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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Reader Participation Edition

Hi peoples! I can't believe it's Wednesday already.
For this weeks wisdom I was planning on continuing to address your questions.
As I perused some of your submissions for a question I could lend my wisdom to, I came across my friend Toby Moses' from over at The Slimmer Pugs query.

How do you keep the mamas home? They've been off doing lots of things...which Isa just don't likes.

-Toby Moses

This one intrigued me.
You see as recently as last week, I though I had been doing a pretty good job at this.

I even commented to him that I believed I could help.
Then, this week, everything changed.

And we are none too happy about it!

Everyday this week so far, Mom has woken us up out of a sweet comfortable sleep, dragged us out into the cool wet grass bleary eyed, to do business, fed us, and then taken off all day long!

This is very jarring, and disruptive to our usual routine.
Normally, we get to sleep til we wake up, stretch, wipe the sleep out of our eyes and enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast.
Not only is she taking off on us, leaving us to fend for ourselves, virtually helpless, but, she also has not been giving me my required blog labor.
I have been keeping up with all of you, but I haven't been able to comment as much as I like.
In addition, not enough posts! I mean, I've got material people, don't you worry about that. She just hasn't had enough time.
Something about vet bills, acupuncture, supplements, toys, kibble, treats, and sock monkey beds
Well, that's just bull.
I'm not feeling it. Figure out something else!
So, my friends, therein lies my problem.
I thought I had the answer to this one.
I thought I had it licked.
I thought everything was all set.
I am not so sure anymore.
I need your help this week.
What do you all do to keep your people around catering to you as much as possible?
This needing to work more hours nonsense is just not working for me!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Not only by me, Brigitte and Sluggo, but also by Toby Moses.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunflower Secret's Sunday

***** Spy Filters Activated*****


Hello all of my Sunflower Sisters!!!

I have called this meeting to make a very exciting announcement.
I have had my Mom out canvassing for a new super secret location for our headquarters.

As you all know, those lame Fire Hydrant Boys have been busy trying to break through our security.
Now, of course, they have not succeeded, but that is due to the fact that we stay one step ahead of them.

Hence the headquarters change.
Now, this new location is massive!
It will accomodate all of us, and allow for growth.

The meeting room will be surrounded on all sides by 8 to10 foot tall sunflowers.

Overall, I am very pleased with this location.
I would like to do an onsite myself, to assure it will meet all of our requirements,
and I will keep you informed if I do.
In the meantime,
I am putting it up for a group vote.
All in favor say yay,
all opposed say nay.

Please let me know what you think girls, we'll have to move fast as I would like to have a meeting as soon as possible.

Also, I am requesting suggestions for issues to be brought up at our next meeting.
So far, the items on the agenda are as follows:

As always, security is of the utmost priority.

Plans for a Sunflower Halloween Party.

Sunflower field trip~destination suggestions.

A Sunflower motto/mission statement.

Altruistic endevours.

How to bug Fire Hydrant members.


For those of you who are not familiar with the Sunflower Club, we are a group of girls (mostly) who are dedicated to all things fun and beyond. We have an open membership, so if you are interested in joining our club, all you have to do is take our membership badge and paste it in your sidebar. Make sure to comment or email with your request to join, so we can put your name on our roster.

Til next time, have fun and beware of lurking Fire Hydrant Boys.

*****Spy Filters Deactivate*****

Friday, August 27, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So, last week my Auntie Diva called and invited us to a Yankees game. Oh, was I ever excited. Me and Brigitte started planning what we would wear and packing up our camera, when Mom told us only her and Dad were going. She said "dogs" aren't allowed at the stadium.

What?! You know we are not dogs, we are pugs.
"No pugs either"
Well, I was not going to sit for this. Surely, when they got a look at our mugs, we would have to be admitted. So we launched a plan.

As soon as Mom and Dad dove off, we took off to the train station where we boarded the express train to the game.

Of course, we got in, no problem.

Wouldn't you know it, there was a rain delay. But that was cool, cuz the new stadium is like a resort.
We decided to go up to the Audi Club for a few beers while we waited for the game to resume.
The club was great. There is a restaraunt and bar there. Screens everywhere for us to see when the game started. Plus we could watch through the window as they covered the field while the rain came down in buckets

Then we decided to take a walk around and check out the scene.

There were seats from the old stadium,so we stopped for a photo op.

Then we found these life size images of the players.
We asked Sluggoto take a picture of us with Jorge Posada.
We were having so much fun!

Then it happened...

