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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream un-social

This past Sunday we went to our favorite pet store The Natural and Organic Pet to pick up food and attend 
an ice cream social.

They were serving Natures' Variety Sweet Spot ice cream

Oh man was this stuff ever good!!!

Brigitte loved it!

Even picky Sluggo gobbled it down.

Look how happy they were.

Everyone tolerated the treat pretty well, aside from a few farts on the ride home,
no ill effects were noted.

The only thing was that we were the only dogs there!
I think it was because we were early, cuz this store is awesome.

This is their resident cat.

What I really love about these guys is that they hold pet adoptions in their store.
They have a true love for animals that shows in the excellent selection of products they offer in their store, and for the fact that they didn't kick us out when Sluggo pooped on the cats bed.

Sheesh, these guys are so lucky I admit to even knowing them!


  1. What a COOL store!!

    The title of the entry had us really afraid...we figured some kind of food fight melee broke out and then everyone had to get baths!

    Way to go, Sluggo!!! That's sending a message to all of the c*ts of the world! I'm proud of you, dude!


  2. Oh man, we LOVES the Sweet Spots. Mama calls it our puppy ice cream...we eats the peanut butter kind! You's lucky to have such a cool store!

    huhuhuhuhu.......Wesa all crying with laughter at the Slimmer household about the last comment. Sluggo...yousa the mans!!!
    I don't think anyone's post today will top that for humor!
    Still laughing,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  4. doggie ice cream! the pugs LOVE that stuff -- despite the Brain Freeze!

  5. OMD Sluggo pooped on the cat's bed, geeze you are so nice to still associate with these characters still. I so wouldn't even admitt to knowing there names. What a great store for over looking that too!


  6. What an awesome looking pet store ... and you know I'm loving that pretty kitty! Shame on Sly for being such an inhospitable guest! Yikes!


  7. Oohhh I luvs dose SweetSpots too! That store looks like a fun place to guyz is sooo lucky!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I hopes that you come and visit my bloggie soon. :)

  8. hi w, b and s!

    oh my gosh! we did not know that nature's variety makes ice cream!

    we already get their chicken meat medallions and cannot wait to try the ice cream!

    thank you for the taste testing!

    m & e

  9. I scream for ice cream you know. Is it good? We love Frosty Paws too
    Benny & Lily

  10. WE WANT SOME! WE WANT SOME! I guess Florida needs some more fun pet stores that you have! We love ice cream but it is bad for us. The human kind at least!

  11. Oh yummy yummy yummy! I am a little jealous....I've never had ice cream before! Wish we had cool stores around like you do.

  12. I want some of the icecream! What a cools store!
    We don't have anything like that!
    I think I would be dizzy from sniffing at all the goodies!
    Oh Sluggo- you silly little guy. One time I pooped in Coastal farm store and mom got embarrased,
    your mighty brave to do it on a cat bed!

  13. Oh boy!!! me's favorites!!! Icee creams!!! yous needs to gets 'da Anakin Mans on 'da horn next time and I's get me Whirly~~caps ons and comes out 'deres for some of 'dat!!!


    Laters pups!!
    Anakin Man

  14. Mmm. That ice cream looks good. Tell your mom to search for "blogpress" in the apps store. It costs $2.99 and let's you use your iPad to publish to your blog. It's great!

  15. Sluggo dumped in the cat bed! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh my gosh, that is the funniest thing we have heard in the longest time. Style points for that one even though Wilma is not amused.
    That ice cream looks delicious. What flavor did you get? Was is carob? We don't have that kind here.



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