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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fastest Meetup in the East

I know, I know. You're thinking to your self, what have tomato, basil and fresh moots (that's mozzarella for yous who are not fluent in the language of  I-talian) have to do with each other?.

But, you are smart, and I know you will make the connection when you see my next picture.

Do take note of the shape of the tomato in the above shot.

Mom and Dad chose the seeds for their tomatoes to honor my Grammy, who had a little issue with her ticker late last year.

The variety is Hungarian Heart
Grammy is also part Hungarian, isn't that cool?!

These things are just coming ripe and, judging from all the raving going on around here, they are the biggest, best, most sweetest, juciest fruits Dad has ever grown
They are from Seed Savers Exchange where Dad always has good luck with what he chooses to plant.

So yesterday was our meet up.
A lame traffic jam kept me from getting there on time. In fact We arrived with only 5 minutes left.

Just enough time to steal a kiss from my man Murphy.
He waited for me to get there so we could share a moment together.We've really missed each other

Duke was there too..

giving out raspberries from the looks of it.

We also got to meet Cuddles. Murphy's Grandma is fostering her. We didn't get a picture, but Mom got to hold her. She is just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She has a pretty little petite face and small frame. We are hoping she will find her forever home with Kimi..

who is also just a little bit of a thing.
They are going to have a play date and get to know each other. We can only hope she returns to the meetup next month as part of Kimi's family.

We hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. hi wilma!

    oh look at that tomato!


    we are so glad you made it to your meet up!

    great pictures with your friends!


  2. Hi Wilma
    The heart shaped Hungarin tomatoe is beautful.
    It making my mamas mouth water!
    We are happy that your Grandma is doing better.
    Thank you for sharing the doggy meetup with us,
    Such cute little faces and loving hearts.

  3. You guys are too cute! That was some kiss you got there. No buddy will ever know
    Benny & Lily

  4. If the truth were known, Wilma's Mom is part Hungarian too! And as the Gram in question, I am very touched by the tomatoes which were planted in my honor and have enjoyed the delicious flavor in many forms. Thanks Wilma's MOm and Dad. I love you!


  5. Hi Wilma! I agree that was the fastest meetup in the east but at least you got to see your friends. I hate traffic more than most pugs so I always have Mom leave hours early for any event to ensure I arrive on time.

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Hello Wilma!! IzZY here!!
    Thanks for stopping by today!! Means a lot to Josie!!
    Your phot-toes are adorable with yours Murphy Man!! Love 'dat Tomato!! SUPER CUTES!!!! Heart shaped!! Mommy is part Hungarian too's!!
    Such great fun you had!!
    Duke is cute too!!
    Big Hugs!!
    IzZY Sista



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