Caught! That's right, can you believe that Dad and Auntie were getting a snack and
the hawk eyes saw us!
The party was over.
Needless to say, it was a long quiet ride home.

We are a Yankees family. All but Sluggo, he was born into Red Sox nation.
Even though his mom Coley was from Yonkers, Sam and Murphy are avid Red Sox fans, there was no way of getting him to cross over to what he calls "The Evil Empire"

Who's your favorite baseball team?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can You be in Love With a Treat?

Brigitte and I went to our beloved Dr Ericson for our acupuncture treatments last week.
Mom usually will get us some bison liver treats when we go there, but this time they were out.
This was not good news.

But alas, mutiny was narrowly averted when we were shown some new treats that they had in the office.

Here's what is so great about them...
 They taste freakin awesome!! No, I mean like really great. So great in fact, that Brigitte is actually listening when Mom calls her in the house. That in and of  itself, is no big thing. Brigitte is pretty obedient, for a pug. But, when she gets focused on her girl Meekus next door, behind the fence, there is no reasoning with her. Short of Meekus going inside, or Mom having to physically pick Brigitte up and bring her in the house, it's "lalalala I can't hear you,lalalala".
But, since we have been getting these treats instead of our others for coming inside, she is running at top speed  into the house when called. No matter what is going on outdoors.

So, when Mom told us all the other awesome things about these treats...
I told her that she was talkin' crazy talk!
But, it's all true.

These treats are made by one of our Dr Ericsons patients' Mom.
That's right, this cutie pie...

also sees our Doctor!

But wait, there is more
All the treats are made of 100% raw ingredients, harvested from local farms, with no preservatives.
The liver treats come from grass fed beef.
The kitchens where they are made are even sanitized with safe natural cleansers.
Plus  they are given a reiki blessing of love, health and happiness.
I mean, could there be anything much better that that?!
I don't think so.

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot to tell you.Hershees Mom donates a portion of every sale to area shelters, along with some treats too.
Now if  you go to the site, you can see where in our area these treats are being sold.
But there is not currently a way to order them directly.
So, I had Mom contact Becky,(she is the great lady who makes these little nuggets of wonder) and the product is in the very beginning stages of development. So she doesn't have mail order set up yet.

Fear not peoples. I would never tell you about such a fabulous thing without making sure you all could share in the joy, if you are so inclined.

If you would like to wrap your mugs around some of  these luscious treats, you can contact Animal Health Practice and they can send them to you! As always, tell them Wilma sent you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Question and Answer Edition

Good day, all my friends. Today marks the addition of a new element to my Wednesday Words of Wisdom.
In last weeks post I talked about fielding questions from you all on some of my Wednesdays.

This weeks question is from my friend Pearl.
She's really put me to the test, as this is quite a weighted question.
I will do my best to answer, and I invite you all to chime in as well in the comment section.

Here it is...

"My question for you for next week is this: Why are there so many pugs in rescues? Pugs are SO over-represented in rescues and shelters and I just can't figure out why that is. Furthermore, why do people do mean things to animals? We are the sweetest things ever. I have just been thinking about that today and looking at some rescue sites. I want to take them ALL HOME. And I would like to poop on all of the losers who treat animals badly. So you just give a wisdom about how I can make that happen!! :)"

Little Miss Pearl

OK, my friend. To start, I will address the first part of your question.
Why so many pugs in rescue?
Well, I think there are many reasons for this.
One is that over time we pugs with our cute faces and sparkling personalities, have come into fashion.
At times we can be very prominent in the public eye
Some humans just have to have the next big thing. I have heard "keeping up with the Jones'" being used in relation to this phenomenon.
Many times these folks, while they may have good intentions, don't do their due diligence when it comes to finding out what is really involved when you commit to care for we somewhat high maintenance pups.
Once the kids are "over us" or the reality of what it takes to keep us in the fashion we are accustomed to sets in, these humans realise they haven't got what it takes.
People who have only ever had a "dog" in the past don't understand that we are a breed apart.
So they give up on us.
That was kinda Brigitte's story, her first Mom "always wanted a pug" but only ever had  labs.
She didn't have the time to devote to Brigitte. She had the whole full time job, husband with full time job, 2 kids, 1 infant, a big dog, and a cat going on. It was too much, and Brigitte wasn't getting the care and attention she deserved. So she lovingly surrendered her to my Mom.
I believe she had every intention of remaining committed to Brigitte , and it was very difficult for her to give her up. But she did what was best for Britte. (better than she could have ever imagined)
Then there are the other factors, such as costly medical issues and changes in life's circumstances. (Although I personally never understood the "I am moving and my next place doesn't allow pets" bullsh*t, but that's a whole other issue)
Unfortunately too, this business about the economy (don't ask me, I don't let it change the amount of money that is spent on me) has more and more people having to give up their pets due to financial hardship.
Plus, with more people becoming aware of the hideous practices at puppy mills, many of these delicate souls are becoming available due to rescues freeing  them at auction.
Every rescue pug has their story, some very much worse than others.
So that is my short answer to part one of your question.

