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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Woo Hoo! A Club of Our Own~ by Sluggo

Did ya hear? My friend Winston over at Two Cats and a Pug has started a club like the Sunflower Club. But get this... IT"S FOR BOYS!!! How awesome is that? I don't need those stinky Sunflower girls cuz I got my boys. The name of the club is, ready?.....

The Fire Hydrant Club.
It has the coolest badge. Check this

So, alls you hafta do, is go over to Winstons blog and grab the badge to join our club.I am so excited about this! Thanks Winston


  1. BURPS!!!
    YEAH Sluggo! Phhhffft....ahhh's...
    'DA boYz r backs in towns again!!

    Darna na na darna na na..... 'dere hanging out at Winstonz Hydrants Bar and grill......
    Darna na na darna na na......

    Da boYz r back in tow ow ow ow own!!!!!!

    Your Fire Hydrant Brother from another Mother,

    Anakin Man -S'up!!

  2. I think we should sneak over and see what their talking about over at the Boys Club

  3. Pfffttt, (sorry mum, I can't helps farting, it is what boys do)...... Oh hey Sluggo, Winston heres, it is super exciting having our boys club isn't it. I am still thinkings of what to post first for a topic we can discuss and talks about.! Oh Oh OH I have to thinks up some tactic for girl security, we can't have em sniffing arounds our clubhouse now!

  4. Thank Pugness! I thought I was going to have to dress up like a girl to get into the Sunflower Club!

  5. Marty joined, he is happy mom is not going to make him wear a sunflower dress.....

  6. how fun! I think JD wants to join the other pug lads :]

  7. Wait...since I'm a hermaphrodite can I join too? I think it's only fair. Don't worry ladies I'll tell you all what they're saying in their secret meetings...hehehe

  8. so cool!
    emmitt is excited to be a member of the boys fire hydrant club!

    too fun!

  9. Hmm... it was all good & fun when we had a girls club and no boys allowed! BUT... I just don't like this boys club idea. It's just not fair. I wanna join.




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