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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunflower Sentiment

Hello friends. There has been so much happening with all of our Sunflower Sisters out there. We wanted to give everyone some special attention, but when we heard our girl Lilo was in trouble, we had to get right to work.

It seems Lilo has been struggling over the past couple months with some breathing problems and infections. She really needs us all to send her healing vibes from the power of the paw. And that is what we will do. We love you Lilo and Jess and we hope Lilo is fast on the road to recovery.

We also had a recent loss in our Sunflower family. Most of you know about dear Molly crossing the rainbow bridge. She was grand old dame and will be dearly missed by all. I only wish I could have met her in the fur. She had many of the qualities I hold dear in a royal pug.

We have planted a Sunflower right next to Josie's to honor Molly. We are keeping a close eye on it as the new public enemy number one "Finchy Poo" has taken to eating the seeds. I don't think Molly would appreciate that, so I have been giving Finchy the stink eye whenever I am in the yard.

There it is over my shoulder before Finchy Poo did the damage. This is my I mean business birdy look. What do you think?

We are behind on Birthday wishes too. Such slackers!

Happy Belated Birthday Noodles!

Happy Belated Birthday Petunia!

Happy Belated Birthday Tallulah!

Happy Belated Birthday Sequoia!

We know you had great birthdays and we were thinking of you. Just late in the message. Hope we didn't miss anyone, we will double check tomorrow.

Stay strong sisters,


  1. Such a good post ladies. The Molly sunflower is petty and Sequoia says thanks for the wishes too.

    The Girls

  2. This is a beautiful post Wilma.
    We are sending the power of the paws to Lilo.
    She is much loved,,, by all of us.
    Lets expect a miracle.

    And I blew a bunch of birthday wishes to all our sunflower sisters.

    The sunflower with the rainbow is so beautious

  3. Such a great post!! The sunflowers are very pretty!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. Very sweet post, Wilma.

    Thank you for remembering our Molly O'Mally with a sunflower. And excellent job with the stink eye.

    We are paw-raying for Lilo, and wish all the sisters a happy belated birthday!

    Hugs -

    Sarah and Hank

  5. We are strong girls, and we are even stronger together!
    Love to all,

  6. Happy birthday to all the sunflower sisters. Sad that Molly is no longer with us, but know that she is playing with Josie somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

    And Wilma, that look is mean and dirty, no would dare touch that flower!


    Minnie Moo

  7. Wilma you say it all so eloquently. I am putting so much power into Lilo's recovery that I can barely lift my nose to sniff! Happy birthday to my fellow Sunflower sisters as well.
    Love Noodles

  8. Ok first of all that is a lot of members with birthdays near one another. Holy smokes! Next...... the planting of the sunflowers is pawsome idea. I helps us not to forget our departed members (not that we would! how could we!).

    We just heard the news that Lilo has passed over the bridge. I think for our Sunflower weekend coming up we should have a special celebration of life for those that have left us behind.

    Tika and Kizzy



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