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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppy Love

Hello to all,
Lest anyone get the wrong idea about me, I'd like to clarify something straight out of the gate. I do in fact posess the ability to show affection to those I love. I  choose to dole it out selectively and sparingly as to retain it's eminence. It is most  important  to be aware of the fact, that above all else, I love myself the most. After that I have quite a number of special mortals and beasts whom I fancy. In no particular order I'd like to start with a certain young pug that lives in my kingdom (should be queendome you know). He goes by the moniker Sluggo. I gave hime a mention in my first post and you will surely hear more about him as you get to know me. Sluggo came to my house almost three years ago. At first, it wasn't easy. Brigitte and I had things worked out pretty well for ourselves. Two humans, two laps, Two humans, one to walk each of us. Our routine was pretty tight. Heck we were even able to spend time at our Grammy and Grampys house when Mom and Dad went out to get us surprises. The new guy tipped the scales. On the one hand, we beasts now out numbered them. This was good. But this young pug was a real scene stealer. He required so much attention, both from us and the parents, especially Mom (that hasn't changed much). And the energy, this guy was high powered. Brigitte was most miffed. She tolerated this ball of fur, but only for short periods of time. She then would issue a corrective snap. Thats how she rolls.She really didn't understand the need for someone else to share the spotlight with. I of course recognized this as an opportunity to gain yet another admirer. Natrually, even as a puppy, he recognized my allure. So we hung pretty tight. Everyone knows there's nothing like a warm fuzzy puppy. Our relationship over the years has really developed into something special. It's symbiotic. Farewell for now, and I hope you enjoy some of the special moments my Mom has captured.


  1. It's about time one of my grandpets joined the family literary society. Now the whole world will know what we know....and fall in love with her Wilmaness. Vive la Pugs!

  2. I know Grandma, can you believe the knowledge of my greatness has basically been limited to the tri state area for all these years? Now I will be known world wide for the incredible pug I am!

  3. Sluggo! My pal! Could he be more handsome and loving?! Why, no, no he could not. :)



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