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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit From Across the Pond

Dad's family from Ireland came for a visit to Grammy and Grampys this weekend. I automatically liked them because their arrival prompted a cook out. And as everyone knows, Grilma loves a cookout. They had two boys with them, and they loved us. So much in fact, that there was a request for an encore performance Saturday morning.

I have to hand it to that Sluggo, he really has the mojo when it comes to children. Every last one of them loves him. I don't mind him getting all that attention from the kids, it allows me to kick back and relax. Then, at just the right moment, I can make one of my grand entrances by bursting onto the scene. Like I did when they were having a big family photo session. You know the kind, the whole family begrudgingly lines up on the couch. It's a miracle if everyone smiles at once. Everyone is glad when it's finished. Well, just when they thought they were done, BANG!! I jumped up onto Gramma Mary's lap and started voguing. All my cuteness caused more flashes to go off. There was laughter, petting and lots more love. Just the way I like to steal the show.

Here's Brigitte collecting some love at our return trip Saturday morning

They're off now, exploring more of the New England coast. We hope they have a great trip. We really enjoyed spending time with them, and especially love how they pronounce pug. Kinda like poog.

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  1. You poogs must have had a grand ole time with those Irish visitors. Lots of love
    Nitey nite
    Benny & Lily

  2. I love Ireland. I hope they have a wonderful visit!

  3. Hey Poogs! Just wanted to say Wilma you really know how to make an entrance!!


  4. So much fun times and smiles that traveled all the way from Ireland!
    Happy Days!
    thank you for sharing

  5. You guys were definitely the stars of the show. Cookout, shmookout! As long as you were there everyone was happy as always. My blueberry pie even took second place...or third! Thanks and I'm sure you're one of the highlights of the Irishers trip.

  6. Oh's Grilma!!!! I's ready for a hambergurs and some frenchy fries and.... ouchie what 'da L ?

    Izzy just pinched me's.. {what Izzy.. she's likes to be's called Grilma's}

    Oh.. I's done.. she's wants to talks... .k bye!!
    Anakin Man

    HEY SISTA!!!! WhaT Iz uP!!!!! Nice family time and I was laughing at all this poog talks!! It's cute!!! Oh we must have a meeting soon!! Well, Josie is trying to talk me into a perm so I must go.. butt I catch up laters!!!!

    IzZY sista

  7. Poogs!

    Such great pics! And, of course, you had to insert yourself into the family picture ... why would they even think of taking one without you?!?!




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