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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nature Surrounds Us

Mom and Dad took us on a hike on one of our favorite Summer trails. It is nice and wide, so we don't rub up on the poison ivy and it's almost entirely shaded. The temperature there has to be at least 10 degrees cooler than in the sun.

Apparantly horses like a nice cool  walk in the Summer too, because we met up with two of them on our walk.
This was Sluggo's second encounter with horses. I think he likes them. The first time he saw one he just stared at it slack jawwed, kinda like this.

I don't think he was expecting, what probably looked like a piece of furniture to him, to have a face.
This time he was a little more curious.

And the horse seemed to be interested in him as well.(Pardon the brown eye folks) But no one was as excited as Brigitte was to see a horse.She had to go right up and give him a kiss.

Mom didn't capture the actual kiss on film. That is unfortunate, because as you may know, Brigitte is not one to part with the kisses.

Since Dad is back at work after taking care of Mom last week, and he'll be too busy to post like he wanted to, let me be the one to share the news.
There has been something new growing in the garden.
It sprouted up right in the middle of the onions.
Dad did not plant it, but he certainly has seen evidence of it's germination, if you will.

It's a baby bunny warren. Mrs Rabbit has been nourishing herself on all the bean sprouts and lettuce to get ready for this.
I guess she liked it so much, she decided to move in.
Unfortunately, this is not a picture of our baby bunnies. But it is pretty close to what things are looking like over in North Haven.
Dad didn't want to disturb things so it was hard to get a good picture. But, I bet there will be some good opportunities for  pictures when the little things come out for something other than milk.
Dad says they are screwing him, whatever that means, but what can he do other than plant enough for us and them.
For someone without children, he sure has found himself with a lot of little mouths to feed.

Speaking of which, would you like to see what's been going on at the bird feeder as of late?

Meet  Mr Texas Titmouse

This little guy is my favorite. He is fearless.He likes to hang out in the back yard with me.
My little wren. I call him Stimpy.

All right, one more thing before I go. know who you are...

I'd like to do another Special Sunflower Girl Post.
I am looking for suggestions of who to feature.
So please let me know who you are feeling for this round.  You may offer up just a name and/or you can also submit your reason for nominating them.
But remember girls, this time I want to see posts about the special someone on your blogs too.
So, shoot me some suggestions, and I will soon let you know how we will proceed.

Love and Sunflower Power to you all!!!


  1. What a fun walk you had exploring all those little and big horsey creatures. Did you bring the baby bunny home to play with?
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hi Wilma!
    That horse is so pretty! AND THOSE BABY BUNNIES! Momma was all squealing and stuff. Babies are the cutest.

    Ok, I am sorry that I was confused before. I didn't get that we were supposed to be doing posts for our sisters of the week! I am so stupidddd! I'm sorry. :(

    Let's see... for the new special sisters, I nominate Sequoia and Tuni! They are moving across the country this weekend and that's a LOT of work! I bet they'd love to get to their new home and find that we have all honored them!


  3. oh what a wonderful post!

    how many baby bunnies do you have in your garden?

    thank you for sharing your beautiful hike with us!

    m & e

  4. Oh Wilma!!

    What an enchanting magical day you had with your family!!
    Wow!! A white horse even!! How whimsical!! So beautiful!! I just sat around all day and held the couch down!! SNORTS!!

    AWWWWW!!! Does Bunnies are sooooooo Cute!! I biggums the picture and I can see there ears!! I can't stand it!! Too cute!! Mommy says we look like little bunnies!! (Ehem...we's be cuter!!)
    I do like Mr. Texas Titmouse!! HA HA!! He looks mischievous likes us!! Stimpy is more like Josie!! Snorts!!

    O.K. so on to business!! SUNFLOWER POWER BUSINESS!!
    I thinks I agree with my sista Pearl!! Tuni and Sequoia are trucking over to new grounds and moving is very stressful!! Lets do dem!!!

    {I know what you are....
    say it....


  5. Beautiful pictures!!~! Looks like fun! We have a new mama dove and nest over at our house... Wish we had baby bunnies though!!!


  6. Jeepers,
    my comment did not stay,. Now where did it go?
    I was reminding you that in case ,,,, just in case you did not plant any carrots- well, bunnies love carrots (tee hee hee)
    also, i agree that Tuni and Sequoia are a wonderful canditate. I vote for them

  7. Benny and Lily,
    I did not bring home the baby bunnies, but I do get to visit them in the garden.

    Oh Pearly,
    You are not stupid. No worries on the sisters special post. This is a new process and we are all developing it together. Besides, I am not always the best at describing the details.
    You have come up with the perfect nomination. And it seems that all concur. So Sequoia and Tuni it is.I shall make an official announcement.

    Melissa and Emmett,
    I do not know the exact amount,but they say a litter of bunnies can be as many as 8-10.Then they keep doing it like 5 to 6 times a year. That's alotta bunnies.

    Izzula my friend,
    My Mommy calls me a bunny too.Only me, cuz I am the softest and squishiest.
    I agree the Sequoia and Tuni are the perfect choice. Everyone else agrees.I will figure out when we should do it.

    Hi Mama Monster,
    Ohhhh morning doves, how fun!

    Hi Tweedles,
    We don't have any carrots in the garden. We have a hard time successfully growing them.Maybe now I know why...

  8. Looking forward to Sequoia and Tuni's post.
    Good suggestion.

    Mom says the only bunnies she likes are chocolate ones. They are sure in tune with their "instincts". Cute little buggers for sure. We saw one at the front of our subdivision hopping along.

    Wow Brigi! That horse has teeth the size of your head and you were very brave or curious (depending how you look at it). Let's shoot for a unicorn next time ok?

    Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)



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