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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wilmas Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Be the straw that stirs the drink"

What do I mean you may ask.
Well it ain't like this guy that's for sure...


No, it's more like an attitude, a theory, a concept.

Because being the straw that stirs the drink, requires very little physical exertion. No, it is accomplished can I say? With the your spirit or psyche.
In fact, it is one of the most powerful methods for mind control that I have in my wheelhouse.

When done effectively, most mortals don't even realize what is happening.
What's more, you often are able to place blame for the outcome on someone else.

Allow me to offer an example:

Like many of you all, I love food.
I am also a refined pug who isn't going to beg.
Now, there are a few things about Brigitte I can always count on.
1. She has a hard time controlling her emotions when she gets excited.
2. She barks really loud when she is excited.
3. Food excites Brigitte.

Then there is the Mom.
1.She can't tolerate Brigitte's loud, shrill, shrieking voice.
2. The louder Brigitte barks, the faster she pours the kibble.

Are you still with me people? We are almost to the pay off.
All I have to do to get fed pronto, is give Britte a little nudge. Sometimes it's a look, other times a little hmph, and BINGO Brigitte is spinning in circles screaming like a wild ban chi, and
Mom is flinging out breakfast bowls like pancakes at an all you can eat buffet. Trying to save what's left of her hearing, after surviving more 80's heavy metal concerts than she cares to admit to.
And viola' I'm fed.

You see? Minimal effort, maximum payoff.
This concept can applied to whatever situation you please.

Hear a noise and don't feel like looking into it?

Bored, and just looking for a little excitement?
steal a toy from one of your siblings.

Not to worry, those of you without other canine or feline counterparts.
These methods work with your humans too.
All it takes is a little observation of  human behavior and you will soon see how easily they are stirred.

And now, my fine students, you must practice what I have taught you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nature Surrounds Us

Mom and Dad took us on a hike on one of our favorite Summer trails. It is nice and wide, so we don't rub up on the poison ivy and it's almost entirely shaded. The temperature there has to be at least 10 degrees cooler than in the sun.

Apparantly horses like a nice cool  walk in the Summer too, because we met up with two of them on our walk.
This was Sluggo's second encounter with horses. I think he likes them. The first time he saw one he just stared at it slack jawwed, kinda like this.

I don't think he was expecting, what probably looked like a piece of furniture to him, to have a face.
This time he was a little more curious.

And the horse seemed to be interested in him as well.(Pardon the brown eye folks) But no one was as excited as Brigitte was to see a horse.She had to go right up and give him a kiss.

Mom didn't capture the actual kiss on film. That is unfortunate, because as you may know, Brigitte is not one to part with the kisses.

Since Dad is back at work after taking care of Mom last week, and he'll be too busy to post like he wanted to, let me be the one to share the news.
There has been something new growing in the garden.
It sprouted up right in the middle of the onions.
Dad did not plant it, but he certainly has seen evidence of it's germination, if you will.

It's a baby bunny warren. Mrs Rabbit has been nourishing herself on all the bean sprouts and lettuce to get ready for this.
I guess she liked it so much, she decided to move in.
Unfortunately, this is not a picture of our baby bunnies. But it is pretty close to what things are looking like over in North Haven.
Dad didn't want to disturb things so it was hard to get a good picture. But, I bet there will be some good opportunities for  pictures when the little things come out for something other than milk.
Dad says they are screwing him, whatever that means, but what can he do other than plant enough for us and them.
For someone without children, he sure has found himself with a lot of little mouths to feed.

Speaking of which, would you like to see what's been going on at the bird feeder as of late?

Meet  Mr Texas Titmouse

This little guy is my favorite. He is fearless.He likes to hang out in the back yard with me.
My little wren. I call him Stimpy.

All right, one more thing before I go. know who you are...

I'd like to do another Special Sunflower Girl Post.
I am looking for suggestions of who to feature.
So please let me know who you are feeling for this round.  You may offer up just a name and/or you can also submit your reason for nominating them.
But remember girls, this time I want to see posts about the special someone on your blogs too.
So, shoot me some suggestions, and I will soon let you know how we will proceed.

Love and Sunflower Power to you all!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Not the Breet, It's the Humidity

It has been oppressively hot in my little corner of the world. And judging from many of the posts I've been reading, the same is true for many of you. Let's just say one of the Sunflower Sisters I live with in not really interested in being blocked from her daily jaunts by something as trivial as the weather. Must have something to do with the fact that she gets carried around in her bag by one of the humans,and doesn't have to trudge along, stifled by air that has so thick with humidity, Michael Phelps could do laps in it. We like to refer to Brigitte as the shop steward, because she always makes sure we get whats coming to us. Especially as it relates to our walks and our social agenda.This deep personal commitment of hers can be both a blessing and a curse. See, she doesn't let the parents get complacent[read:lazy] when it comes to taking us places. However, in weather like this, she could stand to reel it in a bit. Case in point, watch this video of her brow-breeting Dad into taking us for a walk or a ride. Take note of me lounging behind Dad. I can clearly determine that on this day her fight is a mute one

I hope you all are laying low and keeping cool and comfortable.Dog days of Summer? I beg to differ

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bromantic Weekend for Sluggo

Hey Everybody! Some of you may remember Oscar from my Friends and Family post way back in January.
Oscar is Sluggo's special friend. They have a bromance going on. Oscar came by for a visit yesterday, and after watching the two of them together, I got to thinkin'.

