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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review ~ Mr Chewy

Hi friends! A few weeks back, a fellow from Mr Chewy contacted me, and asked if I would like to write an honest review on their service. He offered me a code to spend at the site on whatever I would like. I thought to myself, I am always honest, and I get to order from their site any food or treats I like. I am always hungry! Win, win!

We took a look around the site, and liked a lot of the products they offer. I wanted to order treats, but old thumbs was being practical and ordered food. They carry the kind of food we eat, Honest Kitchen, so that was pretty cool. They also have prescription pet food if that's what you need. The prices were very reasonable.

One of the things I liked about the site, was that it was easy to navigate. I also liked that they stick to the basics. Mr Chewy offers quality stuff for dogs and cats to eat, treats and food, and stuff for them to use when its time to get rid of what they eat, potty pads and litter. They also carry flea and tick medication. That's it! So we didn't get all caught up in clicking through pages and pages of other stuff.

We placed our order late in the day, and Mom couldn't believe it when the box was right on our door step when she got home from work the following day! Not only that, but they offer free 1-2 day shipping on orders over 50 bucks! This quick service is great for us, because Mom does everything last minute. For the love of pug, we could have starved to death if the food didn't arrive so quickly.

One draw back was that the product we ordered was older than what we get from our local store. It was still fresh, and far from expired, but I like to choose the newest box when I goes to the store.
The convenience of having it delivered right to door is pretty attractive.

Overall, we are very pleased with our experience with Mr Chewy, and we would recommend it to you all, if you were searching for an online source for food and treats.

In fact, we are including a code for you to enter if you would like to try them out. It is part of their referral program . Two things I like about the referral program are that you, meaning YOU, can receive 10% off your first order, and for every order they receive via the referral, they will donate to one of three charities of my choice. I chose North Shore Animal League as I am most familiar with the good work they do. But, I can change my mind anytime, and I can also split the donation between the three choices.

Here's the code


I imagine you enter it at checkout like most offer codes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Mom who spends too much time on Facebook chatting it up with her pug sluts, and neglects pug blog, find many poops on floor"

That is all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Award Mien Liebshen

Hi people! Hope you are well. I am very honored to have received an award from my good friends Yoda, Brutus and Ellie, over at The Pugs Strike Back. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I'll tell you someone else who also appreciates it. My Dad!

When I told him about the award, and what Leibster means in German (dearest). He said he knew already. I guess he has some kind of German heritage. Grammy says its Hungarian, and she should know, but Dad likes to call me his little Liebshen. That coupled with the fact that he has a desk name plate that says The Kaiser leads me to believe he is confused about his heritage.

Either way, The award is meant to be given to blogs you favor who have 200 or less followers. As with many of these awards there are some guidelines. They are pretty simple, and go as follows:

1. Copy and paste the award on my blog. Check.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave me the award. Check
3. Pick my five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award. Check.
4. Hope the blogs I've awarded share it! Hoping!

Here are the blogs I've chosen. It wasn't easy to narrow it down. I hope you stop by and say hi. Tell em Vilma sent you mien liebchens!

1 . Life on the Smushie Ranch. Our friends Stella, Gunther, Macaroni and now Mucho are back, and we couldn't be happier!

2. The Urban Hounds these guys are way cool! If you don't know them, you should.

3. Our Forest Haven we love this blog. Norman the chihuahua, and Douglas the pug live on a farm up North with a bunch a really neat animals. Mom and Dad say they live the life we are too wimpy to live.

4. Say it Ain't So. We love this blog. Rae is so cute, she loves vintage, kitchen, estate sals and Goodwill. Mom wishes she could go shopping with her. She also has two cute pugs, and a cute husband.

5. The Scarlet Sutras. Sri Scarlet Swami Doggiji has the best outlook on life. She is everything I imagined my Wednesday words of wisdom could be.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

All Better

Hi everybody! I had another private drive with Mom this morning to my eye doctor for a recheck. My infection, and ulcer are all healed. That is the good news. The not as good news, is that I had a blocked tear duct. Do you know what they do when you have a blocked tear duct?! Well, I do. Unfortunately when they brought the syringe out with the needle like apparatus at the end, Mom, the NURSE, turned her back! She claimed something about not wanting to see her baby go through this procedure. Yeah, well I think she's just not as tough as she claims to be. Either way, on the BILL it said irrigation, and she knows that that means flushing. Whatever, I wasn't really into it either, so I farted. Loud! Right while they were working with me. The tech said she could feel it rumbling in my belly first. That's right, I reached deep into my bowel and pulled out a real winner. Mine don't stink, so it wasn't all that bad. Coulda been worse, coulda been Brigitte. Now those are some noxious fumes. That chug can beef!

The two best things about today's trip were-

A. That I don't have to go back for four whole months, and

B. We went and got me my own private bully stick!

That's right! I got to gnaw to my hearts content all the way home from the vet.

This made me very happy.

And let's face it folks, when Wilma is happy, everyone is happy.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Stop back by, I am going to try and get mom to help me post some more awesome content.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We've Got a Winner!

