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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can You be in Love With a Treat?

Brigitte and I went to our beloved Dr Ericson for our acupuncture treatments last week.
Mom usually will get us some bison liver treats when we go there, but this time they were out.
This was not good news.

But alas, mutiny was narrowly averted when we were shown some new treats that they had in the office.

Here's what is so great about them...
 They taste freakin awesome!! No, I mean like really great. So great in fact, that Brigitte is actually listening when Mom calls her in the house. That in and of  itself, is no big thing. Brigitte is pretty obedient, for a pug. But, when she gets focused on her girl Meekus next door, behind the fence, there is no reasoning with her. Short of Meekus going inside, or Mom having to physically pick Brigitte up and bring her in the house, it's "lalalala I can't hear you,lalalala".
But, since we have been getting these treats instead of our others for coming inside, she is running at top speed  into the house when called. No matter what is going on outdoors.

So, when Mom told us all the other awesome things about these treats...
I told her that she was talkin' crazy talk!
But, it's all true.

These treats are made by one of our Dr Ericsons patients' Mom.
That's right, this cutie pie...

also sees our Doctor!

But wait, there is more
All the treats are made of 100% raw ingredients, harvested from local farms, with no preservatives.
The liver treats come from grass fed beef.
The kitchens where they are made are even sanitized with safe natural cleansers.
Plus  they are given a reiki blessing of love, health and happiness.
I mean, could there be anything much better that that?!
I don't think so.

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot to tell you.Hershees Mom donates a portion of every sale to area shelters, along with some treats too.
Now if  you go to the site, you can see where in our area these treats are being sold.
But there is not currently a way to order them directly.
So, I had Mom contact Becky,(she is the great lady who makes these little nuggets of wonder) and the product is in the very beginning stages of development. So she doesn't have mail order set up yet.

Fear not peoples. I would never tell you about such a fabulous thing without making sure you all could share in the joy, if you are so inclined.

If you would like to wrap your mugs around some of  these luscious treats, you can contact Animal Health Practice and they can send them to you! As always, tell them Wilma sent you.


  1. Oh Wilma, you have me drooling buckets right now. (Nasty for the keyboard.)
    I'm trying to convince my mom to buy those for me but she says she will just make something like that with liver and a food dehydrator. (As if they'll be as nearly as good.)
    I'm glad you found something that matched or even beat your favourite, and even though I can't have any, I'm happy for you! *walks away drooling*

  2. Wilma, sounds so yummy!!!! I never get any good treats! I resort to eating gravel, paper and sometimes shoes. I will have to see if my mommy will cave for those treats!

  3. I'm so glad my granddogs' Mom is so health conscious! The treats sound really good. Now if we could only find some adult treats that we would love as much with no calories and lots of taste. I'll put your MOm on the case!


  4. I gots really excited when I read your post. I mean, I luvs food specially treaty kinds. I am begging mum to order me somes but she isn't sure that they will send them to us in Canada. She has to enquire first. I am keeping my paws crossed.


  5. Sunny with a chance of Drools!
    We really like the ingredients that those treats. have because some of the treats in the doggy shop don't provide the yummy healthy stuffs. We really need to beg our human for some yummies like those! Thanks again, Wilma! We are gonna put this yummie on our Christmas wishlist.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  6. Aw, Hershee is one good looking pup! And I love that this is a fledgling local business. Hooray for shouting out the local peeps!

    Your cousin Zelda wants to know if they make a turkey flavored cat treat? ;)


  7. Jeepers and did I hear that these treats help with hearing? Hummmm, sometimes when I talk to mommie she is not listening,,,, so I think she should try ordering some,, and then eating them too.

  8. i think that is great wilma. now have mom get me some for humans. THANX= ILL PAY YAH



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