Now, I've always felt that Sluggo's affection for me was of a romantic nature. I mean, what's not to desire. I'm beautiful, smart, talented, funny and I come from a line of champions.
Sluggo has always snuggled with me, gazed at me lovingly, done whatever I have asked of him.Buuut I'm starting to think that the look in his eye is more of a platonic love. I think he may look to me as more of a mother figure than as a cougar.

Let me just show you a couple of reasons why I, of all pugs, would start to question my own instinct.

I mean these two were all over each other yesterday.

This isn't even half as X rated as the things Mom didn't take pictures of them doing.

Looking back over the years, Sluggo and Oscar have had this type of a relationship since the beginning.
And, you know what people, I'm not above admitting that my own enormous ego may have kept me from seeing this love blossoming for all this time.

If it's so, than I am happy for them both. I am not jealous. After all, I have suitors lined up around the block pining for me

So, I think it may be time for me to have a little talk with Sluggo. I need to let him know that I love and accept him for who he is. I need to assure him that it's OK to let his freak flag fly.

I don't know though, what if I'm wrong.
I don't want to wrongfully out the kid.

What do you think? Is your gaydar going off or anything?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sooooo Meaty

Hey folks, hope you're getting started with an awesome weekend. I just need to talk to you about crazy humans for a minute. My humans in particular.
Last night we're sitting around watching The Soup. Yes that's right 10:00PM Friday night and my people are home watching TV. Although, to their credit, they did go out for a few hours last night, and came home smelling of beer and rock and roll. My point is though, that by 10:00PM they were home on the couch. Then it occured to me...for like the past 5 or more years, let's just say, a long a**  time, this has been the scene around here. Particularly, every time a certain segment of the show comes on. Mom and Dad get all excited, then they make sure Brigitte is within reach. Which is never difficult, considering if you're sitting, she's sitting right next to you. Then, they place their hands on her back, and when this comes out of the TV...

they grab a hunk of her pugmeat and give it a nice squeeze.
Now, I don't know what is more disturbing, that whole display or the fact that they then become uncontrollably giddy.

I mean, what is it with these people. I don't see the humor in it. And, the fact that this ritual continues to be so damn funny week after week. Can anyone explain? Help me see the light? Any insight on this bizarre display of human behavior would be greatly appreciated.

You now may resume your awesome weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pug Healing in Effect

Hi Everybody, Nurse Brigitte here. Just checking in, letting everyone know that things here at Wilma's Wellness Center are going just superbly.
Dr Sluggo has been very involved in Mom's care.

He prescribed and implemented lots of  kisses and snuggles for overall improved well being.
That seems to have worked wonders.

Wilma is in Administration, so she doesn't provide any hands on care. But you'll note in the background here, she is making sure everything runs smoothly.

Dad has been providing delicious and nutritious meals, as well as transportation in the medical cab.
Mom is on light duty and will have her bandage removed this afternoon. Hopefully she will be able to return without restrictions soon.
She thanks everyone for their kind words and loving support." Almost as good as Vicoden" she said.
Now she's muttering something about Dr House, I better get back on duty.
I'll check back soon folks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Something's Not Right

I got up this morning and Dad didn't leave like he usually does after he's around all day for two days. Then Mom fed us and she didn't eat too like she usually does. Then they started acting like they do when they are leaving together. Alright I said, what's the deal? Then Mom sat down with me and said, "we needed to talk". "Talk? Talk about what?" Then she dropped the bomb. She said she waited to tell me 'cuz she didn't want me to flip out. She told me that my people were going to have to survive on limited doses of me for the next little bit. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?" She said  that her typing services would be on hold for at least a few days, because she is having surgery on her hand today."What the heck is surgery and why does it have to affect me?"

She said there would be alot of this going on over the next few days....

Well, that's OK I said. She asked if I would put my healing pug services into effect, so things would return to normal sooner than later. She did say  that she will still be able to read to me. So I will be keeping up on all your blogs, but there may be a conspicuous absence of my commentary. She also said that Dad told her he would to a garden post soon. Something very exciting is going on in the garden.
So ta ta for now my friends. I shouldn't be away long

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Edition

It's Fathers Day, and we all (me, Brigitte, Sluggo and Mommy too) would like to take a moment to wish our Dad, Hubby, and Grampy too, a very happy day. I, for one love my daddy, very much. Far as  I know, Britte and Sluggo feel the same way. I was tryin' to think of how  we could make the day special for Dad. I can't go shopping (bad credit). Can't make a nice card (no opposable thumbs). Dad doesn't need any ties. He doesn't golf or drink, so those things are out too. So, I was thinkin'. There are a few things we could NOT do, that Dad would probably be pretty psyched about. For example, we could promise to NOT bark and go crazy the next time someone comes to the door. But, not really, cuz we are pretty much out of control when ever there is any out of the ordinary activity. But, you get the idea, right? So me, Brigitte and Sluugo have some promises.
 I'll go first...

