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Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Secret Emergency Meeting of the Sunflower Club

Hello ladies and honorary members of the club. Brigitte here. In an effort to make up for the fact that it took until Friday night for Mom to get it together, I am serving cocktails before the meeting officially commences. So, what'll it be?

" Here ye, hear ye! I am officially opening the first official meeting of the Sunflower Sisters of 2012"

First official order of business, is to commend our sisters, Payton and Suki, who were very busy over the holiday. They are seated in the Sunflower chair of honor to recognize them for their most awesome score. They have really outdone themselves with this one girls, and I think you will agree.

It seems that during the holidays, Payton and Suki got together to pull off a heist that Suki had masterminded. Well, why don't I just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Payton, keep an eye out for those Fire Hydrant boys - they could be anywhere

Suki, go get the Sunflower van and let's load this thing

those fire hydrant boys won't know what hit them when we take their most prized possession...hehee...snort

Not only were they successful at procuring the fire hydrant, but they also brought in some reinforcements! Way to go girls!

So, as you can see girls, we have a lot to discuss concerning how we will unveil this latest most excellent dis of those stinky boys!!!! Watcha think?

As I mentioned yesterday, also on the agenda is starting to plan our next event. Perhaps we could tie it all in with the hydrant. Payton and Suki talked about dancing in a big circle around it. I would love to make it into a big May pole, but I don't want to wait til May to brag, that is for sure.

I will officially open the floor to comments and suggestions ::bangs gavel::


  1. I will have what Bridgette is having.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hi Wilma & Brigitte!

    Thanks for serving cocktails. I'll take a pomegranate margarita please. It's an Honor to sit with my friend, Payton, on the Sunflower Chair!

    Let me tell you & Wilma, I was worried when I woke up that morning, everything was covered in snow. Wasn't sure how we would maneuver the fire hydrant into the Sunflower van. Thank goodness the snow melted just in time. With a heave-ho. a time or two, we did it. Payton & I were in & out of there in two shakes of a lambs tail. Those silly boys had no idea what just had happened. Hehee, snort.

    On the way back to the Sunflower Club, we picked up the reinforcement. It was a tight fit to squeeze, but we made it fit.

    The May pole is a great idea, but like you, don't want to wait. What about turning the hydrant into a ginormous Sunflower pot. Looking forward to hear more ideas from our Sunflower sisters.


  3. What an awesome heist! Tallulah and Petunia can hike their legs and pee on it! Isabelle can pee around it.

  4. Hmmmm Sluggoooooooo. Sluggo you theres. I can't seem to break thru the spy filters on this meeting. Hmmmm. Is there anythings you know of abouts this meeting. Fill me in.


  5. Winston! It's Sluggo! I am contacting you from inside the fire hydrant the girls stole. Wait til they find out that it is like the Trojan Fire Hydrant, and that we have in fact broken into their compound!!!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Girls,
    First things first, Brigitte, I'd love a Kahlua and cream!
    Wilma, thanks so much for letting Suki and I sit on the Sunflower Chair! I hope we have indeed made everyone proud!
    Why don't we have a May Day party sometime before Valentine's Day? I think we can all use a touch of spring fever since winter and cold weather is really starting to take hold.
    Wait, did you hear that? Shh! I think I heard it again...
    ====spy filters activate====
    Did that hydrant just snort? Quick, someone needs to investigate!
    ====spy filters deactivate====

  7. Girls! I am so impressed with what Payton and Suki have pulled off here. I love it!
    I say just to make sure those boys didnt leave any spy gear in their hydrant, maybe we should fumigate it. Or turn it upside down and give it a good shakin'... Ya know, just to be safe.

    Anyway, count me in for a Valentine's party! Omg... Maybe we could make it a co-Ed party... Ya know, we all bring a date. But we REALLY slip somethin ' in those boys' punch and get all their secretsssss! Yessss!

  8. Well done, sisters, well done. You deserve those cocktails for a job well done.

  9. oh lord,
    that hydrant lookrd like a oxygen tank to me tand it looked like a cart to drag it around. No thanks for the drink. But i have to say you guys did quite a job but now it looks like you messed up. S o clue me in if i am wrong.

  10. The Diva Queen Shasta here - furst up, your mom shood b gittin'our email addy 'bout now.
    Second - so sorry I missed your meeting. Mom woodn't let us near the 'puter til late last nite an'by then, I wuz gittin'my beauty rest in. Me'n mom haz gotta haf a talk 'bout 'puter time.

  11. by the way sluggo, i thot you looked familiar on the hydrant, it is yours so you tend to hide in it, oh, how funny is that!!!!!!!!! did the sisters know that?

  12. Hi Sluggo! Its Frank, I heard that you contacted Winston from inside the fire hydrant the girls stole! Thats soooo crazy! Nice Evil laugh, you will need to listen in to all secret meetings and get us info! This is going to be good!!!!! Love, Licks and BIG Pug Hugs from Frank xxxxx



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