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Friday, August 27, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So, last week my Auntie Diva called and invited us to a Yankees game. Oh, was I ever excited. Me and Brigitte started planning what we would wear and packing up our camera, when Mom told us only her and Dad were going. She said "dogs" aren't allowed at the stadium.

What?! You know we are not dogs, we are pugs.
"No pugs either"
Well, I was not going to sit for this. Surely, when they got a look at our mugs, we would have to be admitted. So we launched a plan.

As soon as Mom and Dad dove off, we took off to the train station where we boarded the express train to the game.

Of course, we got in, no problem.

Wouldn't you know it, there was a rain delay. But that was cool, cuz the new stadium is like a resort.
We decided to go up to the Audi Club for a few beers while we waited for the game to resume.
The club was great. There is a restaraunt and bar there. Screens everywhere for us to see when the game started. Plus we could watch through the window as they covered the field while the rain came down in buckets

Then we decided to take a walk around and check out the scene.

There were seats from the old stadium,so we stopped for a photo op.

Then we found these life size images of the players.
We asked Sluggoto take a picture of us with Jorge Posada.
We were having so much fun!

Then it happened...

Caught! That's right, can you believe that Dad and Auntie were getting a snack and
the hawk eyes saw us!
The party was over.
Needless to say, it was a long quiet ride home.

We are a Yankees family. All but Sluggo, he was born into Red Sox nation.
Even though his mom Coley was from Yonkers, Sam and Murphy are avid Red Sox fans, there was no way of getting him to cross over to what he calls "The Evil Empire"

Who's your favorite baseball team?


  1. Busted! You sneaky little puglets!

    Clearly Sluggo and I need to have a long talk about his baseball affiliations. Red Sox Nation? That is 47 flavors of WRONG! ;)


    p.s. - could not love this post more. :)

  2. You guys are sooo smart and sneaky! The stadium looks awesome!!!!

    You are so lucky to live where you do! Going to a Yankees game is like a long, unattainable dream to some puggies in Oklahoma. :(

    And we are Yankee fans too!

  3. our 3 pugs are red sox nation, all the way! would never be brave enough to board a train on their own, sans pug chariot :)

  4. Oh wow...did you guys get some peanuts and beer before you had to make an exit?

    Since Mom is a Motown girl...we're total TIGERS fans...but mom also likes the White Sox too.

    They don't allow dogs OR Pugs at either of those ballparks either...we checked. Buncha jerks!

  5. So cool to see my entire family at the game! Maybe I can sneak in too, eh? I'll consult with you and your siblings when I see you. Meantime, how cool you look in our favorite Yankees garb!


  6. Glad you were able to sneak into the game! I am a Cubs fan, but they kind of stink! I just go for the beer and snacks.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Again, you guys have all the fun,
    Did you get pop corn too?

  8. I totally gets bent outta shapes when I can't go to places. Pft no dogs BUT WE IS PUGS PEOPLES!!!! Mum luvs blue jays.


  9. Hola Chicos!
    Wow whta a great Trip, too bad you were busted.
    We LOVE tha San Diego PADRES, they don't allow Pets either, they should the it is called PETCO park, they do have one a year Doggy days of Summer, la Mamma said we will go next year!
    Spongy & Licky

  10. Bark my head offff!! You pugs are so cute! Also, Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo, we wanted to make sure we don't lose you beautiful friends, so we're letting you know that we're moving away from blogspot to our new home at You can come visit us to bark at us whenever you want. :) See you around!

  11. Sluggo,
    We're sorry the girls dragged ya to the Spankees game. We gots a plan to sneak to a Sox game and we promise to pick you up on the way to Fenway.

    But did you get to see any of the game?
    -Murphy and The Duke of Whirl



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