party they throw for me every month or so. They call it a pug meetup, I call it Wilma holds court. Pretty much what happens is that pugs and their people from all over the land come together, to mix, mingle and gaze upon me. We had a group of about 40 pugs and their people. Sluggos foster mom Samantha organizes it for me. Her pug Murphy and I go way back. We met at a parade I marched in back in '03. I really appreciate all the effort Sam puts into getting my people together for me. The group collects monies and they are donated to Curly Tail Pug Rescue (thats where Sluggo came from). I feel good about that. Mom took some pictures at the meetup, but as you can imagine, it's pretty hard to capture a good shot of so many crazy furballs running around. So they are a little blurry.There's Briggite taking cover under a chair. She gets overwhelmed at all the commotion sometimes. She prefers the people to their pugs and likes to go around to her favorite folks for a visit. One of her all time favorites was there yesterday and she gave her like a million kisses. Which really ticked off the Mom and Dad.Cuz if I hadn't mentioned, Brigitte is the stingiest when it comes to giving kisses. It's a whole big thing. When Mom or Dad try and get one she'll turn her head and issue the cheek, or give a fake air kiss. She gives more to Mom than Dad, but not like this, she was practically slobbering all over Emmet's Moms face.
Now there isn't any decent pictures of Sluggo at the meetup because he was to busy clinging to Mom the whole time.What can I say?  Sluggo has issues. One of those is that he only likes to walk on particular surfaces. Cold shiny slippery cement is not one of them. He'll venture off for some mingling, but for very short stints. He's like Brigitte, he prefers a lap. So if he can manage to get a few feet away, he'll leap into another guests lap. People love him, he's very charming. I find it a little wimpy, that's why I only string him along without making a real commitment. I need a manly pug to help rule my kingdom.
Next, we went to Grammy and Grampys house. I always love going there, I get lots and lots of affection and they even have special beds for me there. Mom and Dad had lunch. All we got was some water. That kinda made me mad, but then Mom and Dad took Sluggo to visit his friend Oscar the silky terrier and his new baby bro Max the golden retriever. Brigitte and I stayed behind and chilled out with the Grandparents. We really appreciated that.  From there we came home and relaxed for the evening. We needed to rest up for today, when we're going to my Great Grammys house. I can't wait, cuz Uncle Jimmy always gives us a whole plate of ham or turkey. I love Uncle Jimmy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Brigitte P

I couldn't let another day pass without letting the spotlight shine on my good friend Brigitte. Clearly, it's been established that I am number one But Brigitte is a star in her own right. So I won't mince any  words sharing her persona with you. Brigitte, Britte, Brigitte P ( Pug, Poop, etc... depends on the circumstances) Breeetletons McGee. These are just a few of the names I hear Mom and Dad call her. Any way you slice it though, Brigitte possesses a multifaceted personality. It's hard not to see her deep, wistful, loyal, loving, thoughtful and caring soul when looking into her eyes. She wants nothing more than to make Mom and Dad happy. I think this stems from the fact that we are Brigittes' third and forever family. She really was always meant to be here, it just took a while for that to happen.She came along when I was about two. She was three at the time. Prior to that she had been with her breeder for a year before going to live in the suberbs. Her first real mom gave her to us because she and her family didn't have enough time to give to Britte. I also don't think they quite understood her. It took us a while too, she's pretty complex. Nevertheless, the rest is history as they say and we embrace her for the free spirt that she is. Brigitte is a little different from other pugs in her appearance. Her color is darker, but she isn't an apricot. Her hair is coarser with a little wave down her back. Her snout is a little longer than a typical pug. She has a shrill loud bark and excitable personality. And her ears don't sit like rosebuds, like mine do. It's hard to believe it took Mom and Dad so long to figure out that she is part Mexican. That's right, Brigitte is a Chug. She is part Chihuahua . I knew all along naturally, due to my champion pedigree lines. But I let Mom and Dad struggle for several years until a chug ,with all the same characteristics as Brigitte, joined our meet up group. You can really see her Chihuahua ears when she is sitting and waiting for her meals.

