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Monday, July 18, 2011

Could You Find in Your Heart to Take in an Unwanted Guest?

Mom brought home a stray the other day.

Brigitte wasn't sure what to think, and I was non plussed.

But Sluggo was not feeling this guy at all.

Especially when he stood on tables like Puglet and Roxy.

So, if anyone has room for one more, just contact Sluggo to make arrangements for transport.
Don't worry, for now Puffy is staying in the back room, where he can't torment the wimp Sluggo.

Oh incidentally, as long as we are talking about the boy, he wanted to make sure I mention about how when me and Britte were shooting up at the vet, the vets husband made a big deal about how handsome Sluggo is.

I guess he is kinda cute.

On a very sad note, it is with  heavy hearts we must say farewell to yet another one of our precious friends

Over the weekend, Maggie pug girl went to the rainbow bridge.

It was a sudden, and unexpected loss, and as we are becoming far too familiar with, this is a devastating event for her Momma. Please go and share your love and support if you have not already.
 Maggie will be missed by all who knew her through her blog, but also by those who were lucky enough to meet her in the fur.

she had a special fondness for our friend Appollo.

They were a couple, and I know he will be missing her.

Rest in peace dear Maggie, we will have some whippy in your honor.


  1. Hey Wilma! I enjoyed that video very much...especially when you sniffed the butt! You sure showed your siblings how to be a brave pug...they were pretty scared/nervous, huh? You know, I kinda have to agree with the vet's hubby, Sluggo is a handsome guy.
    PS. We already went to Maggie's blog. We didn't know her, but it's just so sad. I'm not sure that we can take much more of this...

  2. Oh Wilma, this had my momma really laughing! We loved how Sluggo hid behind Wil. Mom said Sluggy Bee can come live with us if he wants. She has a very disturbing obsession with his sweet teddy bear face, which I find very upsetting.

    Like Sluggo, I am extremely upset by inanimate objects. This weekend I set my sights on a cell phone charger that was plugged into the wall. Just completely lost my $#it.


  3. P.S. We are so, so sad about Maggie Girl. :(

  4. Mom has some fake dogs and it is a very strange obsession of hers.

    We are sorry you lost a friend.

  5. Puffy is one strange guy! Oddly, Mommy is curious where she can find her own Puffy! (we don't support this idea at all).

    We're sorry to hear about Maggie. :o( It seems there has been so much loss within our blogging community lately. We're very sad.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  6. Oh my goodness and its even house trained!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh Wilma, if that Puffy guy is anything like the guy Silent George who moved in with us at Christmas, you are in real trouble. Silly moms, always bringing in strays!!


  8. Hi Wilma,

    The video is great, even the butt check. Sluggo is doing his part on protecting you girls. Hehee snort.

    Speaking of Sluggo, his very handsome.


  9. Hey Sluggo-
    Wanna arm wresle? Just kidding- me's a lover not a fighter...
    Me sees yous not a wimp like yous sissy's tink- butt a fighter for sure!

    You and yous balloon should pose in a swing like me's- whatcha tinks??

    'den our sissy's can all laugh 'der fool heads at us!!

    Anakin Man



    Sluggo I am there with you dude. Defending the house from the unwelcome guest. Mum on the other hand thinks this is just hysterical and is crying she is laughing so hard. Something about the butt sniffing.

    If I could have been theres I would have backed you ups with the growl and barking.


  11. Well Sluggo really showed that creepy guy who is Boss! Don't you just hate someone who hovers over you all the time? Geese.

    Kitty and Coco



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