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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunflower Secret's Sunday

***** Spy Filters Activated*****


Hello all of my Sunflower Sisters!!!

I have called this meeting to make a very exciting announcement.
I have had my Mom out canvassing for a new super secret location for our headquarters.

As you all know, those lame Fire Hydrant Boys have been busy trying to break through our security.
Now, of course, they have not succeeded, but that is due to the fact that we stay one step ahead of them.

Hence the headquarters change.
Now, this new location is massive!
It will accomodate all of us, and allow for growth.

The meeting room will be surrounded on all sides by 8 to10 foot tall sunflowers.

Overall, I am very pleased with this location.
I would like to do an onsite myself, to assure it will meet all of our requirements,
and I will keep you informed if I do.
In the meantime,
I am putting it up for a group vote.
All in favor say yay,
all opposed say nay.

Please let me know what you think girls, we'll have to move fast as I would like to have a meeting as soon as possible.

Also, I am requesting suggestions for issues to be brought up at our next meeting.
So far, the items on the agenda are as follows:

As always, security is of the utmost priority.

Plans for a Sunflower Halloween Party.

Sunflower field trip~destination suggestions.

A Sunflower motto/mission statement.

Altruistic endevours.

How to bug Fire Hydrant members.


For those of you who are not familiar with the Sunflower Club, we are a group of girls (mostly) who are dedicated to all things fun and beyond. We have an open membership, so if you are interested in joining our club, all you have to do is take our membership badge and paste it in your sidebar. Make sure to comment or email with your request to join, so we can put your name on our roster.

Til next time, have fun and beware of lurking Fire Hydrant Boys.

*****Spy Filters Deactivate*****


  1. Hi, Wilma!

    Love the new location!

    Please count me in! (You DO accept old gals, right?) Oh, and should I bring a casserole?

    Lick ya later!


  2. Wilma we love the new location...we both vote yes! We are excited to discuss the Halloween party!!!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  3. Drat! the security has tightened! Psst, Sluggo I am relying on yous buddy. I will have to call an emergency boys meeting when I get back from meeting Tuni and Sequoia today. Keep your eyes and ears opens.

    A silent secret message by

  4. WILMA!!!! Hey girl!! Summer has been treating you well with the baseball game!!
    Okay.. now.. I do love this new location and yes, we are long over due for a sunflower meeting!!
    Okay.. Halloween is the Elgins favorite holiday!! LOVE THE FALL!! Pumpkins, leaves, and yes!! Sunflowers still up and running!! SNORTS!!

    Okay.. I see Winston tried to infiltrate his way into the meeting and I am impressed with the spy ware you possessed! Anakin has been snooping too!!
    Josie has been out today.. and He was on 'da puter lurkin' around your bloggy trying to get details!! I had to go in the basement and unplug the power supply!
    Okay!!! First mode of business!!!
    >>>Halloween party of course!!!<<<<<< spy filter
    we need to plan trip for fall festivities for apples picking, pumpkin farm, haunted hike/house, shops, costume fun!!! Baking!!
    Oh.. dis will be fun!!<<<< spy de- activate...

    Josie is sleepin' butt she is in!!

    I will be back to discuss.. say hi to Brigs!!
    Flower Power!!
    IzZY Sista

  5. Wilma,

    I is soooo excited, cuz dis would be my furst meeting!!! I say Yay to da new locations too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Ooohhh Wilma! The new location is FAABULOUS!!!

    I have a field trip about VEGAS, BABY???? I hear Mandalay Bay is nice...

    We could watch the scenery at the pool, go shopping, go to the spa...all with big umbrella drinks in our paws!!!


  7. Lucky & I both vote AYE! What a great location, Wilma. The perfect place for us. Let us know what we can bring.


  8. Oh Wilma, this new location looks top notch! The boys will NEVER be able to see us in there!!! My vote is YAY!

    The agenda looks right on. All very important topics of discussion. Especially Halloween. I have been on Halloween-Probation for the last 2 years because momma tried to dress me up as a hot dog and I was angry and then I sat on the porch and growled at all the trick-or-treaters because their crazy costumes scared me.

    Maybe this year I'll get to try again.

    See ya at the meeting!!!


  9. Hi Everybody,
    I'm glad you all like the new secret sunflower locale. Some great ideas for activities and the meeting agenda. Mom's working a lot this week, so she's not giving me much blog labor. I am keeping up on your blogs and we will schedule an official meeting soon.
    Love you all!!!
    Sunflower Power!!!
    Go sistas!

  10. Wilma
    I just left you a comment, but I think it disappeared.
    So I am back.
    I vote YAY for the new location, and also the agenda of stuff we need to discuss.
    Thank you for bringing these sunflowers to our eyes in all these photos.
    We need to keep it fresh on our mind what it means to be a sunflower sister.



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