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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates and Announcements

Hello friends. Checking in with a couple of announcements and reminders.

First, I want to let you know we have extended the deadline to submit your pictures for our Morton Salt Safe -T -Pet photo contest until Sunday night. That ought to give your humans some extra time to grab a couple shots of you being safe. We have a few entries already, but I'd love to see more of you join in the fun! We will still put up the entries on Monday with a poll for you all to decide the winner. So tell your people to get those flashy boxes out, and start shooting!

Hey boys! Don't you need to go find something to pee on?!

:::::::::::::::::::::::Spy filters activate:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


I am hereby calling an emergency meeting of the Sunflower Club. We will meet tomorrow, after I send my Mom to fetch my 5 pounds of ground chuck for my meals for the week.

We have some really exciting things going on, and I don't want anyone to miss out. You are not even going to believe what our girls Suki and Peyton have gotten their paws on! I am so proud of them, you have no idea. But, it will all of us working together to put a plan into place for what our next move will be.

Also on the agenda will be voting on what our next party will celebrate. Valentines Day is Coming up, so thats always a reason to party. Plus, if you remember last year, we had our road trip south to beat the winter blues. I was also thinking, maybe we could have a party celebrating all the recent and upcoming Sunflower birthdays, since I've been kinda slacking on doing your special posts. Either way, any and all suggestions will be discussed at tomorrows meeting.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Spy filters deactivate:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I'll be looking forward to those photos, now have a great night!


  1. Hi Wilma! Looking forward to tomorrow! Hehee!

  2. Hi Wilma!
    I can't wait till tomorrow! Hehee, snort.


  3. Hi Wilma!
    I did submit the link to my pictures for the Morton Salt Safe -T -Pet photo contest - did you see it? Should I send it again??
    You know I DID need to go find something to pee on and how strange .... I'm sure you Sunflower girls are planning something! I'm thinking maybe a Sadie Hawkins dance thing when the girls ask the boys to this years Valentines event ... Hmmmm??? Love, Licks and Big Puggy Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hey Wil! Can't wait for tomorrow's meeting!

    My birthday is next weekend- yay!!

  5. Wilma I will try to make the meeting, if Mom doesn't get called in to take care of "sick or accident prone idiots".

  6. Hi Wilma
    Here I am-
    I think bloggeris playing friday the 13 games on me!



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