As for part two. Honestly Pearl, I really cannot even begin to try and come up with an answer for that one.
I can only think that people who would hurt an innocent animal are extremely sick individuals.
I like the idea of pooping on them though, or worse!

[ Insert cute picture to lighten up serious post]
Sluggo steals a kiss from Wilma

Now, Pearly, that last part, about making it happen. I wasn't sure if you were talking about pooping on losers, or taking home all the rescue pugs.

I am going to take the high road on this one, and talk about the ways we can help the pugs who need people. The pooping part, I think that will all work it self out in the end. No pun intended.

One thing I'd like to point out, is that all of you out there on your blogs are already doing something to help put pugs in the spotlight.

Puglet with his flat self.
Punchy and her crew over at Pug Possessed, with the work they do with rescue.
The folks over at A Pugs Voice who bring us up close and personal to the blood, sweat and tears involved on the front lines of pug rescue.

So, on what ever level they can, our humans should keep on keeping on giving us a voice.

Some things we can all do, is to educate, educate, educate the people who stop us, where ever we are, to get a piece of us.
Give them the good, the bad and the ugly, and if they still think they are up for it, tell them all about rescue.
Now, that is not the easiest thing for me to say. I am a pedigreed pug from champion lines. My breeder, God rest her soul, was deeply committed to the pug breed her whole life. And for those people, who are so devoted to continuing to breed healthy happy pugs, I have a deep respect.
But, I did have a talk with Mom and Dad when I was younger, and we have agreed that any new pugs who came to live with us, would be rescues.

I have some other ideas about how I can help those flat faces out there, and I will be working on them together with Mom.
One thing, is to work a little with the side bar on the blog. I want to include more resources and links and things of that nature.
We can all do a little more. Be creative. Money is good, but that's not all that can be done.
We can contact our local rescues and volunteer to transport pugs in need.
We can donate towels, food, toys, crates.
We can use our voices. Bark out loud for all the pugs who don't have one.

All that being said, and I didn't even say everything I wanted to. I am going to close what may turn out to be my wordiest post yet.
This weeks post was a little on the serious side for me. But, I'm OK with that.
Sometimes, life is serious. We must balance our comic sides with our dramatic, our yin with our yang.
Balance our chi, make a deposit into the good karma account.

May you all have a beautiful day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit From Across the Pond

Dad's family from Ireland came for a visit to Grammy and Grampys this weekend. I automatically liked them because their arrival prompted a cook out. And as everyone knows, Grilma loves a cookout. They had two boys with them, and they loved us. So much in fact, that there was a request for an encore performance Saturday morning.

I have to hand it to that Sluggo, he really has the mojo when it comes to children. Every last one of them loves him. I don't mind him getting all that attention from the kids, it allows me to kick back and relax. Then, at just the right moment, I can make one of my grand entrances by bursting onto the scene. Like I did when they were having a big family photo session. You know the kind, the whole family begrudgingly lines up on the couch. It's a miracle if everyone smiles at once. Everyone is glad when it's finished. Well, just when they thought they were done, BANG!! I jumped up onto Gramma Mary's lap and started voguing. All my cuteness caused more flashes to go off. There was laughter, petting and lots more love. Just the way I like to steal the show.

Here's Brigitte collecting some love at our return trip Saturday morning

They're off now, exploring more of the New England coast. We hope they have a great trip. We really enjoyed spending time with them, and especially love how they pronounce pug. Kinda like poog.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream un-social

This past Sunday we went to our favorite pet store The Natural and Organic Pet to pick up food and attend 
an ice cream social.

They were serving Natures' Variety Sweet Spot ice cream

Oh man was this stuff ever good!!!

Brigitte loved it!

Even picky Sluggo gobbled it down.

Look how happy they were.

Everyone tolerated the treat pretty well, aside from a few farts on the ride home,
no ill effects were noted.

The only thing was that we were the only dogs there!
I think it was because we were early, cuz this store is awesome.

This is their resident cat.

What I really love about these guys is that they hold pet adoptions in their store.
They have a true love for animals that shows in the excellent selection of products they offer in their store, and for the fact that they didn't kick us out when Sluggo pooped on the cats bed.

