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Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog the Change ~ Pets for Vets

Blog the Change

Woah, it's that time again to Blog the Change! Almost missed it. It's a good thing Mom decided to pay a little attention to the important things in life, like me and my blog!

I must admit though, that there are some things that are even bigger and more important than me. That's where Blog the Change comes in. They provide this outlet to spread the word about great causes, and the people and animals behind them.

This time around, I chose to share the work of an organization called Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets was founded by animal trainer Clarissa Black. She works to save shelter animals and train them to be companion animals to veterans returning from service who are dealing with a variety of challenges including PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities. The effect of the relationships between the rescued and trained dogs and their new people, helps to save both parties.

You can learn all about Clarissa and the work she does by following the link above. I think she is a perfect example of someone being the change. I really admire what she is doing.

You could also like them on Facebook, if you are into that.

While you are at it, why not vote for Be the Change for Animals to win a Pettie on Dogtimes site they will donate their winnings to best Friends Animal Society. So it's all good.

Furthermore, if you check out any or all of these great folks, give yourself a cookie. You deserve it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Pets for Vets sounds like a great program. It's so nice to know that there are some really giving people out there still.

  2. Oh thank you Wilma for bringing this up, and passing this information to us!

  3. When I saw Pets for Vets, my mind automatically went to Veterinarians. And I thought, "don't most of them already have pets?". Then I read the post and realized the Vets are Veterans. What a great idea! Much better than pets for Veterinarians.

    Just thought I'd share my Rosanne Rosannadanna moment.



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