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Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Unspeakable Tragedy

Our hearts are heavy with grief for the innocent lives lost in Sandy Hook CT. Please keep the community of Newtown Connecticut and the families and loved ones of those killed, close to your hearts as they move through this horrific event.


  1. Our aunt sis iza kindergarten teacher here in town so it kinda hitz close tue home fur her. Our mom iz furry much sad fur all so we r stayin'close tue her if she needz x-tra snugglez. So furry much sad - such a terrible tragedy. We pray fur all survivorz an'the familiez an'loved onez dealin'with their loss.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

  2. We pray for all those touched by this terrible event. We are so sorry to hear about this tragic episode. God bless all.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We sit beside you and so many others as we think about this terrible tradgedy.

  4. What an awful tragedy ... it's so hard to understand why anyone would want to hurt innocent people - especially children!



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