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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunflower Sisters a Tribute - Izzy and Josie

OK girls, I thought for your special Sunflower post, I would try my hand at some poetry. Emily Dickinson  I am not. In fact , you might say I'm more in line with, say, a dyslexic first grader. That  said, I still hope you enjoy your own personal poems by me , Wilma the Pug. Brigitte helped. She's a better speller than me.

 Izza Butts

 Izzy is a friend of mine,
        Some say she's quite a diva
            I know a thing or two of  her,
   I'll make you a believer

 She says she is from Venus,
named for a Roman Goddess.
One should never doubt her,
Venus stands for exquisiteness.
Her Mom has penned a children s book,
called Mister and the Grey Whisker.
Mom needed a girl pug to star,
twas Izzy, not her sister.

She likes to snack on popcorn,
but 'tis you who will be nibbling.
On the marquee at your theater,
she and Jude will share top billing.

This Izzy to yourself you think,
sounds like a prima donna.
Past that tough outside you'll find,
lies nothing but good karma.

Ask me how I know so much
about my Sunflower Sista ,
I'll say it with impunity,
cuz she's just like me Mista


Oh sweet Josie, such a love,
Not many can resist her.
Stubby he is her beloved ,
it happened when he kissed her.

Napping is her favorite thing,
she'll go from couch to pillow.
And in between a snack she likes,
is treats of sweet potato.

She has a bright pink buggy,
she loves to take a stroll.
She's OK with Miss Izzys book,
cuz that's just how she rolls.

Josie likes it at the park,
particularly the swings.
She also likes Jack Sparrows,
he's her human fling.

Miss Josie is a sweet heart,
she wears it on her sleeve.
There's nothing I could tell you,
would make you not believe.   


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

    OKAY!!! It's Izzy here! I go first! Oh Wilma and Brigitte...
    your poem about me is sooooooo beautiful!! I absolutely love it. LOVE IT!! No one has ever written me such beautiful poetry before and I am so grateful to have the two of you as such dear friends. I truly feel special!! I feel pampered and very diva like too even!!
    I could even go outside and poop on someones lawn and not even pick it up!! (HA HA)
    I feel like snapping in someones face and saying do you know who I am!! An IZZAQUEEN!! I have you ladies to thank for that!! It feels great!!
    THANK YOU!!!!! :D

    My turns!! Hello ladies!! Josie here!! Oh Wow!! I feel specials too!! I got butterflies seeing that picture of me and my Stubby Muffins!! You ladies are the best. Wilma~ I'll always remember our special talks about planting a big giant SunFlower for me's to see Stubbys!! 'Dats when we's started becoming good friends remembers!! And Brigitte~ you and I are a lot alike toos!! We have diva like sista's but secretly we wouldn't have it any other way right!! Even though we are (a little) older...we look up to them right!!!
    Oh thanks ladies!! You two are the best and your poem about me made my eyes leak little bits!!

    We are so happy to have this Wonderful Club and You as Friends!!!!!
    Big Hugs from these Sista Pugs!!!

    Your SunFlower Sista's
    Izzy and Josie

  2. Oh and Pee-S!!

    We Loves your new bloggy looks!!

  3. post got deleted dang 'puters. Ok so here it goes again....
    I love love love the poems, so sweet it was, William Shakespeare ain't got nothin' on you guys. The poem totally fit their personalities. Oh Wilma and Brig, you are all that is sweetness in this pugverse.

  4. Girls, you did a fabulous job!! Old Emily would be jealous!!!! I can't think of a more fitting tribute to the Elgin Girls!!!

    ~Sunflower Kisses~


  5. Oh Wilma,
    you have totally outdone yourself on these poems, girl! They are awesome!

    I love Josie and Izzy... they are perfect examples of what sunflower sisters should be!!!!


  6. This is so great Wilma! Wow you ares so talented! We loves how you made its a poem.

  7. My goodness that was a wonderful poem. It is fun to be a sunflower sister isn't it? We like your rhymes Wilma. We might call you Grand Master Wilma now in addition to your current names.
    Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)

  8. fabulous poems, Wilma! You couldn't be Emily Dickinson because you are too cheerful :D

  9. Wow, ladies!!! Emily Dickinson has NOTHING on YOU! I'm impressed!!!

    By the way.....I notice that you live in CT. My mommy LOVES that part of the country! She keeps saying she's going to take Hank and me to Acadia National Park if it's the last thing she does!

    Lick ya later!


  10. oh what a wonderful sunflower post and poem!

    we love izzy and josie and cannot wait to get their momma's new book!

    m & e



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