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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Mate Sluggo and the Lucky Dogs

Hi! This here is Sluggo, or First Mate Sluggo to you.

Wilma let me take over the blog today so that I could tell you about my vacation experience in P-town.

It was fabulous! Loved it!
I don't even know where to begin.

I too was able to strut about town, in and out of the shops. I discovered that I love shopping.

I requested to enter every store. I was just dying to see what they had to offer.
I also loved going for coffee in the morning with Mom and Dad to the Wired Puppy.

Not only were there great shops I was allowed to go to, but there was the most awesome hot dog joint called...

This place was awesome!!!
They even had a jar of treats for us dogs!

They don't have a website yet or I would link you to it, but if you click here it will take you to their face book page.
They have special brioche like bun made daily and all their own homemade sides. Plus, they pickle their own condiments.
I can't say enough good things about this place.It is a must  if you visit Provincetown.

Speaking of lucky dogs, there were a billion that we met.We don't have pictures of them all,but I will share a few.

First, meet Toby

He actually stayed with us for a couple of days.

I really liked him, I followed him everywhere.
He was a little shy, but very sweet.

This is Petey...

Brigitte was very interested in him because he was a chihuahua.

I don't know this next guys name, but he was an awesome swimmer...

He kept swimming out to my Dad and his friends.

This is my special lobster lambie I got for vacation.
 I really like him, but I did share


I like lobsters so much, I started impersonating them.

What do you think?

I loved the ocean so much, I even got a nautical collar.
You can see it in this picture of me on our way home.

I think I should go on vacation every week.
But Mommy saidif I want anymore vacations, I will need to get something called a job.
And then I would be lucky to get two weeks vacation.
Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.

Speaking of time off,
Wilma will return tomorrow with some words of wisdom.

Ta ta for now,
Sailor Sluggo


  1. Sailor Sluggo what a fantastic voyage you took us on. Don't you just love that Pee-town. The pictures were great. The hot diggity dog made us hungry. Hmmm... Some Buffy is lookin like a lobster. BOL
    So long matey
    Benny & Lily

  2. sluggo, it looks like you all had a great vacation! you are very cute in your sailor harness. vacations are the best but it is awfully nice to get back home and sleep in your own bed.

  3. OMG, Wil, I am loving all of these vacation posts. Awesome recaps and it looks like you guys had the time of your lives. Yay!

    Welcome home and please tell your mom she's an amazing photographer!!! :)


  4. Hi Sailor Sluggo! How very cool that you got to go into all those shops. And that hot dog place? Forget about it! I would have spent my entire vacation in that place. Delicious!

    Mom is just like you and could vacation every week. I have to admit that I loved my vacation last year at Barkwells but I'm going on an even bigger vacation soon. And then I guess I'll have to get a job to pay for it. Sigh :(

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Sweet Sluggo,

    I have a few boyfriends around the blogosphere, so I need to keep this quiet...

    but you are just sooooo cute! Your little face is the sweetest!

    Please don't tell your sisters I said that. What if they kick me outta the Sunflower Club!??!

    your secret admirer

  6. thanks for sharing your vacay tips! Momma is from the "East Coast" so she said the pictures made her home sick. We say any place that lets dog go shopping is good with us.
    We agree that the job idea does not sounmd good!

    Gen * Lefty

  7. Hee Hees!! Oh Sluggo!!! You is cute!!!! You lay like our brother wits yous lobster impression!!

    Oh we do love the pho-toes of all 'da shops and taste places yous visited!!! And yous on 'dat chair is super cutes!!

    hee hees....Check our Pearl outs....

    You is a cutie boy!!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  8. That is one cool lobster impression!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Hi Sluggo
    You could not get any cuter. I love your little vacation clothes. You really got me in the mood to go vacationing too.....
    I loved all the photos you shared of the new friends you talked to. They were all pretty cute.
    But I definatly think you have been hanging out with that lobster too long my friend,
    oh my goodness, how do you do that?
    I would love to go to that hot dog joint,,,,
    yup, i can chow them down,
    Sluggo, I hate to say goodnite now, but i must.
    I have missed seeing your face.
    if you could tell Wilma, we really need some wisdom lately.
    nitey nite


    Hi Benny and Lily,
    I am so glad you enjoyed the ride. Ahoy!!!

    Hi Puglette,
    It is kinda nice to be home, but Mom brought my bed on vacation, so that was not an issue.

    Hi Auntie,
    We had such a great time.I want you to come with us next year,I hope you can!

    Mom says thank you!

    Hi Stubby,
    Let me tell you about Lucky Dog. We didn't find it until the second to last day we were there. Mom says it's a good thing cuz we wouldn't have all fit back in the truck for the ride home.

    Aww shucks Pearl,
    I do believe I am blushing.Don'tworry,I won't tell Wilma and Brigitte. Besides, I would never let those girls kick you out of their club.

    Hi Gen & Lefty,
    If you ever come back this way, we will have to have a visit!

    Hi Josie, Izzy& Anakin Bro,
    I love to lay flat out like a lobster. It is so comfortable. I am feeling quite special to have a secret admirer.Please don't tell my sisters.

    The lambie lobster is even better!

    I hope you are having sweet dreams. Nitey night.xoxo



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