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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Not the Breet, It's the Humidity

It has been oppressively hot in my little corner of the world. And judging from many of the posts I've been reading, the same is true for many of you. Let's just say one of the Sunflower Sisters I live with in not really interested in being blocked from her daily jaunts by something as trivial as the weather. Must have something to do with the fact that she gets carried around in her bag by one of the humans,and doesn't have to trudge along, stifled by air that has so thick with humidity, Michael Phelps could do laps in it. We like to refer to Brigitte as the shop steward, because she always makes sure we get whats coming to us. Especially as it relates to our walks and our social agenda.This deep personal commitment of hers can be both a blessing and a curse. See, she doesn't let the parents get complacent[read:lazy] when it comes to taking us places. However, in weather like this, she could stand to reel it in a bit. Case in point, watch this video of her brow-breeting Dad into taking us for a walk or a ride. Take note of me lounging behind Dad. I can clearly determine that on this day her fight is a mute one

I hope you all are laying low and keeping cool and comfortable.Dog days of Summer? I beg to differ


  1. Wilma, mom says she wishes she could turn off the humidity, but she is not that strong. Sorry. Today is supposed to be "brutal". Mom made sure the a/c was on early for PlusOne and us so that we would all be comfy. Isn't she great?


  2. hehehe!

    Oh Brigette! You are relentless! I LOVE it!

    I do something similar regarding the door to the pantry where my food is kept. I have been known to whine at that door for hours.

    PS Congrats to Sluggo on his bromance! He has my support!

  3. oh my gosh!
    what a cute video!
    keep cool my friends!
    summer is definitley here!

  4. HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Yous Daddy just lookin' at yous like yous is a nut balls!! 'dat o.k. Brig... our Daddy does 'da same ting!! I mean really!! Clearly you are trying to tell him to pick you up, take you out for some Icee Cream and a swim!! We totally understands the deaf ears!!
    Where's Wilma!!! Is she holding down 'da couch agains!!
    Ha Ha!! Is Sluggo listen to Barbara Streisand records eating Haagen dazs!!

    HEE HEE!!

    Your SunFlower Sista's!!
    IzZY & Josie

  5. Ha Ha Wilma!! I's wanted to say hi to you!!!

    I saw yous in 'da distance resting ups!!!

    'dats how it's should be's!!!


    Love ya!!


  6. Take her out already!!! She'll probably hate it and want back in.


  7. We will try our best to send you cool ocean breezes.
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hey Roxy,
    Well we made it through the day. Not without the A/C though. Don't know what we'd do without it.

    Hey Pearl,
    Brigitte here.
    You can just call me Relentless B!

    Melissa and Emmett,
    Thanks, you too. But you guys are like automatically cool.

    Hi Josie & Izzy,
    I know, what is it with these people? It's not like we don't make it abundantly clear what we are looking for out of them. Besides,if all else fails, just give us a treat right?

    Oh Grammy,
    It's not ousted she wants, she's asking to go back to your house!

    Oh Benny and Lily,
    What I wouldn't do to be caressed by a nice ocean breeze. Sigh.....



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