Congratulations Tweedles! Your cute safe self has won my Winter Pet Safety Awareness Photo Contest. That means you will receive a safety kit from Morton Salt! I have a feeling it will come in handy for you out there in cold snowy forest. Thanks so much for participating!

I would like to thank our other participants too. As a thank you to Frank the Tank, and my Southern Fried Friends, I plan to send you a little something as runners up. So, look for something in the mail soon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Voting is open

Brigitte and Sluggo say don't be left out in the cold. Click on the tab at the top of the page to view the entries for the Winter Pet Safety Photo Contest and vote for your favorite in the sidebar at the right. Voting will be open until Wednesday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog the Change ~ Close to Home

Hi everybody, I'm back! This time it is for the quarterly Blog Hop for Blog the Change. I'm getting in just under the wire here, but if I'm being honest, I just remembered about the blog hop this morning.

So as I was thinking about what organization I wanted to share with my readers, I realized that in the past, I have often thought of places who rehome animals, and who rescue them from less than happy circumstances. While these many organizations are amazing, and deserve all the help they can get, what about animals who are in happy loving places? More and more lately, I have been hearing about folks who have to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their pets due to financial reasons. I'm sure you all have heard the stories too. Stories about people out of work, or struggling due to health reasons. I wanted to find out about people who help pets stay with their families. The families who love them, that they love back.

I guess this struck a particularly personal note for me, as I had been hearing Mom talk about a woman at work, who was verging on homelessness. I won't get into all the details, but I will tell you that another nice lady at Mom's work has offered her a place to stay that she can afford until she gets back on her feet. The one other thing I know about this lady, is that she has a dog. I knew cuz I could smell her on Mom. She told Mom that no matter what happened, she would never give up her dog. She said that they both needed each other. This is just one in a million people who need their pets just as much as their pets need them. Why should they have to give them up? They have often already given up so much. There must be help for them right?

I had Mom look around the internet for such people, and she found quite a few organizations that fit the bill. Then I thought, I could blog about one of these groups, or I could do something to help. I decided to do something. The Connecticut Humane Society started a pet food pantry back in 2010, in response to all the people struggling to make ends meet. They collected over 5 tons of dry pet food, 400 cans of pet food, and 500 boxes of treats. That is a lot of food! Well, it all went, and they continue to serve hundreds of dogs and cats every month, and the need keeps growing. So, long story longer, I am going to have a pet food drive to benefit The Connecticut Humane Society's pet food bank. I haven't worked out all the details yet, like where it will be. I am trying to get Dad to post a flyer and bring a bin to work. He works with tons of people, and they all really like him. Or maybe I'll saunter down to to local Fire Department. They are always willing to help out. Whatever I end up doing, I will let you all know. I am hoping to maybe inspire one or two of you to follow my lead and hold your own pet food drive. I know that many of our parents all do a lot to help with rescues, and animal welfare, why not drum up some additional support from your neighbors and friends?

Last Call

Just a reminder to hurry and enter our Winter Safety Photo contest. Send your pictures to Mom at k dot hancich at snet dot net to enter by the end of today. I have created a page with our entries so far, and I will open voting tomorrow to choose a winner. Check out the entries by clicking on the tab up above that says Saf-T-Pet giveaway.

Come back later today. I am making Mom do two posts today, because it's Blog the Change day today!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Secret Emergency Meeting of the Sunflower Club

Hello ladies and honorary members of the club. Brigitte here. In an effort to make up for the fact that it took until Friday night for Mom to get it together, I am serving cocktails before the meeting officially commences. So, what'll it be?

" Here ye, hear ye! I am officially opening the first official meeting of the Sunflower Sisters of 2012"

First official order of business, is to commend our sisters, Payton and Suki, who were very busy over the holiday. They are seated in the Sunflower chair of honor to recognize them for their most awesome score. They have really outdone themselves with this one girls, and I think you will agree.

It seems that during the holidays, Payton and Suki got together to pull off a heist that Suki had masterminded. Well, why don't I just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Payton, keep an eye out for those Fire Hydrant boys - they could be anywhere

Suki, go get the Sunflower van and let's load this thing

those fire hydrant boys won't know what hit them when we take their most prized possession...hehee...snort

Not only were they successful at procuring the fire hydrant, but they also brought in some reinforcements! Way to go girls!

So, as you can see girls, we have a lot to discuss concerning how we will unveil this latest most excellent dis of those stinky boys!!!! Watcha think?

As I mentioned yesterday, also on the agenda is starting to plan our next event. Perhaps we could tie it all in with the hydrant. Payton and Suki talked about dancing in a big circle around it. I would love to make it into a big May pole, but I don't want to wait til May to brag, that is for sure.

I will officially open the floor to comments and suggestions ::bangs gavel::

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates and Announcements

Hello friends. Checking in with a couple of announcements and reminders.