Sheesh, these guys are so lucky I admit to even knowing them!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Be the best you you can be"

How do you like this layered picture of me, Brigitte and Sluggo?

Hello my peeps. I'll have you know, I struggled with this weeks wisdom. Not that I don't have volumes of brilliant observations and information to share with you, because I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to articulate.

Then, I was looking back over the past  week, and thinking of all the interesting things I learned about all of you. I had a couple of thoughts. Canines, in particular but not exclusively we of the pug dog ilk, have a lot of unique qualities. At the same time we consistently have many similarities.

I mean, who would have thought when I told you about how Brigitte likes to remain on top of anything you want to move, that Toby Moses would chime in that he does the same thing? And who knew there were so many PIPs (poop eating pugs) out there?

We all differ in many ways as well. Some of us like to swim, while others (such as myself) must be carried over puddles.Some of us (like Sluggo) are very clingy, lovey dovey dogs, while others (like me) are fiercely independent.

So, for this weeks wisdom, I am asking you all to celebrate being you. You are all fabulous, wonderfully quirky, little beasts.There will never be another you. Follow your heart and don't make excuses for what you think, do or say. Even if  it's eating poop. I guess some of it tastes just as good the second time around. (A mint would be nice though) I am not so sure this is really any kind of revelation, especially to us pugs. But I decided this would be a good time to emphasize it.

Lastly, I was thinking that, in addition to sharing my many nuggets of wisdom, I would like to make this Wednesday thing relevant to all of you as well.
So starting next week, I will be fielding questions. If  there is something you have been struggling with, or you just have a curiosity, leave a comment on any of my posts, and I will do my best to answer it in a Wednesday Wisdom post. Right or wrong, I will have something to say, rest assured.
If you are shy, and would like to ask anonomously, you can e-mail my Mom and she will pass it along. Her e-mail is on my profile page.

I hope you all are having a great week.
Peace out,

Monday, August 16, 2010

You Like Me....You Really Like Me

I am so honored to announce that I have received my first award. Now at first I had my pals over at Those Elgin Pugs, Izzy, Josie and Anakin to thank. And thank them I do! It sure means a lot to me. Then low and behold, Mom calls me over yesterday to see that I have been awarded again by my friends over at The Pugs Strike Back. Wow, thanks Yoda and Brutus. I am truly humbled. Aw, who am I trying to fool, there is nothing humble about me, but Brigitte and Sluggo most certainly are.

So next you get seven things about us you didn't already know. Since we are such an open book here at Wilma the Pug, this will be tough. tough, but fun.

1.) Brigitte likes yogurt, but hates Greek yogurt. Don't try and fool her, she can't be tricked

2.) Sluggo can be upset by random items placed on top of certain surfaces. He has been known to cry and bark at said items until someone figures it out and removes them.

3.) Large white dogs get us very excited.

4.) Brigitte will sit or stand on any rug or piece of furniture when you are trying to move them. Don't try and make her move, she won't. Just take the extra 20 pounds and go with it.

5.) Sluggo is not gay, he is bi- curious.

6.) I don't like to go the same way on my walks. I require variety. If I disapprove of the direction my walk is taking, I have been known to park it until my demands of new horizons are met.

7.) I like to find the perfect tuft of grass then circle 33 times getting ready to pee while the blades of grass tickle my belly.

OK, for the next part, we are going to pass this award on to 15 blogs that we just discovered that we think are fantastic.

So, here goes, we are going to try and not repeat anyone who has already gotten the award, but we can't make any promises.

First award goes to my boyfriends new blog  It's a Pugs Life.
No apologies here, I love me some Murphy man and I want everyone to go and meet him.

Second award goes to my Auntie Diva, my inspiration over at Beacheats.
I didn't see any rules against nepotism.

Third, I would like to pass this award along to The Blab Labs.
They re new bloggers, and they came over to follow me. I think they are just great!

Fourth recipient, Amazon Cares.
I met these guys through pets blogroll and am in awe of the work they do in  Peru for stray animals.

Fifth blog to get the award is I am Marlene Hear Me Roar
I just started following her. I think she rocks.

I just love Louise, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

The seventh bog to receive the award is A Minnie Minute
Minnie Moo is a little princess with a brand new blog and a foster brother named Lincoln. Go over  and give her a shout.

For our eighth selection we chose Noodles Lady Liberty over at A Bowl of Noodles
She is just the cutest!

Number nine is  for Sasha & Cleo
They have been blogging for a while, but they are new to us.

