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Thursday, December 27, 2012

We had a lovely Christmas, and are looking forward to the New Year. We hope that all of our blogging buddies, are happy, healthy safe and loved. We really appreciate each and every one of you. Look for another post soon, but in the meantime, I will leave you with some of my favorite moments of the day.

Sluggo chilaxin' in his Santa hat

Brigitte tried it on too. Not a fan!

We had a white Christmas

She much preferred hanging out with Grampy in her Christmas dress.

While I am happiest at my Daddy's side.

Or sitting right on top of him, if necessary!

Brigitte was hoping to enjoy an after dinner cigar with uncle Bill, but second hand smoke is too dangerous.

She was just as happy to sit with Mom.

Location:Scenes of the Season

Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Unspeakable Tragedy

Our hearts are heavy with grief for the innocent lives lost in Sandy Hook CT. Please keep the community of Newtown Connecticut and the families and loved ones of those killed, close to your hearts as they move through this horrific event.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A list Blogger in da Hizouse!!!

Well, technically, she wasn't in my house, but she was in my car!!!
Yep, that is Ellie , Brutus and Angel Yoda's Mom, of The Pugs Strike Back fame.
She came to CT for some work thing, and my Mom got to spend the afternoon with her.
Guess where they went?!!!!!
Only my favorite restaurant in the universe!
The Corner Pug!

No, she didn't actually choke on lunch. This is a picture they sent to those Pug Slut friends. You know the ones. The real reason I don't get to blog as much anymore. But that is OK, cuz guess what?!
When Mom got home she had prezzies for us from Brutus and Ellie!
They sure smelled good. We recognised the smells right away from when we got to meet Brutus and Ellie in the fur.

Not just any sock monkey, a holiday sock monkey

Here is a picture of Sluggo hoarding all three lammies
He is so greedy.

But there was one thing he definitely knew was his!
 A brand new awesome rope toy specially from Ellie!

Sluggo and Ellie love them some rope toys. One of the many things they have in common.

Thanks you guys for the killer toys. Hope you have a great holiday. Next time your humans come to the 203's, you need to come too!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I am Home * a guest post from frankie*

Ahem, um, hi everyone! I'm Frankie, and Wilma has allowed me to guest post here on her blog.
So, most of you will recognise me from Wilma's previous post about Franksgiving weekend. Well I have been stayin' here over the past couple of weeks, and at first I thought I was gonna be stayin' for good.
I mean, it seemed like it, considering how much everyone loved up on me when I got here. Well, maybe not everyone.
I came up against a little resistance from this guy at first. They call him Sluggo. It seems he and I had a fondness for the same thing. The lady in the houses lap. Yep, it is warm, and ample, and when you sit there you are sure to get many pets.
Well, I guess Sluggo considers this his most valued resource, and he liked to guard it with a vengeance at first. But just as we were all learning to share. That's right, there is room enough for all of us...
Some new people came to the house to meet me.
They were very nice, and they seemed to really like me. Next thing I know, we were going for a walk. I thought, wow! these guys are great. They must know how much I love walkies. I even pooped for them.
So then the lady with the nice lap took some pictures of me with these new people, and I noticed that my crate was getting taken out of the house again.  
I started to get a little confused. I mean, what'd I do?
I mean, I kinda understood why I had to leave my last home. I was peein' and stuff, and their resident pug was kinda nervous around me. But I had been on my best behavior here. Wilma really liked me.

Brigitte was cool with me...
Heck, even Sluggo was coming around...
And I knew the humans loved me. They told me all the time. They gave me a nice bath, and were feeding me very tasty food. In fact, just the night before, they let me sleep in the big bed!!!
It didn't make sense, but then as she was saying goodbye, the lady with the lap told me something that one of her friends told her when she was feeling sad about letting me go.
She told me that her and the other man human were just holding onto me long enough to get my heart ready to be loved.
And last night, as I was sitting with my new Dad watching football, I felt it. That kind of love other dogs have told me about.
Forever love.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Has Been Quite a Franksgiving Weekend

And, no that is not a typo!

Hi everybody!!! Hope your bellys are full of turkey and you hearts filled with love. I know mine is.

It has been quite a week here in Wilma's world. It all started on Monday when this new guy showed up at our house and shook things up. That's him, Frankie, laying in my bed with me, snuggling.

He is very handsome, and I took a shine to him right away. The other two, not so much. Brigitte isn't one for change. She's an old lady like that. She likes her early bird specials, and her orthopedic bed. As far as Sluggo goes, he doesn't like anyone on his mommy's lap but him. So when this new guy came along and was so enthusiastic about leaping up there, Sluggo got all gangsta.

Mom and Dad say that Frankie is only staying with us for a little while until he finds his forever family. I guess he's kinda in the market for a family to call his own.

Learning that Frankie didn't have his own humans really threw me. I mean, especially at this time of year when family and friends are all gathering together to celebrate and give thanks. It made me realize how lucky I am. It seems the other two are coming around too. Brigitte actually hung out with him, on the bed, without giving him the business.

Even Sluggo joined in and let him hang on moms lap! That's him between Britte and Sluggo.

Sluggo paid a visit to his old foster brother and Murphy reminded him about how cool he was when Sluggo came along. And Sluggo took tons of his Moms attention away, cuz Sluggo was just a puppy.

