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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Quick Message

Ready for vacation

I wanted to just check in thank Tiffy and Those Southern Fried Sunflower Sisters for the Versitile Blogger award. Mom promises to post about it as soon as she is finished frantically preparing for our Cape Cod vacation. As usual, she has procrastinated until the last minute, and a bunch of other stuff has come up. Hey, that should be one of the items on my list of things about her. Huuuuuge procrastinator.

Anyway, I will try and check in before we leave, and we will have the iPad with us. As long as it doesn't act like a total tool, we should be able to post from our remote location.

I will also give you one more sneak peek into my fascinating Moms world. She has never felt she could get a tattoo, because she is too fickle, and she would end up not liking it at some point. However, she has found a design that is so spot on, that she almost feels obligated to go for it.

Could there really be another sad sack Sluggy Bee in the world?! Uncanny!

Thanks everyone for coming to our Sunflower Camp. We are sending along a donation to Vinny's rescue that should cover all the comments, even those that came in under the wire! Happy to know he is doing well after surgery and hope the trend continues!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp Sunflower 2011 ~ Thanks for another wonderful weekend! *added picture of Croakeo*

Hello, hello, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!
Camp Sunflower is officially accepting campers! I am shuttling you all to our super secret location in my new Sunflower mobile. So meet at the club and we will get this party started!

A few campers arrived last night. They spent the night in the Moroccan themed tee pee we have here at camp...
But from what I am told, Suki is on her way in her giant RV, so there will be a variety of accommodations offered!

Sequoia and Emma are already getting busy with some white water rafting!

while some of us are taking a dip in the swimming hole...

There is also an early game of Pin the stinky Tail on the Fire Hydrant Fellow up at the lodge.

Spongy and Licky are providing some entertainment...

It is almost lunchtime, Payton is grilling up some nice burgers for us.
"what's that Payton? You calling me?"

and the fun is just beginning!!!

The afternoon, and a special announcement!!!

 Things are still rockin' down at the river, so grab your life vests and have a run at it!

And guess what! Suki's here!!!!
We are going to be stylin' and profilin'!

It's got AC, a satellite, fully stocked kitchen. Saweeeeet!

The camper will serve as the new home base, for chillin' out between activities.

Now, for our announcement...

Us girls were taking about it, and it is a well known fact that Sunflower Sisters know how to party. But that is not all we are about. We are about sticking together, and being there when somebody needs us.

So here's the deal...
For every comment left on this weekends post. We will donate 1 dollar to SEPRA for Vito's buddy and foster brother Vinny.

Isn't he cute?!

He has to have an expensive surgery this week and they need all the help they can get. So let's get chattin' girls!

I am sending Mom out for firewood, so she won't be able to help me comment, but we'
ll be back on line before long to get ready for an awesome evening!

Security Alert

 ::::::::::::::::::Spy Filters Activate:::::::::::::


OK girls, no need to stop enjoying camp. I have raised the Sunflower security barrier. I just have a message to get around to all the campers.
It seems that our girl Kizzy has been a victim of some sort of set up.
Something to do with chicken bones and carpet stains
 All you guys have to do, is if any authorities come around asking any questions, tell 'em you haven't seen Kizzy.

What's that Tiffy? Well yes this is Kizzy right next to me, but I found this old sunflower costume for her to wear as a disguise.

Any questions girls? Go right ahead and return to the fun, we will be enjoying a nice bonfire with roasted wienies and carob s'mores later on tonight!
and Britte keeps talking about a snipe hunt!

Gracie the agility pug brought us Ugly Pug beer! We are at the bon fire enjoying it now.

The night is young, and we are all having a blast. That's all the pictures for tonight, but tomorrow will be another day of fun filled antics!

Woot woot!!!! 

Ding, ding, ding, time for breakfast!!!!!!

Good morning everybody. Wow! Last night was a blast! Thanks Pearl for those ghost stories. And Payton, that whole flashlight thing nearly scared the curl out of my tail!

We had arrivals all through the night. Welcome Izzy, Trixie, Noodles and Bellatrix! Glad you made it!

Now, I could sure go for a nice big breakfast! Those Ugly Pug beers really did a number on me.

 Hope you are all ready to have some more fun! 

Now, I am not even going to turn on the spy filters because Camp Sunflower is totally secure. But, rumor has it, and in fact there is evidence of some of those sneaky Fire Hydrant Freaks lurking around camp last night.

They were captured by our night vision security cameras.

Their leader, looking rather suspicious if I do say so myself!

 "Mini Mastiff" aka Anikan

 "The Informant" aka Shiloh

Don't worry girls, I have hired the same top notch security team we used for Salinger's Bachelorette , those boys don't stand a chance!

Weekend Wrap up

 Wow! It is hard to believe another Camp Sunflower is winding to a close.
Thanks to everyone for coming and making it another fun filled adventure.

