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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wilmas Wednesday Wishes

Good day everyone. I'm changing things up here this week for my Wilmas thing. Normally, I like to share a little something I've learned over the years, with you all. This week though, I am asking you for something. It's actually for my sister Brigitte.

She has to go for a test tomorrow morning. Something called an ultra sound. I told Mom Brigitte has the most ultra of sounds. In fact her sound could pierce your eardrums if you were sitting too close. So she should pass that test no problem. Then Mom explained it has to do with the persistant UTI she has been being treated for. She has been doing everything she is supposed to do. Like drinking extra water and taking her medicine.

But the vet found some abnormal cells in her urine. Mom told me not to worry too much. These cells weren't there with her first urine test a few weeks ago. Did you guys know, that when they want a sterile urine specimen from one of us, they stick a needle right into our bladders, from the outside. I couldn't believe it either. Try gettin' near me with one of those things. Brigitte was a very good girl for hers. Of course.
So tomorrow morning Britte won't be able to have breakfast and then she will go to have her test to make sure there isn't anything lurking around in there.
So what my wish is, is for you  to just keep her in your thoughts and that she will be OK. All positive vibes sent in her direction.I would really appreciate it, and so would my Mom.
Don't worry Sunflower Sisters. We will start our weekly Special Sunflower Girl next week.
One more thing...
Our good friend Duke, AKA The Duke of Whirl had to have surgery to remove 3 quarters and 2 dimes from his belly. He is still at the vet hospital recovering and could use some well wishes. Any words of encouragement will gladly be passed right along to him.

What is it with the inappropriate meals lately guys?


  1. Dearest Brigitte~
    We are thinking about you this morning and hope you will be getting well on you way to better health.
    We hear that lots of tummy rubs and treats might help you to feel better and therefore put you on your way to a speedy recovery!!
    We also send our thoughts and pawayers to you friend Duke.
    Anakin said he is sorry too and that he said when he gets better he may do awareness bloggy about what and what not to eat.
    We will check back!!
    Big giant hugs!!
    Katy, Izzy, Josie &
    Anakin Man

  2. We will be thinking good thoughts for your sweet sister. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Let me know what happens. I'll start the prayers.


  4. Oh no, so worried about our little Brito-pie! I am praying for her and sending the biggest possible magic healing vibes. Please keep us posted.

    Love and hugs to all of you!!!


    p.s. - sending a get well pray out for Duke as well!

  5. Miss Brigitte,

    I am saying ALL of my prayers for you tonight, sweet girl.

    Did you know that I have persistent UTI's? I do. And the vet told momma recently that next time it happens, we will have to ultrasound me. Just because I know how mommas can be, I want to kindly tell your momma to NOT worry about worst-case scenarios. Mommas always do that!

    There are tons of harmless things in there that could be harboring infections. Polyps and things like that are really common... so I have decided that's what it is, if anything. OK!?

    You keep us posted, ok!? I will be waiting anxiously for the good news.


    PS Momma gives me some supplements for urinary health that have been very helpful. My momma can share all of that boring info with your momma if she's interested...

  6. Hi Wilma! I'm keeping my paws crossed for Brigitte. Like Pearly said, it's probably nothing and trust me, she should know.

    I don't understand about all the inappropriate meals either. I, for one, eat only food, like Popeyes, french fries, etc. I have no interest in coinage. Sheesh! Sending good vibes to Duke and to all those other crazy puggies that are eating things they shouldn't.

    Stubby xoxo

  7. Oh Brigitte, we are keeping everyone of our paws crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  8. Dearest Sunflower Sisters,

    We hope Brigitte does well with test in the morning. We luv you girls!

    S & P

  9. We will definitely think of Brigitte and hope she does well at her ultra sound, and that the results are treatable.

    Roxy & Lucky

  10. i will keep brigitte close in my heart and prayers. and the next time i have to do a pee test, well i won't complain anymore. hugs to all of you!

  11. Hi Everybody Brigitte here:

    First, I want to thank my Sunflower sister Wilma for doing such a nice thing for me and asking for your support. It really means the world to me. Second, thank all of you for your well wishes and thoughts. With so much love, I am going to totally ace this test. Hey Pearly, my Mom would love to hear all about the supplements you take.
    We'll let you know how things go as soon as we know anything.
    Our friend Duke came home today. He is doing better. His Mommy got him onesies for him to wear so he doesn't lick his sutures. Isn't that a good idea.

  12. Oh we are thinking of yous and hoping for positive vibes to be sent your way. We are worried and prayer for the best.

  13. We've come to check back on your dear sista!! Our Sista too!!

    Mommy was reading your little comments and that onesies Idea sounds so good!! She just might try 'dat for Anakin Man!

    We'll check in tomorrow!!
    We are thinking of you guys!!!
    (((Hugs to Brigitte)))
    Sista's Josie and Izzy

  14. Hi Everybody,
    Just a quick note to let you know Brigitte is still at the vet having her test. We may not know the results until tomorrow, but Mommy will push for something sooner. Thanks for all your words of kindness!

  15. JD and I will make sure to send good vibes Brigitte's way :]

    And we also hope that the Duke will recover quickly and acquire a healthy diet that does not contain US currency!

  16. Just came by to check on little miss Brigitte! I am thinking of you today, sweet girl!

    And to your momma, I give Pearly this supplement every day in a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce. It was recommended by my vet and she has not *knock on wood* had any UTI's since we started it. Read the reviews and consider giving it a try!

    Pearl also takes this,daily:

    I'll come back later for an update on Brigitte!

    Pearl & momma

  17. To our friend Ms. Brigitte,

    May your test come back
    with nothing to say
    but live a long life
    and much rubbins' your way.

    Power of the Paw!!!!!(5 ! for each one of us)
    -The Slimmer Puggums

    To Mr. Duke,
    Feels better soons. Ask next time for dollar bills...change is such a hassle. :)

  18. Oh my poor Brigitte! We haven't had issues with UTI's but our momma sure does. Went to the Urologist yesterday in fact. We are agreeing with Pearly in prayer that everything will be ok.
    Mr. Duke has much in common with us. We love money. We have eaten it too, though it was poo'd out. We must stop doing this to our pawrents.
    Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)

  19. Dis is Duke. I am home with Mommy and Daddy and my pug brudder Murphy. I am really tired, even too tired to play wif my babies. But Mommy is giving me extra love.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I feel very loved.

    And Brig, the bikini wax is hot. Wanna go out some time?

  20. Dear girl friend Bridgette
    I have been sending doggy prayers for you-



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