First, I want to let you know we have extended the deadline to submit your pictures for our Morton Salt Safe -T -Pet photo contest until Sunday night. That ought to give your humans some extra time to grab a couple shots of you being safe. We have a few entries already, but I'd love to see more of you join in the fun! We will still put up the entries on Monday with a poll for you all to decide the winner. So tell your people to get those flashy boxes out, and start shooting!

Hey boys! Don't you need to go find something to pee on?!

:::::::::::::::::::::::Spy filters activate:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


I am hereby calling an emergency meeting of the Sunflower Club. We will meet tomorrow, after I send my Mom to fetch my 5 pounds of ground chuck for my meals for the week.

We have some really exciting things going on, and I don't want anyone to miss out. You are not even going to believe what our girls Suki and Peyton have gotten their paws on! I am so proud of them, you have no idea. But, it will all of us working together to put a plan into place for what our next move will be.

Also on the agenda will be voting on what our next party will celebrate. Valentines Day is Coming up, so thats always a reason to party. Plus, if you remember last year, we had our road trip south to beat the winter blues. I was also thinking, maybe we could have a party celebrating all the recent and upcoming Sunflower birthdays, since I've been kinda slacking on doing your special posts. Either way, any and all suggestions will be discussed at tomorrows meeting.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Spy filters deactivate:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I'll be looking forward to those photos, now have a great night!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Willy D's Play it Safe Photo Contest & Giveaway

I am very excited to launch this contest to help bring awareness to Winter Pet Safety. A couple of weeks ago you may remember my post talking about National Keep Pets Safe in the Winter Day. In that post, I mentioned that the nice folks over at Morton Salt, makers of Safe-T-Pet ice melter, were going to offer you, my readers, a Winter Safety Kit. I have decided to run a photo contest, with winner receiving the safety kit. Here's the deal. For the next week you can send photos of yourself practicing safety. You can refer to the Safe-T-Pet list of Tips to keep you safe this Winter here or feel free to be creative and show us some of your own safe practices. The contest is open to all animals. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, whatever. You can send your pictures with a brief explanation if needed to my Mom at k dot hancich at snet dot net until next Saturday night. After that, I will have my Dad look over the entries and help narrow it down to some finalists. He is resident safety boy, so I need to consult his expertise.

On Monday the 16th, we will put up a poll for you all to vote for the winner. I can't wait to see how all of you are going to play it safe! Have fun! If you haven't gone over to the Morton Salt Facebook page and liked them, what are you waiting for? For every like they get this month, they are donating a buck to the ASPCA to help animals in need. Love, Wilma - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Woah! Two Years?!

398 posts
over 47,000 views
read in over 10 countries
almost 4,000 comments
Whoda ever thunk, that day two years ago when I asked Mom if we could start blogging, that I would have accomplished so much.
There have been giveaways, contests and reviews. We have started a great club in the Sunflower girls, where we have camped, partied, gone on tour.
You have come on vacation to the Cape with us, met our friends in need of homes, been through hurricanes and blizzards.
There have been a lot of laughs, and a few tears along the way.

One thing I can tell you without a doubt.
The best part about writing this blog has been the amazing people and pugs we have met along the way. I mean it! You all have enriched our lives on so many levels. Thanks for coming by and reading, and commenting. Thanks to those of you who write your own blogs. I don't want to say I'd be nothing without you, because I'm me, and I'm awesome no matter what. However, I certainly wouldn't be as inspired to share my greatness, without all of you, my friends!

I'm Brigitte, I'm 11, and I don't care!!!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

...and the Winner Is! and other random business

Congratz Shiloh and Shasta! You are the winners of our Pawmetto treats giveaway.
Just have your Mom email your address to my Mom and she will pass it along to the folks at Pawmetto. I hope you love the treats as much as we did, and thanks for playing.

We chose the winner via, and lucky number 2 came up!

I plan on doing the Saf-T-Pet giveaway this week to help kick off the Pet Safety Awareness month. I will give that it's own post though. I will let you know that it is going to be a photo contest. So have your people start documenting any safe practices in anticipation for winning your own safety kit.

With that business out of the way, I have a couple more things on my agenda today. First, I would like to officially wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you find tons of treats, laps, fun and good health in 2012. I can't wait to spend another year sharing antics with all my good friends out there in blogville.

If you can imagine, tomorrow will be my second blogoversary! I plan on doing a special post, so be sure to check back.

Last year, I did a Best and Worst of 2010 awards post. I want to do another one this year. Kind of along the lines of the Grammys, or even like in the Enquirers best and worst dressed fashion.
I would love to have your input, so if you would like to peruse last years post for some ideas, and submit your own nominations, that would be awesome! Perhaps a panel of judges will be enlisted for this years event! I have plenty of trophy choices, so don't limit yourselves to last years categories. Oh, this is gonna be fun!

Before I sign off, there is some serious Sunflower Power of the Paw needed for our friend Pip.

Please stop by and offer him some love to help get him through this health scare. 

There is also some Sunflower business to address, so keep your calenders open for a meeting girls.

That's all for now friends, must get back to bossing around the parents on Dad's last day of break!


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