OK Dad, let's see, what could I possibly do or say to make me any more awesome to you than I already am? Hmmmmm.. this is going to take some thought. Well, I guess I could promise not to lick your pillow today. OK, don't forget to remind me that I said that. Oh, and I guess while I'm at it, I could also like to thank you for tending to my very special giant sunflower.
Love you,

Oh, what's that? OK.
Brigitte wants to say something...

Hi Dad, and Grampy too. Happy Fathers Day.
OK Dad, I would like to thank you for growing  lettuce and beans for the bunnies.

Then, after that, I suppose I could promise to be calm and quiet for our next car ride, but that would be a very hard promise to keep. So Dad, my promise to you is that I will give you three kisses some time this year. For those of you who don't know, that is really good for me, as I am extremely stingy with the kisses.

OK, me next...
Hi Dad, this is Sluggo. I hope you have a great day.

Now, listen closely, my promise to you,

Is that I won;t pee on any of the delicious vegetables you grow for us.

Grillma would like to direct you all over to my Auntie Diva's Blog Beacheats.
There, you can enjoy a special guest blog from none other than my Grampy Diva all about grills.

Happy Fathers Day to all you great Dad's out there!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sluggy's Got a New

So, we're hangin' out this morning, full bellies, all pooped and peeped. Mom's running around doing those things she does before she leaves the house for hours. Then, comes a knock at the door. And look who it was...

                             See him, there in the middle? He's pug colored, but he's no pug.

We all checked him out, gave him the once over. The kid was moving way too fast, and  after an initial sniff, I really couldn't be bothered.

Sluggo, on the other hand, was very interested in this fellow. He kinda reminded me of a longer, taller version of  Sluggo, only with a nose, a tail and green eyes.

Turns out, he moved in next door with Brigitte's girlfriend Meekus. His name is Jagger, and he's a puppy.

Then it occurred to me, Sluggo is the only boy around here besides Dad. Plus, he's the baby.Well not anymore. There is a new kid in town. I have a feeling that he and Sluggo are going to be fast friends.

                                             He was so sad when he sad to go home.

        Can you say "Playdate" ? Oh yeah Brigitte, looks like we may get a reprieve from the little bro.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WilmasWednesday Words of Wisdom

"Giving can be fun"

Not gonna lie. I was kinda struggling for a nugget of wisdom for you all today. You know, sometimes the pressure can get to you when your wise like me. I told Mom that I wanted to do a Mean Girls edition, because I feel like my rep is goin' soft. She overruled me. On what authority? I wanna know!! Who's blog is this anyhow?! I guess I'll just have to be super bad, so she can see that I warrant such a post.

In the mean time, I figured I would pass along that Ashley over at CSN Stores told me to tell you all that if any of you were interested in doing a giveaway, she would love to hear from you. We just got the shipping confirmation on the cooling vest that Natty and Klaus over at 2 Pugs in a Pod won. So hopefully they will be able to let us know how they like it. So, if you want Ashleys contact info, just let me know and I'll pass it along.

One more thing before I call it a Wilmas Wednesday, I want to show you what I was doing this weekend.

Meet Grillma

The weather was a little drizzley this past weekend.Guess who the family made the Grillmeister  while they enjoyed the comfort of the indoors?
That's OK though, cuz my Grammy made good on her promise to reward us with a nice treat. Thanks Grammy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunflower Sisters a Tribute - Izzy and Josie

OK girls, I thought for your special Sunflower post, I would try my hand at some poetry. Emily Dickinson  I am not. In fact , you might say I'm more in line with, say, a dyslexic first grader. That  said, I still hope you enjoy your own personal poems by me , Wilma the Pug. Brigitte helped. She's a better speller than me.

 Izza Butts

 Izzy is a friend of mine,
        Some say she's quite a diva
            I know a thing or two of  her,
   I'll make you a believer

 She says she is from Venus,
named for a Roman Goddess.
One should never doubt her,
Venus stands for exquisiteness.
Her Mom has penned a children s book,
called Mister and the Grey Whisker.
Mom needed a girl pug to star,
twas Izzy, not her sister.

She likes to snack on popcorn,
but 'tis you who will be nibbling.
On the marquee at your theater,
she and Jude will share top billing.

This Izzy to yourself you think,
sounds like a prima donna.
Past that tough outside you'll find,
lies nothing but good karma.

Ask me how I know so much
about my Sunflower Sista ,
I'll say it with impunity,
cuz she's just like me Mista


Oh sweet Josie, such a love,
Not many can resist her.
Stubby he is her beloved ,
it happened when he kissed her.

Napping is her favorite thing,
she'll go from couch to pillow.
And in between a snack she likes,
is treats of sweet potato.

She has a bright pink buggy,
she loves to take a stroll.
She's OK with Miss Izzys book,
cuz that's just how she rolls.

Josie likes it at the park,
particularly the swings.
She also likes Jack Sparrows,
he's her human fling.

Miss Josie is a sweet heart,
she wears it on her sleeve.
There's nothing I could tell you,
would make you not believe.   


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