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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My East Coast Pug Slut Spring Fling ~ Amazing!

I know,it has been a million years since I last posted, but I am about to make up for it in pictures! 
you may have heard through the grapevine that I had a big party at my house, and a whole bunch of my most amazing friends and their peeps all attended. It was beyond my wildest dreams, and according to the way I flop around and bark in my sleep, I have some pretty wild ones.
I will mostly let the pictures do the talking.
Mochi and her Mommy. She was dressed in her school girl dress, and then they put her in this Hello Kitty hat. A much better sport than I would have been!

Macho wasn't sure what to make of the whole scene, but he cooled out after a while!

my girl Zoey from Pug Possessed. She is a real sweetie! Wait til you see what her Dad made for my Mom!

Brigitte wasn't really sure what to make of the whole situation. She was on high alert.

Here is Payton's Mommy Christy!!! She came all the way here on a plane to see me!!!

Here are more people from far away lands! Spongy, Licky and St Patrick's Momma came all the way from Mexico!!!
That big girl sitting on the rock is our foster sister Emma. I will tell you all about her in another post. She is pretty cool. See that guy behind her? That is Sammy. he really didn't like our bear!

Marshy! Nobody puts Marshmallow in the corner, but Marshmallow!

There was even a skin baby here. That is Abby, my main squeeze Murphy's sister. He is very attentive to her. I really love that in a man!

Here is his bro Duke, and his Mommy Samantha.

Lucky was here with the one and only Devil dog Roxy, my idol!!! I was starstruck!

Here we are conspiring to get into some kind of trouble.

Look how sweet Pearl is in her Hello Kitty dress! She and Britte were talking about different bingo halls and other old lady stuff.
Lulu reluctantly getting love from Teddy and Bunnies Mom

Can I just tell you that these women are cray cray?! Molesting poor flat Peta? and look at Marshie trying to look down her dress!

I had to sit down with flat Peta and have a conversation about how to act like a lady. Sheesh!!!

There was romance in the air, as Sluggo was getting quite flirtatious with young Daisy, who also happened to be celebrating her birthday!

I would like to set the record straight about pugs and their appetites. Case in point, Payton, Daisy and Donald's mom, and Scarlet's Mom went nuts and attacked the cake. A pug would never do such a thing. Right Roxy?!

Speaking of romance, there was quite an encounter between Marshmallow and Scarlet later on in the evening, but I think I will save that for another post. It might just be too much to handle with all of these other shenanigans posted here.


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