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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creature Comforts

Hi all, Those of you who know me know that I have perfected the art of relaxation. Where ever I go I will locate and take over the softest, most comfortable and cozy place to display myself. Here at home, during these cold months, that location is in front of my fire. I had Mom and Dad get a fireplace insert for my new house pretty much as soon as we got here. At my old house we had a fireplace, but the heat was unpredictable and very dry. In fact they were so over the fireplace, I didn't even get one for the last year we lived there. So getting this thing was a priorty for this winter. I hear Mom and Dad talk about energy savings and relying less on oil, but lets face it, this fireplace insert is all about me. My favorite time of day for the fire is first thing in the morning. That's when my Dad gets up and ready for work. He will fire up the stove so when Mom and the others come down they are warm. This is my special alone time with Dad and the fire. It's nice and toasty, plus I don't have to share with those other two, who prefer to lay all nuzzeled in with Mom. Whatever, more for me.
You'll see in the picture (that's me on the right) I am not that close to the fire. Well there wasn't any place soft enough on the floor. Notice I have elevated myself even higher by sitting on the silk pillow, I am an artiste'.
I'll wrap things up for now, as I have to send Mom to tend to the fire. Stay warm everyone and ..keep the fire.

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  1. You are one lucky pug, Wil, I'm envious of that toasty warm fire!



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