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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pug Healing in Effect

Hi Everybody, Nurse Brigitte here. Just checking in, letting everyone know that things here at Wilma's Wellness Center are going just superbly.
Dr Sluggo has been very involved in Mom's care.

He prescribed and implemented lots of  kisses and snuggles for overall improved well being.
That seems to have worked wonders.

Wilma is in Administration, so she doesn't provide any hands on care. But you'll note in the background here, she is making sure everything runs smoothly.

Dad has been providing delicious and nutritious meals, as well as transportation in the medical cab.
Mom is on light duty and will have her bandage removed this afternoon. Hopefully she will be able to return without restrictions soon.
She thanks everyone for their kind words and loving support." Almost as good as Vicoden" she said.
Now she's muttering something about Dr House, I better get back on duty.
I'll check back soon folks.


  1. Nurse Bridgette,
    by the looks of all the care and attention at Wilma's Wellness Center it is almost inviting. Luring us in with that yummy tray of food and all the cuteness. Hysterical
    Benny & Lily

  2. Good job Dr. Sluggo and Nurse Bridgette! We all hope this treatment plan works. And Wilma is one fine Admin pugger!

  3. HA HA HA!!! SNORTS!! Oh Brigitte!! Thank You so muches for 'dat up dates!! We's was sooo worrieds!! Butt yousa Mommy is in good hands wit yous and Sluggo and Yous Daddy and even Wilma (HA HA)!!

    We sees Wilma's is working hards at her administrative duties and keeping 'da couches from floating ups!! We's seen it happens befores!! Like in 'da movie 'Up' Mommy never believed us when we be telling her we's needs to holds 'da couch's down!!

    'Dat plate of food looks so Nommy and we's gettin' hungrys!! We are sooo proud of you guys for taking care of yous sweet Momma!!!

    Give her a big hug and a kiss for us!!!

    Dr. Sluggo,
    We is proud of yous too... great job for checkin' yous Mommy vitals and make sure yous make sures Wilma doesn't over do's it eithers!!

    Love Ya Guys!!

    Your SunFlower Sista's Izzy and Josie
    Yousa Fire Hydrant Fellow Anakin Man

  4. Hi Nurse Brigitte!

    Man, I have been all worried about your momma, but it seems that I needn't worry! She is in GREAT paws! I can see that you 3 have things totally under control!

    Tell your momma to take all of her pain pills and try not to over-do it. Rest, rest, rest!!!!!


  5. Thanks for the mama update! Glad to see the "staff" is taking good care of her! Just wondering if she got to eat that lunch or got help?

  6. yay wilma!
    i am so glad your mom is feeling so much better!
    we have been thinking of all of you!
    m & e

  7. Wonderful job nurse Bridgette and doctor Sluggo. Puggy kisses are the medicine. We hope your momma feels better soon!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  8. Puggy and Daddy love have more healing benefits than almost anything---and I've seen the results! Your Mommy is doing so well as a result and your Daddy is one happy guy. His garden is thriving and so are y'all. And that all makes for a happy Gram and Grampy. keep up the good work.


  9. It's true what they say....pug love is the best medicine! You're doing such great work guys and your mom is feeling better all because of you!

  10. Hi Wilma!

    So glad your mom is doing well!
    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  11. Hi Benny and Lily,
    Any time you need some special care,you come right on over. I'll even have Dr Sluggo and Nurse Brigitte work overtime!

    Hi Tuni and Sequoia,
    Thanks for the props. I always have had a penchant for running things.

    Hey there you Elgin pugs,
    Thanks for the back up on the floating couch thing.I have been trying to convince the folks about that for years now.

    Hi Pearl,
    Thanks for checking in. You know, I bet you'd make an excellent nurse too!
    Nurse Brigitte

    Hi Punchbugpug,
    The first day was great, Mom didn't wan't to eat anything. So we helped ourselves while returning the tray to the kitchen. After that the appetite returned and we were lucky to get a crumb.

    Melisa and Emmett,
    Thanks for the good thoughts, we could feel 'em from here!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty,
    You guys could probably use Brigittes help with all your extra paws over there. She is excellent at giving bed baths!

    Thank you Grammy!
    We love you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Bellatrix,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just as long as Dad doesn't get sick.We heard he's high maintainance.

    Dana and Daisy,
    Thanks so much for checking in. It was very sexy of you!



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