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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Afternoon at Grandma Marys

As promised Mom and Dad took us to visit Grandma Mary on Sunday. It was a great visit. We usually do a whole run aroiund like crazy pugs number for at least the first five minutes. On Sunday, we settled right in and got to work.You see I had devised a plan with Brigitte and Sluggo ahead of time that we be especially good this day. It worked like a charm. I had Sluggo and Brigitte visit with Grandma first. I made sure to let them know to be really cute and affectionate. They're very good at that. My focus was to skulk around stalking Uncle Jimmy for treats. I went by to see Grandma, but had I gotten too cozy, they would've been on to us. That's simply too out of character for me. Grandma Mary looked great! It's hard to believe she's almost 15 in dog years. My Grammy and Grampy were there too, as well as Auntie Lynn, Uncle George and my mark, Uncle Jimmy. Sluggo started out on Grammas lap, he gave her lots of kisses. She really liked that.
While Sluggo was pouring on the charm, Brigitte was making her rounds, visiting with everyone. She even sidled up to Uncle George on the couch. Then she got really gentle and went over to settle in with Gramma for the rest of the visit. I gotta hand it to her,she was really sweet.
In the mean time, I was still working Uncle Jimmy. I got nervous for a minute that my plan may fail. He went into the room where they hide the cat food when we come over. ( They don't think I know where it goes, but my sense of smell is paramount) The door was closed and he wasn't coming back. So I waited...and waited...then finally the rewardSo overall, my plan went off without a hitch, and the people seemed to really have a nice day too. Bonus.


  1. Aw, wish I could have been there too. What great pictures! And, you're a smart girl, Wil, nothing gets by you! ;)

  2. As always, Wilma has people pegged...'specially Uncle J. He's a soft touch.



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