Murphy told Sluggo that Frankie needed some extra love right now, and that it didn't mean he was being replaced. He explained that soon, Frankie would be as lucky as we are, and he would have his very own people to love him. Murphy even said that Sluggo would miss this new guy. Ever since then, Sluggo's been a lot cooler.

Stay tuned, I hear there is a strong contender for Frankie's new peeps. They are gonna love this guy! I know I do!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Super Secret, Please Don't Tell, Request for Help

Hi everybody! Mom asked me to help her reach out to some of you who may have participated in the 1000 Pugs photo shoots. At first, I was like "oh really?!!! you need my help?! Interesting, when I need your thumbs, you are always so busy." But then she told me that is wasn't really for her, but for Puglet's Mom, I totally agreed to help. She has some of the best treats ever, and if I ever see her again, I want to make sure I score some. The other thing I told Mom was that I hoped she was successful, because I wouldn't be surprised if hardly anyone even read my blog anymore! That made her feel bad, so I hope she will listen to me when I tell her I need to post!
Anyway, back to the business at hand.Many of you may recall my post about our 1000 Pugs photo shoot, and how awesome it was. Well, Mom and some of our friends have been working on a book of memories for Amanda. Kind of a behind the scenes look at what was going on while she was so busy with Nikon. People are sharing photos, and stories that will be compiled in a book for Amanda to enjoy. Mainly, it's her Pugsluts Facebook group who have been contributing so far, but we want anyone who participated to have a chance to share.
So, if you would like to contribute to the book, just email mom your humans email addy at
k dot hancich at snet dot net.
 Just tell her who you are, and where you did your shoot, and she will send an invitation from Mixbook. That is the website we are using, just in case your human thinks it is spam.
I have been able to check out some of the pages, and it is really an amazing keepsake already. I hope more of you will join us to make it even more awesome!
Either way, pleeeeease, please, please, don't let the secret out to Amanda, or Puglet. We really want this to be a surprise. That is why we were reluctant to post about it here. So mum's the word! OK?
The original deadline is December 1st. But that is subject to change, especially if a lot more people would like to participate.

Also, if you haven't read Pug's latest post, you should go have a look. Sophie's Mom, (Pug's  Grammy) had a heart attack. She is OK now, but I am sure a little stay healthy juju would go a long way in helping everyone feel better!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are All Good

We are all very happy to report that we are safe and dry. Others are not as lucky. Sandy has cost some people their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families, as well as all of the folks who have suffered devastating effects from Frankenstorm. Hoping to continue hearing from friends that they are safe and well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Hi Everybody! I am sending Duty Officer Britte to let you know that we are hunkered down for Sandy. We have made storm preparations, and are in the best shape we can be. We hope that all of our friends and loved ones in Sandy's path, remain safe and dry throughout the storm. If able, given the fact that we will probably go dark soon, we will let you know how we are doing. Be safe everyone!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now, I Will Tell You of My Trip of a Lifetime

I can't even believe that you have had to wait almost a month to hear of my most wonderful adventure to the Midwest. I hope you feel it was worth the wait, because we had one hell of a time!
This post will be heavy on the pictures, as there were many. Some will be omitted, because....well let's just say some things that happened in Indy, must stay in Indy. This post may have to be brought to you in installments, because there just may be too much awesomeness for one post. Whatever happens, let's get started, shall we?

We started out early one morning on a very long journey. That night, we ended up somewhere in Ohio. From what I could see, there wasn't much happening in this place that would require the attendance of a celebrity such as myself. I was not impressed, and quite frankly a little irked.

Then I was informed that this was merely a layover. A place to rest until we could set out fresh in the morning for our final destination. So, we hunkered down for the night.

With a fresh perspective and full bellies, we set off the next morning. This time when we stopped, I was much happier with our accommodations. In fact, I even took off down the hall to ensure the whole place was up to my standards.

There was a gorgeous pug in the room next door, and she just kept looking at me with such adoration. Clearly, she had excellent taste.

Once we settled in, I found out that not only was there a cutie next door, but there was a whole slew if my blogging friends!!!! For real!! In the fur!
Gen, Foo and their Mom were right up the hall! Winston Wilbur's Mom was there! Mochi, Macho and Marshmallow and their humans too! Plus Lulu and her Mom! If that weren't enough, I heard other additional pugs were all in the process of gathering for what would be the pugsluttiest of all parties!

We were invited to a gathering over at The Pug Posse's house that evening, but we were rather road weary, and I wanted to make sure I was my best selfed up self the following day for all of the festivities. So, we hung out at the hotel with Gen, Foo, Lulu and their peeps.

Lulu is a bit shy. She enjoyed getting to know everyone from her Moms shoulder.

Foo is a real cool chick. She liked be up on the furniture. The following night, which will have to have it's own post, she kept stealing Dad's seat. So funny! I knew i would love Gen. She's a real ballbuster, much like myself. Here she is hanging on the sofa.

Now Foo. That old gal has got to be one of the quirkiest girls I know. She had a lot to say, but her little voice was barely there. Didn't stop her from schooling us in a few things though!

I knew we were in for some good times, and I couldn't wait for the following day, when I would get to meet even more of my pals! For now, I will conclude this installment of my trip of a lifetime. Here's a little taste. Gotta always leave 'em wanting more!

Stay tuned!


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