Suki, for the record, that was not a shark at the swimming hole. I had Mom investigate when I heard you scream. It seems Sluggy Bee and the rest of the Fire Hydrant Boys have employed the assistance of Mom's frog friend Croakeo from the pool next door to do some recognizance work on behalf of the members.  Looking back at the shots from the weekend, you actually can see him lurking around.
(you did have my Mom cracking up when she heard you yelling though. He he) 

Don't worry, I will take care of that pest Sluggo when we get home! 

Now, a few more matters before we go.

We simply could not let this weekend pass without acknowledging the deep void left in the wake of some of our dearest and best Sunflower Sisters .
It is still so hard to believe they have gone to the bridge, but I know they are here in spirit, and we will never, ever, forget them! 

Let's all gather under these four huge sunflowers for a moment of silence in their honor. 
It is just like Josie imagined, we can spy on the boys and talk girl talk before everyone has to go.

One more order of business. Mom and I will tally up the number of comments left this weekend and prepare a donation. Now, from what I hear, the goal for Vinny's surgery has been met. We can still donate in his name for aftercare, or whatever other needs the rescue may have. Or, if anyone knows of another immediate need in the community let us know and we can send the monies there.
Either way, it is with thanks to all of you for contributing to the festivities that enables us to do it!

Now, don't forget your doggie bags and macrame bracelets on the way out!

Lots of love and sunflower kisses,
Brigitte and Wilma

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camp Sunflower 2011 This Weekend!!!

Hard to believe it girls! Camp Sunflower is THIS weekend!

We have been working on our activities, and found a great swimming hole. It's gonna be a hot one, and we want to stay cool.

So, get ready! There is still time to make suggestions for activities, and send in photos. Don't worry if you don't send a picture, you will still attend. Heh, heh.

Salinger, I hope you are home from vaca in time to spin some tunes for us!

Look how tall our Josie sunflower is getting!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Could You Find in Your Heart to Take in an Unwanted Guest?

Mom brought home a stray the other day.

Brigitte wasn't sure what to think, and I was non plussed.

But Sluggo was not feeling this guy at all.

Especially when he stood on tables like Puglet and Roxy.

So, if anyone has room for one more, just contact Sluggo to make arrangements for transport.
Don't worry, for now Puffy is staying in the back room, where he can't torment the wimp Sluggo.

Oh incidentally, as long as we are talking about the boy, he wanted to make sure I mention about how when me and Britte were shooting up at the vet, the vets husband made a big deal about how handsome Sluggo is.

I guess he is kinda cute.

On a very sad note, it is with  heavy hearts we must say farewell to yet another one of our precious friends

Over the weekend, Maggie pug girl went to the rainbow bridge.

It was a sudden, and unexpected loss, and as we are becoming far too familiar with, this is a devastating event for her Momma. Please go and share your love and support if you have not already.
 Maggie will be missed by all who knew her through her blog, but also by those who were lucky enough to meet her in the fur.

she had a special fondness for our friend Appollo.

They were a couple, and I know he will be missing her.

Rest in peace dear Maggie, we will have some whippy in your honor.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Benadrylma ~ They say lipoma like it's a good thing

So, Mom flung us all into the car the other day and headed off to the V-E-T.
Only Brigitte and me had appointments, but the little Sluggy Bee had to come too so he wasn't home alone. It was all pretty routine, we needed some shots, and the first one I got was benedryl.
After they gave me the needles, the vet came at me with an empty needle. I was perplexed, and then she jabbed me in the belly where I was brewing up a little lump. She took stuff out of my lump, examined it under a slide and said it was only a lipoma. A fatty tumor. Mom got all happy, and if I wasn't so hopped up on drugs, I would've been p.o.'d. I mean, what girl wants to be told she has a fat belly?! I ain't got no muffin top! I mean I actually lost a pound, so I don't know where the fat belly comment came from.

Anyway, the ride home was quite a "trip". A long strange trip, you might say.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog the Change ~ Pets for Vets

Blog the Change

Woah, it's that time again to Blog the Change! Almost missed it. It's a good thing Mom decided to pay a little attention to the important things in life, like me and my blog!

I must admit though, that there are some things that are even bigger and more important than me. That's where Blog the Change comes in. They provide this outlet to spread the word about great causes, and the people and animals behind them.

This time around, I chose to share the work of an organization called Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets was founded by animal trainer Clarissa Black. She works to save shelter animals and train them to be companion animals to veterans returning from service who are dealing with a variety of challenges including PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities. The effect of the relationships between the rescued and trained dogs and their new people, helps to save both parties.

You can learn all about Clarissa and the work she does by following the link above. I think she is a perfect example of someone being the change. I really admire what she is doing.

You could also like them on Facebook, if you are into that.

While you are at it, why not vote for Be the Change for Animals to win a Pettie on Dogtimes site they will donate their winnings to best Friends Animal Society. So it's all good.

Furthermore, if you check out any or all of these great folks, give yourself a cookie. You deserve it!

Have a great weekend!


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