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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Brigitte P

I couldn't let another day pass without letting the spotlight shine on my good friend Brigitte. Clearly, it's been established that I am number one But Brigitte is a star in her own right. So I won't mince any  words sharing her persona with you. Brigitte, Britte, Brigitte P ( Pug, Poop, etc... depends on the circumstances) Breeetletons McGee. These are just a few of the names I hear Mom and Dad call her. Any way you slice it though, Brigitte possesses a multifaceted personality. It's hard not to see her deep, wistful, loyal, loving, thoughtful and caring soul when looking into her eyes. She wants nothing more than to make Mom and Dad happy. I think this stems from the fact that we are Brigittes' third and forever family. She really was always meant to be here, it just took a while for that to happen.She came along when I was about two. She was three at the time. Prior to that she had been with her breeder for a year before going to live in the suberbs. Her first real mom gave her to us because she and her family didn't have enough time to give to Britte. I also don't think they quite understood her. It took us a while too, she's pretty complex. Nevertheless, the rest is history as they say and we embrace her for the free spirt that she is. Brigitte is a little different from other pugs in her appearance. Her color is darker, but she isn't an apricot. Her hair is coarser with a little wave down her back. Her snout is a little longer than a typical pug. She has a shrill loud bark and excitable personality. And her ears don't sit like rosebuds, like mine do. It's hard to believe it took Mom and Dad so long to figure out that she is part Mexican. That's right, Brigitte is a Chug. She is part Chihuahua . I knew all along naturally, due to my champion pedigree lines. But I let Mom and Dad struggle for several years until a chug ,with all the same characteristics as Brigitte, joined our meet up group. You can really see her Chihuahua ears when she is sitting and waiting for her meals.

So now you know a little more about my girl Brigitte. There is far more to her than can be described in one post, but hopefully you can get the gist of who she is for now.
Adios amigos, Wilma


  1. Britte! Aw, that last picture really captures here spirit - the Britte we know and love! Such a good, good girl. :)

  2. Brigitte is indeed an endearing pug...and will be friendly right away unless her Mom's in the room and then you might just get a temporary rejection. But it's not for long. She's loveable and makes a good blanket for cold days.



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