So now you know a little more about my girl Brigitte. There is far more to her than can be described in one post, but hopefully you can get the gist of who she is for now.
Adios amigos, Wilma

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppy Love

Hello to all,
Lest anyone get the wrong idea about me, I'd like to clarify something straight out of the gate. I do in fact posess the ability to show affection to those I love. I  choose to dole it out selectively and sparingly as to retain it's eminence. It is most  important  to be aware of the fact, that above all else, I love myself the most. After that I have quite a number of special mortals and beasts whom I fancy. In no particular order I'd like to start with a certain young pug that lives in my kingdom (should be queendome you know). He goes by the moniker Sluggo. I gave hime a mention in my first post and you will surely hear more about him as you get to know me. Sluggo came to my house almost three years ago. At first, it wasn't easy. Brigitte and I had things worked out pretty well for ourselves. Two humans, two laps, Two humans, one to walk each of us. Our routine was pretty tight. Heck we were even able to spend time at our Grammy and Grampys house when Mom and Dad went out to get us surprises. The new guy tipped the scales. On the one hand, we beasts now out numbered them. This was good. But this young pug was a real scene stealer. He required so much attention, both from us and the parents, especially Mom (that hasn't changed much). And the energy, this guy was high powered. Brigitte was most miffed. She tolerated this ball of fur, but only for short periods of time. She then would issue a corrective snap. Thats how she rolls.She really didn't understand the need for someone else to share the spotlight with. I of course recognized this as an opportunity to gain yet another admirer. Natrually, even as a puppy, he recognized my allure. So we hung pretty tight. Everyone knows there's nothing like a warm fuzzy puppy. Our relationship over the years has really developed into something special. It's symbiotic. Farewell for now, and I hope you enjoy some of the special moments my Mom has captured.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creature Comforts

Hi all, Those of you who know me know that I have perfected the art of relaxation. Where ever I go I will locate and take over the softest, most comfortable and cozy place to display myself. Here at home, during these cold months, that location is in front of my fire. I had Mom and Dad get a fireplace insert for my new house pretty much as soon as we got here. At my old house we had a fireplace, but the heat was unpredictable and very dry. In fact they were so over the fireplace, I didn't even get one for the last year we lived there. So getting this thing was a priorty for this winter. I hear Mom and Dad talk about energy savings and relying less on oil, but lets face it, this fireplace insert is all about me. My favorite time of day for the fire is first thing in the morning. That's when my Dad gets up and ready for work. He will fire up the stove so when Mom and the others come down they are warm. This is my special alone time with Dad and the fire. It's nice and toasty, plus I don't have to share with those other two, who prefer to lay all nuzzeled in with Mom. Whatever, more for me.
You'll see in the picture (that's me on the right) I am not that close to the fire. Well there wasn't any place soft enough on the floor. Notice I have elevated myself even higher by sitting on the silk pillow, I am an artiste'.
I'll wrap things up for now, as I have to send Mom to tend to the fire. Stay warm everyone and ..keep the fire.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Brief Introduction

Hi, as you see in my profile I am Wilma. I had my Mom create this blog for me tonight, and I told her we should at least make our first post. There will be plenty of time to get to know me in future posts, because I live a very luxurious and exciting life. I thought it would be interesting to note that today for the first time, I heard my Dad telling my Mom that I never cry for anything. You see Brigitte, she needs some help getting around sometimes and she has a need to be at my Moms feet constantly. So if she needs a lift down off the couch, or my Mommy is in the basement, cleaning my laundry, she cries. Then there's the baby, Sluggo. He's always whining about something. To be let into a room containing his lambie (toy) of the moment, to have a stray kibble that's out of his reach retrieved. I don't whine, cry or beg. I don't need to. I demand!! If there's something I want, I will simply command it. I have several different voices I use to get their attention depending on what it is that I want. As it says in my profile, I also use my mind to control my parents. I trained them a long time ago, and simply by staring into their eyes, I convey what I want and they are compelled to provide me with it. It's so much more dignified than begging. I just find it so amusing that they weren't even conscious of it until now. I'm just that good. But you'll see.


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