The tenth blogger we would like to give the award to are Baby and Lucy
Brand new bloggers with a very nice look.

Blog number eleven is Lola bugs
We love her blog. She just lost her beloved brother Skeeter, please stop by and say hi.

For the tenth spot, we choose A Day in the Life of our Pugs
Another new to us blog.

Eleventh nominee is those Slimmer Pugs
We love all our peeps over there. They have only been blogging since May, and they feel like old friends.

For the 12th blog we would like to recommend Jessica Lynn, James Dean and Ringo the pugs over at  Rebels with a Cause
Jessica is a very talented young lady with the cutest pugs. She also has an ETSY shop where she sells hand crafted items.

Alright, lucky number 13 goes to Puglette
Not really new to us, but if you haven't checked her out, you should.

For award number fourteen, we choose Mason
I like the way this pug thinks!

Last but not least is Ying and Yang
Cutest Puggles I know.

Thanks again to my good friends for giving me this award!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fastest Meetup in the East

I know, I know. You're thinking to your self, what have tomato, basil and fresh moots (that's mozzarella for yous who are not fluent in the language of  I-talian) have to do with each other?.

But, you are smart, and I know you will make the connection when you see my next picture.

Do take note of the shape of the tomato in the above shot.

Mom and Dad chose the seeds for their tomatoes to honor my Grammy, who had a little issue with her ticker late last year.

The variety is Hungarian Heart
Grammy is also part Hungarian, isn't that cool?!

These things are just coming ripe and, judging from all the raving going on around here, they are the biggest, best, most sweetest, juciest fruits Dad has ever grown
They are from Seed Savers Exchange where Dad always has good luck with what he chooses to plant.

So yesterday was our meet up.
A lame traffic jam kept me from getting there on time. In fact We arrived with only 5 minutes left.

Just enough time to steal a kiss from my man Murphy.
He waited for me to get there so we could share a moment together.We've really missed each other

Duke was there too..

giving out raspberries from the looks of it.

We also got to meet Cuddles. Murphy's Grandma is fostering her. We didn't get a picture, but Mom got to hold her. She is just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She has a pretty little petite face and small frame. We are hoping she will find her forever home with Kimi..

who is also just a little bit of a thing.
They are going to have a play date and get to know each other. We can only hope she returns to the meetup next month as part of Kimi's family.

We hope you are all having a great weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Concert in the Park

Hi there! This is Sluggo again.I guess part of Wilma's return to being the tough as nails diva that she is, is to delegate, delegate, delegate.

Why else would she let me post in her blog twice in one week?

Well, whatever the reason, I am very excited to tell you about my special day on Sunday.

That guy in the picture up there laying next to me is my bromantic partner Oscar.

We went to a concert together with his brother Max.

Plus one of my favorite small humans was there,

her and I have a special connection...

She took me on lots of walks, and to meet other small humans, mostly of the female persuasion.
The little girls love me, and I love them.

I felt like a rock star!

But the only real rock star who was there was my Dad!

I was really into the show, he played an acoustic set of [insert name of popular 60's band with a huge following of hippies and the like who's lead singer died 15 years ago, I think his name was Jerry].

Dad might get upset if  word of this gig got out. I guess these sets are pretty exclusive. He hadn't played these tunes probably since around the time  the fat man kicked the bucket.
I didn't care, I was mesmerised, and couldn't take my eyes off of him.

You may have noticed the conspicuous absence of two particular Sunflower Sisters that I live with. Well, it's because they weren't there.
They were at their vacation home at Grammy and Grampy's house.

They were luxuriating in the A/C as the heat and humidity were a little too much for the, I mean delicate flowers.
Wilma says be sure and check in soon. She received her first award and can't wait to tell you about it.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Beach ~ Variation on a Lobster Theme and, I'm So Over It

As if I needed any more confirmation that it's all about me. Sure enough, when we go down to the beach right by our house what is growing right there in the sand?

That's right a sunflower.I mean, really? Did somebody call ahead and inform P-town of my arrival?

Come on over here my Sunflower Sister

Yup...Sunflower Beach. I shoulda known.
It is good to be me.
Girls, do I smell a new location for Summer Camp?

Plus, we can get ice cream every day...

where else, but at  Twist'd Sisters?
(that's what it says on the cone, bad angle)

So, I'll be wrapping up my P-town recap today and I want you to know that First Mate Sluggo isn't the only pug with an appreciation for lobster in this family...

I think I make a way better lobster too...

With all the fun we had, I must admit that by the end of the week, this is how I felt when Mom took out that blasted camera.
Don't blink, or you'll miss it!


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